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The Lego Movie 4-Wide Police Car (LDD)

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I'm a big fan of police cars, and the Lego Movie uses one that I intially thought was custom made for the movie. This is the four wide police car that is used mostly in background scenes, though it does show up en masse after the escape from Bricksburg. After spending some time reverse engineering it from the various scenes, I realized that the model is actually a slightly modified civilian car that was released in 2012 as 4435 Car and Caravan (the trailer hitch is the giveaway) with influences from 4436 Patrol Car.

The car appears to be Black and Light Grey in the movie, which I changed to white because some of the main parts don't exist in light grey, such as the wheel arches. I also added red and blue lights behind the main headlights, though these were my personal preference. Interestingly enough, the roof piece in black does not yet exist and won't until the release of 60097 City Corner later this year. When that set is released, I'll be building several of these to put in my own town.

EDIT: Turns out Mark2 has an error in the lights. Instead of using two 99780 Inverted brackets and one 1x2 plate, it should have been one Bracket 1x2 - 1x4 and two 1x4 plates stacked on top of each other. Mark5 has this corrected.

LDD File: Lego Movie Police Car - Mark5.lxf

Lego Movie Police Car - Mark2.lxf





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The lighting sequence for the Bricksburg PD squad cars suggest they took hints from Federal Signal's Spectralux ELS tech...

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I finally got around to build this police car. I got really interested in it the first time I saw the movie, but didn't know how to build it before. 
Thank you Yeow and Xon67 for your research! I'm missing the two stud wide white cheese pieces and I'm unsure of which way the red and blue lights should be placed.

Picture taken exactly when my kid got a hold of the car, but he didn't crash it..


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