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[A safe Haven] Cat B : The people of The Isle Of Roses

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The people of the Isle of Roses


Background :

The isle of Roses is a far western island discovered by Faladrin during the maiden course of the Bouncing Frog. It is a rocky island covered by red roses bushes and giant red flowers. It is where a strange group of adventurers lead by Cônhardt, the barbarian king, are fighting the "Cold Bloods" to stop them producing Red Honey, a delicious beverage but with psychic effects that is slowly poisoning the high nobility of the barbarian king country.

The Red Honey is made by the "Cold Bloods" by sacrificing prisoners to giant red flower monsters that suck out the soul of the poor prisoners to produce their nectar which is then gatered by hellish bees to be transformed into honey and then sold to the Barbarian king citizen to ensure the "Cold Bloods" supremacy upon the citizen of the Barbarian king.

It is why Cônhardt has decided to settle a castle in the Isle of Roses to stop the production of Red Honey.




Here are some people of interest in this far western island :

First, the Barbarian King people in Castle Rose :


Cônhardt, the Barbarian King :

39123239595_2b4673168f.jpg 25150548407_f71d78053d.jpg

He is the leader of the group of the adventurers trying to stop the production of red Honey. He is a strong and rough man with the bad habit of swearing and yelling constantly. He is a very talented swordsman and enjoys to ride his battle panther to fight the "Cold Bloods"

Felindra, the Cat Master :

26148288528_d1fb920cc7.jpg 26148281428_95f0bcb57d.jpg

She is the intendant of the Barbarian king keep and she is in charge of the training of the battle panther and of her offsprings. She is a bad tempered girl and prefer the big cats company than the human one.

Allistair, the Blue Mage :

28242211789_8fb32afc88.jpg 39123202275_3d9e181fd6.jpg

He is a noble man from the Barbarian King country but renounced to his rank to embrace the way of magic. With his power, it is possible to seal the hellish bees hives and to definitely stop the Red Honey production.

Niansan, the Sword Master :

40021084691_dfc72ab608.jpg 39311383314_948df135cc.jpg

He is a cat people from a distant land and joined the Barbarian King to fight the "Cold Bloods" to seek revenge for his people coldly slaughtered by the Lizard people of the "Cold Bloods". He is a master swordsman and his skills at sword are unequalled.

Barbarella, the Huntress :

25150539207_d703dbe9bf.jpg 39311391954_8b21b1bbfe.jpg

She is the official huntress of the Barbarian King and is providing the keep of good hunting products. She is also a brilliant scout and knows the Isle of Roses like her pocket. With her, impossible to get lost on the Island.

Goatyié, the Ninja :

40021045301_72e53d2c2b.jpg 39989616842_2f3b9e7080.jpg

He is a Satyr people, frequently encountered in the Barbarian king country. Those goat people are normally farmers and hunters, but Goatyié is a discret and stealth well trained Ninja. He is mainly used in recon mission and to spy the "Cold Bloods".

Niärl, The Beast :

39123183375_513e542efb.jpg 39989614372_250129e025.jpg

Also issue of the Cat people, Niärl lost his sanity when his family was killed by the "Cold Bloods". He is now a dreadful weapon at the order of the Barbarian King used to slaughter every Lizard man he can catch.

Mauw, The Guard :

39311378244_8ac9337fda.jpg 40021073331_b26bb50e9d.jpg

Also known by Maurice Welligton of Lactoferis, simply shorten by Mauw, this Cow people is a rare variant from the Satyr people who are living in the Barbarian King country. They are usually peacefull land owners but Mauw is as bad tempered as Cônhardt and he decided to follow him when it appeared to Mauw he was better at weapons than at land administration.

Horton, the Horse Master :

28242200929_74e10dbb80.jpg 28242195359_51901fb94d.jpg

He is a common people of the Barbarian King country who was send to serve as blacksmith and as horseman. He is in charge of the good health of the horses of the keep and is able to repair the horse shoes. Because riding by horse is safer than riding by Panther.

