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TRADE - Crocodile Customs - moc

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Hi all. I present my largest moc so far "Crocodile Customs"

For some time Lord Bonebane has been growing an army... For what purpose is yet to be revealed. Whilst he and his mysterious mage are hard at work 'recruiting' troops, the more menial tasks such as equipping an army are outsourced to different tribes throughout Nocturnus. One such tribe is the crocodile tribe of His Toothiness Croc Quextilox. For many years he and his tribe were known bullies to the surrounding villages, but being a small tribe the powers that be have little time to deal with them. This made the tribe perfect for Bonebane to make use of. With help from the double crossing human known simply as Gorrick, the Croc were set up with a new trade - customs officers. Anyone passing along the coastal trading route was required to declare their wares and pay the going taxes. This cost was usually by confiscation of 25% of wares, sometimes far more if the wares were useful for army building. In return for sending war supplies and weapons to Bonebane, the Croc were licensed to keep 5% of non military wares for themselves and would be granted larger lands once the coming war was won.

However... slowly the dowry paid to Bonebane became and less and less and rumours of the croc's riches began to spread. This needed checking out.


Gorrick was dispatched with an armourer to find out what was going on. He arrived at the customs house posing as a trader, stepping into a scene of people unhappy at the huge and sometimes total cost of taxes.


Upon entering the customs house he was confronted with more unhappy 'customers'. When handed his tax note he found out why- a tax of 100%!!!! This was strange - nowhere near this amount of 'taxes' was being received by Bonebane. He demanded to speak with the management.


Upstairs he found Quextilox flanked by his treasures dining like a king. Quextilox was unconcerned by his anger and asked his guards to show Gorrick out.

Outside Gorrick soon found a messenger and had a letter sent to Bonebane as fast as the horse could travel.


Before long Bonebane arrived with a raiding force. Fighting soon broke out around the customs house as the crocs realised they were about to loose their luxurious lifestyle.




Inside Bonebane and his mage soon found Quextilox and 'reminded' them of the original arrangement.


To be continued.......

Hope you like. C & c welcome. More photos of the build below. I really enjoyed this once I worked out what I could do with the part I had. I really like the modular and wanted to try something along those lines but don't currently have enough parts to make a fully fledged modular.

I'd like to claim doh credits for the following:

Anthropology - life in Nocturnus

General Building - interior design

Lance design - tree technique 2

Architecture - roofing 1



forgot to take a photo but in the pic above if you turn the barrel on the balcony it let's a trapdoor on the balcony fall over. A little play feature I thought would be a fun way to load a cart parked below.





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While this build is wonderful, packed with detail, and quite deserving of UoP DoH credits, you can only claim four credits. Once you have decided on the credit you wish to drop, I'll give my up or down vote.

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Cool building, it's easy to see the crocodile influence in the architecture :thumbup:

The splash of water near the dock looks really nice, and you've got plenty of neat details inside: the SNOT floor design, various treasures, and chandelier :classic:

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Excellent build! The cobblestone looks great and I really like the floor pattern on the first story of the building :thumbup:

+1 UoP on all claims :classic:

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Thanks all... great to get nice comments from builders I admire too (lord v, little John especially!)

Any ideas to improve on in future anyone?

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One thing that might make it look better, would be to tile the floors, though I understand parts limitations if that's the problem :classic:

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