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  1. That's a great idea. Nice work. These are some really good looking cars.
  2. What's the problem with using the respective 2017 theme discussion threads?
  3. That's a spam prevention measure. Should be fixed now.
  4. Please stop bumping your own thread all the time. You keep showing different angles of your MOC, simply to get Ideas support.
  5. You won a manatee, don't you remember? And you'll be treated to yet another surprise when your package arrives in the mail. You should know from previous years that patience is the keyword in the Xmas Raffle. You'll never know when it will arrive, but you know that it will arrive and you know that it will be good.
  6. Then please stop discussing bootlegs, as I requested in response to the post you're quoting here.
  7. And against the recently updated Site Guidelines.
  8. Yay, my own huge manateeeeeeee. That means E is the best prize, right? Thanks Mike for making this happen every year.
  9. The next series of Collectable Minifigures due for release is the Batman Movie series. It will be out in January 2017 and will, for the first time, feature a record number of 20 different minifigures. Our resident CMF review expert WhiteFang has been working hard to give you an early first look at this series, which brings a lot of new elements and some highly specialised moulds. Check out the extensive review in the Licensed Themes forum.
  10. I have merged this with an existing thread.
  11. Hardly breaking news, but WhiteFang has finally got his hands on a full series of 71014 Collectable Minifigures - DFB Series and has written a thorough review of the series for Eurobricks readers. Check out his rigorous review in the Special Themes forum.
  12. Building a snowman... Apologies for the crappy phone picture.
  13. Green Grocer has a radiator, but - as has been pointed out - that doesn't mean the modulars are set in anything close to the present day. The only 'mistake' so far seems to have been the computer in the Town Hall. Things like the 1932 reference in the Fire Brigade (reference to the foundation of LEGO) and the probation references (albeit with cookies) in the Detective's Office, make me think they're set in the 1930s. Not that any of this matters, because they can be used in any 20th or 21st century setting.
  14. Ever wondered if Modular Buildings and Friends is a good combination? Denil85 proves it is with The Horsemen Town Square.
  15. As the end of the year is drawing near, we start to look forward to Christmas and it may very well look like this romantic image of "A Child's Christmas in Eastern Ontario" by kjm161. Check out the eye-pleasing exterior and insanely detailed interior in the Town forum.