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I call this series of models my "Random Rooms" because they are a random depiction of interiors; they don't attach to anything, nor are they part of a larger model.

Originally built as a commissioned work for a film set, each room needed to be large enough for the actor to reach in and handle the accessories and also allow for cameras & lights.

Much of the decor has been "brick-built", as standard Lego doors, chairs, etc. were too small for the scale required. (An interesting challenge!)

The four rooms together were completed in March 2016 and took a total of 16 hours to build.





For a more in-depth look and to view some of my other works, please visit Janet VanD's Gallery

and click on the folder icons on the left-hand-side. Thanks! :classic:

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Very realistic looking rooms! The dining area has quite a welcoming mood, with the nice color use and plants :thumbup: Pretty kitchen, living room, and bedroom, as well. Each has its own unique look which easily sets it apart from the others :classic:

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Wow, if only my room looked that good in real life. :blush:

Great work!

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