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**This is a mostly story based post - there are a lot of pictures and text, it isn't the most Lego-based post ever so I won't hold it against you if you don't read it but hopefully people enjoy.**

Two hours ago.

Alejandro couldn't open his eyes, how had it come to this, the hard wooden planks kept sleep away and the sounds of the rats scuttling about had the same effect, the rags they had given him were itching and flea-ridden and the sounds from the other cells offered no respite. Although the bottle was still tightly in his hand the effects of the rum seemed to have worn off too.

26733825731_18cd7fc948.jpgIMAG3911 by Phadeout, on Flickr

One week earlier, very late, Nova Terelli, general environs of the Rattled Sabre rum bar.

"Nacho, my young friend, there is no need to walk me home, go back and join the others, Alejandro will need someone help him carry Hideo home unless I am much mistaken and I only have a little way to go."

"Even more reason to see you to the door Roldolfo, Alejandro can wait for a few more minutes if he wants, these streets aren't the same after dark, no matter how many guards Mayor Fontonajo has enlisted".

26570399951_5597de7b79.jpgWalking home (i) by Phadeout, on Flickr

"Nacho, seriously, just go will you I c.... wait did you hear that?"

26032265173_9be8feec08.jpgWalking home (ii) by Phadeout, on Flickr

"Damn, but you have good hearing for an old man, nevermind it can be more fun to watch them squirm, unless they try and run that is, what do you think, Nacho?"

"It is you Mia, I thought so, so Don Gonzalo has finally woken up. I suppose it was always going to happen. I only have one question, are we to be the example or will Alejandro's head be joining ours on the de la Calle mantel?"

"Shrewd as always Nacho, Alejandro is to live for now, he is to be ruined and robbed of his friends but we will not see him dead yet... unfortunately time waits for no one and yours is ended now, and el viejo too, it is nothing personal you understand, only ever business".

"Only ever business Mia"

26570399891_fbcb1df867.jpgWalking home (iii) by Phadeout, on Flickr

"How disappointing, I thought you would have lasted a little longer - I suppose time in these islands has let you go soft. Goodbye Nacho."

26362767020_0055822751.jpgWalking home (iv) by Phadeout, on Flickr

"Wait Mia, you can send a message to my father instead, I would like to speak with him face to face"

"Alejandro!, not now."

26362767440_9a02736f2a.jpgWalking home (v) by Phadeout, on Flickr

"Sorry Mia, I can't let you kill them and I don't think you can kill me, so I think your time is up here."

"Another time then, you young fool."

26032265433_f47fdc81a4.jpgWalking home (vii) by Phadeout, on Flickr

A nearby pier, several minutes later after a chase through the streets

26707673692_f48ccc6603.jpgIMAG3920 by Phadeout, on Flickr

"Looks like you've gone the wrong way Mia, can we stop this now? I need to talk to my father and explain my choices - I don't want to be at war with him."

"Thieves often want to make amends once they've been caught - we didn't hear from you for months and yet the second weapons are drawn you want to be friends again."

"Be reasonable, what other choice do you have? I know you aren't going to kill me, we can end this feud before it gets going and all do well from the opportunities here."

Mia, throws her sword, somewhat theatrically away - the onlookers who are gathering see it hit the water.

26776248546_839feff724.jpgIMAG3924 by Phadeout, on Flickr

The onlookers can't see clearly past Alejandro and the barrels placed along the edges of the pier

All of a sudden they hear her scream and fall back into the water - surely the man in black hasn't just stabbed her in cold blood they think, they had all seen the sword go into the water. What they couldn't make out was Mia stepping forward and cutting her side on Alejandro's sword before screaming and falling back into the water. They missed the wink she threw him too..

26776251056_129d4067b2.jpgIMAG3925 by Phadeout, on Flickr

26707647272_bea3b6cef1.jpgIMAG3929 by Phadeout, on Flickr

The commotion has drawn one of the watchmen, the onlookers quickly tell him what they have seen as Alejandro stares in disbelief into the water.

26528585200_6a9e45c5b1.jpgIMAG3934 by Phadeout, on Flickr

"Sir, throw down your weapon and come with me"

"She isn't dead, she is tricking you all, she faked the whole thing."

"I can see her blood on the pier, you need to throw down the sword and come with me - right now"

26528586160_966c7dd9f0_n.jpgIMAG3942 by Phadeout, on Flickr

Alejandro, too stunned to argue further, moved back down the pier to eventually arrive at the Nova Terelli jail - held on suspicion of murder.

26707685102_c7662eb9fb_n.jpgIMAG3937 by Phadeout, on Flickr

Now, Nova Terelli jail

26195628684_93631c68d9.jpgIMAG3916 by Phadeout, on Flickr

"Nacho, I told you he would be alright, see he isn't even in the chains, this is easy street..."

"Viejo, now isn't the time for your jokes - Alejandro are you ok? We only recived word we could visit you this morning - they wouldn't even admit to holding you here at first."

"Don't worry Nacho, I am alright, they feed me and give me rum, the rats aren't too chatty though and I don't think that guard has smiled since I got here."

"You don't need to pretend, we know the reputation of this prison, people die here waiting for trial. We aren't going to let this go on."

"There is nothing you can do - I will be tried before too long, I'm certain they will find me innocent - they have no real proof".

"All the more reason to let you out Alejo!"

"Nacho - all I need from you is to take care of the business for me until I return"

"Of course we will, but we will also try and find a way to get you out - we have a few ideas, the name of somebody who can maybe help us - or at least we can find Mia, if she isn't dead you can't have murdered her!"

"Good luck my friends, but go now, I don't have long before dinner and the staff do insist we dress formally so I'll need to change."

"I'm glad you can still joke Alejo, take care and remember you have friends who are trying to free you".

They leave, Alejandro feels some hope for the first time in days.

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Quite a twist in your story here! Very intriguing! pirate_wink.gif Clever Mia...

I especially like the dock scene here - great use of dark brown!

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Interesting story, and good vignettes to illustrate it. My only critique is that I would have put either tiles or plates under the barrels on the pier. But still quite well done. Keep this kind of stuff coming!

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@Captain Wolf, I couldn't agree more. I think I may have to redo that properly. It doesn't seem quite as bad in reality but it has photographed terribly. Thanks for the note, I will certainly avoid similar in the future.

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That's actually a very cool build, with Nice photography. Keep it up!

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