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[MOC] MC80 Home One Mon Calamari Star Cruiser

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The goal here was to build a MC80 flagship for my Rebel fleet that was:

a) As closely to scale as possible with 6211 Star Destroyer.

b) Larger (longer) than any of my other Rebel capital ships i.e. Phoenix Home or Tantive IV

The result is below, a build I will continue to preen and cycle out better parts/colors for. I think there should be a smattering of more small orange pieces. I am more concerned with how it looks on the shelf now than with any screen accurate considerations. But it does scale very nicely with the Star Destroyer so far (pic to come).

The engines are a little... large. Truth is, those blue minifig stands for Lego Dimensions are way more useful to me in a build like this. I will likely shrink the main rear engines somehow but I also need to figure out how to add the other dual engine pods on either side behind each large shuttlebay.

There isn't any inside space, but I do display it with my A Wings, B Wings and next to the bridge part of 7754 Home One Mon Calamari Star Cruiser so it looks good with lots of Rebels hanging out in front of it. Would like to hear any suggestions builders may have on improving it. I was only using my spare parts for this so I could certainly invest in some better components for it someday. Thanks for looking.










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About time someone else has done this ship! It is a great MOC, really love the engines and the hangar bays. Could you show it side by side with the ISD? Also, you could make a mini rebel fleet around it. Nice work!

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Where did you got the pieces for doing this?? I want one of them for me. Could you also do the resistance MC-85 Raddus resistance cruiser?

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