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  1. Hey, guys: It's been a while since my last post. Please let me present my latest moc: Top Fuel Hydroplane. During this build, I tried to keep the original look of it and also included the "Wheel Drive Mechanism". My Detailed Version Features: V8; Electric, Fuel and Forced Induction Systems; 2 Counter Rotating Propellers, transmission and clutch, adjustable flaps and 2 drag chute bags (The two engine blocks at the very end) . The main idea is really put this boat on top of a Top Fuel Dragster..) Video:
  2. 1711902090

    [MOC] Trophy Truck "Police Interceptor"

    Thanks guys ! and by the way, the shoes belong to my girlfriend, I will pass your commendations to her .
  3. 1711902090

    [MOC] Trophy Truck "Police Interceptor"

    Thank you for the coolest comment! Thanks, which tire are you referring to? the front or the rear ones? I don't have any of them . I will post a video after it stops raining... Thanks ! Thanks for pointing that out. The truck doesn't have any lift arm mounted crosswise.The weakest part of this truck is the rear section of bed rack. Good to know something new to learn !Thank you! The battery is mounted 3 studs above the motors and it is sitting on top of a bent lift arm . Even if I lower it 1or 2 studs, I still have to rebuild the door panels and the trunk. Anyway, I will pay attention in my future projects :sweet:
  4. 1711902090

    [MOC] Trophy Truck "Police Interceptor"

    Thanks a lot for your suggestion. I would definitely try to drop couple of studs tomorrow and possibly post a video Thanks ! Your video inspired me to switch the colour of the door panel to white
  5. 1711902090

    [MOC] Trophy Truck "Police Interceptor"

    Thanks, specially after putting the batteries in, the rear is slightly lower than the front Thank you, I only tested on my carpet floor, it drives fine. we had a heavy rain yesterday and it is still wet outside. I will make an outdoor test drive tomorrow or so. Thank you ! The rear splash shield should look better with soft axils, but I only got 2.. That's a really good point ! Luckily due to the design of suspension, It barely rolls left or right. Also I have a relatively wide frame, these should neutralize the high COG problem (honestly I didn't put COG into consideration until you mentioned it )
  6. Good Day ! While I am still waiting for my extension wires and test pipes(for my RC motor powered centrifuge), I decided to build a trophy truck. I know there are a lot of racing version out there and I thought I could come up with something new. a cop version. It shares almost the same chassis with my previous desert patrol buggy(http://www.eurobrick...=139391&hl=) and it's powered by 2 L motors as well. In addition, there's a blower(twin screw type) attached to the V6. Update: It's raining again I guess I have to wait for another couple of days to make a video...sorry.
  7. 1711902090

    [MOC] Morse Code Machine

    Thank You ! Yes, the answer is "apple". You can still bring this to the exam if cell phones are prohibited. That's a great idea. I actually built a typing machine which is simply a one sided return to centre steering mechanism with a pencil tied to the end. I found out that It was very hard to get the timing right so I had to leave a "giant" space between each letter. If I place the pencil closer to the paper, it prints short and long lines, no dot at all... That's why I decided to use indicator light and dropped everything else. Someone suggested that I could use NXT to record the code, but I don't have one... Wow ! that is super cool ! what are the two straight key looking things covered in grey boxes? Since I did try to build a printing device but it didn't work out very well, I would say it is a accidental simplicity.
  8. Hey, guys ! I have another non-vehicle moc for you, a morse code straight key and receiver. The straight key is actually a lever with one end connected to the controller. The receiver consists of one battery box, one IR receiver and one pair of LEDs. This is really a remote controlled lights. Here is the video. (The beeping sound is added later after recording, the receiver doesn't make any noise.)
  9. Thanks, I think I will use only 1 RC motor.. Here is the video with 2L motors.
  10. Thank you ! and the bottom of the two shock absorbers are connected all the way through
  11. Hi, guys ! Here's my latest moc(very close to finish), a dune buggy. 2L motors for driving and 1 servo motor for steering. Help: I am thinking about switching to 2 RC buggy motors, do I really need 2 battery boxes and 2 IR receivers? What if I choose to use 1 battery and 1 IR receiver? How big is the power loss and will it damage the receiver? Thank you for your time !
  12. 1711902090

    [MOC] Airplane Catapult

    Thank you for all the comments and insights ! Here is my plan: 1. Build a close in weapon system since it will be the smallest functioning unit on the carrier. (currently working on it and will provide video demo as well as LDD) 2. From there, I can decide the proper scale of the ship 3. Build other functioning modules, lifts, control tower...etc (will provide videos and LDDs) 4. Finish the ship in LDD. Sorry to say but I am not going to actually build the entire ship.
  13. Hi, guys ! There're a lot of aircraft carrier mocs out there, so I thought I could introduce my catapult system. The main catapult mechanism is simply a winch plus a clutch. (powered by one L motor) I used another L motor & 2 actuators to control the JBD. The acceleration is quite fast considering I am using only one rubber band. You may also attach more rubber bands if you have heavier fighter Jet mocs or RC planes. Here is the video as always ! [/media] [/media]
  14. 1711902090

    [MOC] Centrifuge

    Thank you for all the comments. My RC Buggy motors arrived today.. So.. Upgrades will be available