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  1. Thank you. That's a good tip indeed. I have been struggling with making a frontpage image clickable. However, please note that changing the embedded image size does not actually make oversized images smaller, because it will still load the oversized image. Instead, upload a smaller image (or use a smaller image size that sites like flickr serve) and embed this smaller image.
  2. It could be the Google ad programme serving ads that redirect you away from EB. They're typically quick to remove these kind of ads. If it persists, try to note which kind of ads are redirecting you, so Sinner can try to look into the Google ad settings (although it is typically hard to track down which ads are causing it and -like I said- Google are likely to remove these kind of ads).
  3. Some of the issues you dislike about the new editor (like not having a separate reply screen) obviously are inherent to the new software and cannot be altered. I have added a button that removes all formatting (Tx) and a button that allows you to include spoilers to the standard toolbar. These buttons may not show up on smaller screens because of their limited screen width.
  4. No idea if we had an undo button before, but Ctrl-Z does the job just fine.
  5. LEGO Ambassador Anio put 12,500 bricks into this microscale rendition of the railway station of the French city of Limoges. Check out this MOC and more of his recent creations in the Special Themes forum.
  6. Olivia's house was part of the first wave in 2012, Emma's came out in 2015 and now Stephanie's is due for 2017. Expect Andrea's and Mia's in 2019 and 2021.
  7. This is directly accessible via the "Posted x minutes/hours ago" link in the top-left corner of a message or the share icon on the top-right. You can right-click either of these links and copy the URL to go directly to a post.
  8. For everyone with issues with new or unread items, you can set your own preferences by clicking the Activity tab, My Activity Streams and then selecting "Create new stream" if the preset streams don't offer what you're used to or looking for. One of the settings relates to whether clicking unread items takes you to the top of the page or to the last unread comment that some have been mentioning in here. Moreover, you can replace the "Unread content" button (in the top right corner) by one of these streams by checking the checkbox next to the title of a stream once you click it (when you hover over it, it says "set as default").
  9. TLG seems to have a 4 x 4 block in mind with it's release pattern of one corner building for every 2 straight buildings.
  10. While I don't mind the discussion going a little off-topic once in a while, it is going too far recently. There are members checking here for news about the upcoming modular building and this speculation is going to lead to confusion. I also doubt a lot of people have information about the upcoming modular as TLG has been able to contain leaks relatively well and we have not heard a lot about new exclusives until very close to the release date.
  11. Weird, your account had to be approved, which I have done now. Is there anything you changed (like your password, that you maybe missed a validation e-mail for) before this happened?
  12. I'm not sure what kind of a response you're expecting. It has been said a couple of times now that Hinckley is going to tackle some of these remaining theme issues when he has time. He has other obligations besides Eurobricks.
  13. Thanks for the clear report. Permissions for new members (< 10 posts) were messed up. They could not reply to topics in Community. This should be fixed now.
  14. I agree with you, but you've read Invision's stance on the issue... We'll all have to find a way to deal with it for indices, etc. Good thing about the new editor is that you won't actually see the junk code it creates. I suppose at some point it could cause issues when you keep editing bloated code over and over again though. Normally you'd then dig through the BBcode to find the source of the problem. Thinking towards solutions, it'd probably make sense to either keep an offline version of your stats and edit them with an editor that supports BBcode or a simple plain text editor (e.g., Notepad on Windows) and paste the full result of your edits in a post instead of trying to edit the post itself. Alternatively, use an offline RTE, like a word processing program, to keep track of your stats and paste that in a post. Or... who knows, the new editor might not be so bad and WYSIWYG editing might not be so bad after all. I guess we'll find out through using the new board software. This takes some getting used to but is actually desirable behaviour in my opinion. It makes it easy to create "true" paragraphs, instead of having to hit enter twice and still allows you to have a simple line break within a paragraphs using shift-enter. As Hinckley explained earlier, the behaviour of the return key is configurable but makes quotes and merged posts hard to read, so it's very likely we'll keep the behaviour of the return key this way.
  15. It's stored as HTML, yes. If you read the statements from Invision that I linked too, they're not thinking in the direction of users being able to edit source code at all, so don't expect any developments in that direction.