Florton, the Peasant :

40021052341_f16f824447.jpg 39989620472_f06496c3d5.jpg

He is the young brother of Horton and is the example of a common peasant of the Barbarian king people. They are regularly put in danger by the raids from the "Cold Bloods" but it doesn't prevent them to farm and to help Cônhardt to develop his keep.


And here are the bad guys, the members of the "Cold Bloods" :

Regit ,the Lizard King :

39989612802_1e86cfcb0a.jpg 39989611472_7c78dbc636.jpg

He is the merciless king of the Lizard people on the Isle of Roses. He is a big fan of Red Honey and wants the production to raise in order to sell this dreadful product to farther lands. He is a dangerous warrior and loves riding his tamed Alligator.

Zaira, the Lady of the Cages :

40021025171_1339a7e329.jpg 28242169679_e552a3d708.jpg

She is the queen of the "Cold Bloods". She is responsible of the detention of the prisoners to sacrifice to the giant red flower monsters. She is also in charge of the security of the Hives. Her dark magic could be countered by Allistair's magic.

Hisss, the Red Honey Baron :

26148227338_fab0b9d1de.jpg 26148225298_2de9c528bc.jpg

He is the intendant of the "Cold Bloods" and is in charge of tasting and selling the Red Honey production. He is a dangerous snake people which needs no weapon to harm people as he is more dangerous with words.

A Red Honey servant :

26148232278_4c21145feb.jpg 26148229848_eaef5dfb0b.jpg

It is common to see servants and slaves in the "Cold Bloods" court. They are ancient prisoners the Lizard people decided to use to serve them the Red Honey. They are often brain washed by making them drink high quantities of Red Honey.

A Red Honey peasant :

39311321384_9c3cec73f6.jpg 39311317814_be13a36bec.jpg

The peasants the Lizard people are hiring or enslaved are responsible of collecting the Red Honey from the hives but are also in charge to collect prisoners to offer in sacrifice to the Red Giant Flower Monsters.

A Red Flower Monster Offspring :

26148222948_c163903426.jpg 25150425757_916546a716.jpg

Those devil flowers are the base of the Red Honey production. This is an example of a young offspring but the giant ones are highly dangerous. They feed on prisoner's souls the Lizard people of the "Cold Bloods" are offering to them and then are producing Red Nectar to be harvested by Hellish bees. Destroying those plants could help to stop the Red Honey production.

A Hellish bee harvester :

25150415437_1bef5a96e5.jpg 39123139675_157bc7630d.jpg

The hellish bees are gathering the Red Nectar in their hives to produce Red Honey that can be harvested by the "Cold Bloods". The Red Honey is particularly tasty and good but dangerously addictive and has Psychic effects. This is the reason of the decay of the Barbarian King country. He has to find a way to stop the Red Honey production.

A Sacrified Prisoner :

39311313674_d974a29696.jpg 25150397187_d479a7b378.jpg

The "Cold Bloods" are detaining prisoners from raids they are launching in the Barbarian King country and they are sacrificing them to feed the Red Giant Plant Monsters to have Red Honey. Without soul to eat, it's impossible for the plants to give Red Nectar, and so, the production of Red Honey would stop.


This is my Category B entry for the "Safe Haven" Challenge.

Hope you'll like it !

It's clarifying some facts on the ongoing story of Faladrin in the Isle of Roses that began with my Cat C entry and continued with my Cat A entry.

C&Cs are welcome !

Edited by Faladrin

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Niarl is my favorite of these, for sure, but all of them have a nice look to them. I also like the use of Dengar's face for the Blue Mage. I appreciate the distinction between the two factions, and the 80's sci-fi/fantasy movie references amongst Conan's (er, Conhardt's) people are nice. Horton is nice, too. 

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Horton the horse master is one of the best smith minifigures I have seen :thumbup: Neat banners for the leaders of the two sides, and quite an intriguing story-line you have created :classic:

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Seems like this one dissappeared a bit in the big load of series posted just before the challenge deadline, though it still has a very nice bunch of figures and a lot of cool details! For example, I really like the huntress having a the head of one of her victims hanging from her belt :wink: 

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