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  1. MarcoMe

    [MOC] Bricktuga Soldier Fort

    Dear all, it is a pleasure form me to submit my last (and biggest) MOC: i have created a soldier fort for Bricktuga, it is at the entrance of the bay and its cannons will protect the village from pirates. The community diorama has been developed with some friends (@Slayer, Daniele, Francesco, ) from #ToscanaBricks and #ItLUG and presented at Bricks in Florence Festival #BIFF18 in November 2018. Thanks for your feedbacks and comments Marco the complete gallery
  2. MarcoMe


    a complete gallery of my pirates as per Lucca Comics & Games 2016 #LCG16 This event was managed by ItLug and ToscanaBricks 2016 Lucca Comics&Games
  3. MarcoMe


    new layout with improvement in: - fort and wall : now i use more palte so to offer increase realism -new building in the village -Barracuda modded: 2 original Barracuda sets merged together hostare immagini
  4. MarcoMe

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    So exited. I love these serie and i will love all sets
  5. MarcoMe

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    Some images and code found on the net
  6. MarcoMe


    Here some pictures from our last exhibithion Ludicomix April 16-17th in Empoli (near Florence) with friends of ItLUG and ToscanaBricks I have heavily modified Eldorado but i thinks it shall be considered a MoD, not properly a MoC because it is still based on original LEGO set I have built the yellow-white tower as my new Moc. My colleagues have done a great work with the village: mill with rotating waterwheel, market, funny little scenes. Boats are all original LEGO sets We need to buy some more 1x1 round plate for simulating water
  7. MarcoMe


    Iammac, the brown ship is called Morning Star and it is not mine: the master builder is another member of ToscanaBricks, Giancarlo Garbocci Here some more details
  8. MarcoMe


    Hi all, With two friends and after 30 years dark age, we arranged our firts exhibithion at Lucca Comics and Games 2015 (Lucca - Italy) with original sets, MODs and MOCs. Here some pictures Hope you like it, feel free to provide me suggestions. We were entusiastic so we have continued in improving our buildings and inceeasing layout, now we are ready for next event Ludicomix (April 16-17th, in Empoli - Italy). Thanks Marco
  9. This is my last buy. It is not so cheap :40 euro plus shipping cost
  10. Hello Ema, I was jmissing your first post, hope to see all other exhibitions you join during 2015 and 2016. Ciao
  11. MarcoMe

    Large Pirate diorama

    Hi Jody, I see many pictures on facebook page: your pirate fleet is incredible huge. Hope to see it exposed again as soon. Bye Marco
  12. Hi, My name is Marco and i'm a 38 years old AFOL from Italy. I love pirate, castle, cintage city and superheroes (but i buy all sets i like). Hope to find here a solution to my problems: too many lego sets and bricks, no money, no space to store and build Bye Marco