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Hello, World, I present my Collection LEGO Pirates

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Hello, I introduce myself my name is Emanuele.I am 29 years old, I stopped playing with LEGO in 1996, when in June 2014 an exhibition of the city I saw guys adults exposing their LEGO, even basic set, In me it is on the bulb, is I back the urge.In the basement of my house I found my baby set time, properly preserved by my parents.I reassembled everything and I had the opportunity to exhibit at a trade show in Italy in Turin, the exhibition center "Lingotto".I'm not a great expert on MOC, but I'm a big fan set Pirates and Castle 90 years.Looking on google I found this beautiful community, the real experts. I feel small in comparison to your ability, I'm almost afraid to ask and post.A friend of mine has done photo shoots in my first presence at the fair in September 2014.I could not bring to the show my entire collection, in a classic car I had no place. In the next year I organize myself better and I will take all the sailing ships created by LEGO.I hope to do something pleasing to show my photographs, maybe someone of you has already seen on my new facebook page dedicated to this magnificent world of the Pirates.Good Vision, any advice, suggestion, criticism is accepted. Will be gold for me as your great experienceIMG_5932_zpse50a7f0c.jpg













First Person






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I also improvised a small exhibition of the Pirates Of The Caribbean.IMG_5916_zpsd853c67b.jpgIMG_5917_zps8bcd66f7.jpgIMG_5919_zps57f5102c.jpgIMG_5921_zpscfe2b10b.jpgIMG_5778_zps38d238a0.jpgIMG_5891_zps5d3b9b1f.jpgIMG_5892_zps343b087d.jpg






Black Pearl and my "Flying Dutchman" challenge by gunfire HMS Endeavour, scene from the film Pirates of the CaribbeanIMG_5926_zps65b1428c.jpgIMG_5914_zps4974fe1c.jpgIMG_5905_zps204b161a.jpgThis is my ship Sao Feng in developmentIMG_5942_zps85040b69.jpgIMG_5945_zps97562720.jpgIMG_5943_zps7a4ad7ab.jpg

Captain Sao Feng


I recreated the scene Elizabethche meets Pirate Will Turner and his father scolds singing pirate songs


And all for today, if you want to see my Facebook page I have included the link in signatureThanks to all

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Awesome layout. Thanks for sharing this with us. Really cool to see so many pirate sets on one big table.



it is true, I really enjoyed myself seemed to play a naval battle,

sometimes came a few friends and suggested a better position to battle hehe

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I love your Layout. You have a great collection. I love the way you show the flying cannon balls.

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If this was on Lucca comics and games, now I'm really sorry for loosing that..

Do you plan another display on events?

Hello Matteo, was exposed to LAMOLEGIOCA, fair Lingotto in Turin!

in 2015 I think I do two shows, but still are not sure of dates

For all!

I'm glad that the guns have liked.

I like to give movement to the diorama

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Great layout, great photos, great battle scenes, great pirate collection!

I picked it back up at the age of 50, your never too old :)

Brick on!!

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Hello Ema,

I was jmissing your first post, hope to see all other exhibitions you join during 2015 and 2016.


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