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Book II Challenge V Category A: The swiftest path

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Alright here is my entry for category A of Challenge V, enjoy. 

The message was out... From all corners of Historica, messengers rode, carrying news of the war and the new king. Along the Kaliphlin coastland, time was of the essence, and the fastest route was by sea. Messengers set sail in tiny ships to travel quickly to all ports in Kaliphlin. Here a man dashes from his docked boat bellowing his message to all who will here him. 


A pic of just the wall.


A pic from the side.


A pic from the other side.


A pic of the merchant selling valuable aromatics and perfumes. 


Thanks for viewing. C&C appreciated. Good luck to everyone in this three part contest. :)



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You packed quite the bustling wharf onto such a small footprint, I must say. The colors and figs really sell it as Kaliphlin, which is great, though perhaps the port is a bit too busy, visually, for such a small scene. Perhaps it is just that the sail takes up a large amount of the visual space, creating a barrier to try to see around. Good work with the wall!

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Nice busy scene, Rconn0!

The ship sail is interesting, though it does fill a lot of the front scene in such a small build.  The wall is neatly built with a clean, smooth appearance with the arch details.  The shutters on the window look really nice!  Including a merchant stand is a nice idea and you built it well.

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