[COR-Repairs] Cobbling Together a Street

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Location: Mesabi Landing

Type: Repairs

Studcount: 48x48 (2,304)

Repairs continued in Mesabi Landing every day. Today, a street was being cobbled, whilce cleanup on the shoreline was done.


Joseph Zumbro supervised the work from in front of a small pub.


The pub, of course, had been one of the first buildings repaired in Mesabi Landing.


Around back, the mess of the shoreline was slowly being dealt with.


The newly cobbled road would help things, was the thought. 


But that didn't stop the WTC from trying to make some work of it before the road was finished.


Next to the Bar was a stately house that had been hit hard, and been half washed out.


But there was still plenty of work to be done...


Thanks for viewing another repair build. Originally, I was just going to have rails next to the road, but then I realized that I wouldn't have really built anything. So, I replaced where the rails were going to be with some buildings. 

I hope the grey building isn't to simplistic. I used grey 2x4 tiles to try and make it look like it had mason work done. I looked at several techniques for making stone buildings look interesting, but I wasn't quite happy with any of them, as they were mostly for medieval buildings.

The White building uses the same siding technique as my last build, which I think works well, and the roof is based of of a build I saw a while back in GOH. 

The tsunami washout was inspired a bit from my time in Duluth, on Lake Superior. The lake washed out canal park almost every november or so. 

Anyways, C&C appreciated. Let me know any improvements I can do :classic: 

Edited by Mesabi

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I like the street scene, with it looks busy as it should be, and I also like how you've depicted the process of debris removal.

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This is a good build, I like the rafters showing trough the roofing of the house.

The mess of all the debris is well portrayed. and the repairs of the street in progress are convincing too. 

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Your shoreline could have used and bit of 'wiggle' to it (with a 4x1 plate added here or there), because it arrow straight and looks like a pool side,  the gaggle on the side walk are all square to the buildings and a little angle to their posing would have made it a bit more natural looking, and that pub pic is a bit dark..  But those are just minor things really - you've captured the rebuilding of the road & town clean-up quite well.

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Great scene overall, with some neat building techniques used. Well done so far! :thumbup:


As for the build itself I think the waterline needs to be much more "organic". Maybe add a few rows of studs by more plates, and use them to build up some depths to the water itself (be starting one or two bricks lower than the current main build). That way you could also add debris, algae and fish underwater to the scene. The waterline itself should not be a straight line, somethign easy to fix I guess.

Other than that I think it could use some more story. The "one line per picture" does not do it for this one in my opinion.

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