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  1. They look like they are engaging properly when shifted back, but not as much when shifted forward, so are they rubbing the liftarms in the rear too much? And by the uneven, I meant because you have the steering links somewhat tapered inwards instead of being even, like they should be extended out a stud more on each side in the front. I thought that maybe this was causing the issue. I never noticed that the Porsche driving rings don't engage properly, I'll have to take a look.
  2. Looking great. The only area that is questionable but maybe not since it looks to work ok is using a pin joiner to support the separate axles in the gearbox. It just seems that a bit to much torque could possibly make a gear slip since it isn't really a solid brace. Also, are you going to add a return to center system for the shifter? I only ask because it looks like you have to manually return it. I also notice that the driving rings are only engaging about halfway when they are shifted forward. It may be because the links you are using are not even?
  3. Do you have any video of the gearbox? I am interested in how it works.
  4. It looks good! The only area that looks odd(which plagues the 42056 Porsche) is the gap under the top curved panel over the rear wheel arch that you see from the side. Also the flex axle in the front on the sides above the wheel doesn't look quite long enough. It looks just a bit uneven with the nice curved panel and structure design over the rear wheel but very little structure design in the front. This is something that you just might have to settle for though. Other than that, you did a great job.
  5. Looks good. Pretty nifty how you extended the engine mount in the front to connect to the gearbox with the gear inside.
  6. Nice video Paul. This looks like a fun model. Hope instructions are planned for the future.
  7. I have a question, are you having any issues with the cv joints rubbing the inside of the hub in the front when steered? I played around with several front drive designs I had seen online and noticed that the steering is very limited due to this issue. I know you are using ackermann steering and it looks like your steering is quite sharp where this problem would occur.
  8. Don't get me wrong, it's very good, but there have been many 24 hour race car models done similar to this that are just as nice without all of the glitz and glam of stickers. The first thing that sticks out to me in this model are the wheels and tires and how amazing they look. Now why is it that the wheels and tires look so amazing? The stickers on the front mudguard are the only thing keeping the 5L liftarms in place on the flex axles. Using a sticker as a brace to hold things in place is kind of cheesy in my opinion.
  9. I am definitely one of those guys who is not a fan of the macaroni necklace style building or liftarm stacking and shaping over flex axles, but I must say, you did a very nice job here.
  10. The stickers are far from irrelevant. The whole thing including the wheels looks like it's wrapped in vinyl which is why it is giving the illusion of not even being a Lego model. For example, there is a sticker behind each of the the side windows giving the appearance that they extend and curve back more than they actually do. This is just one area the stickers are very relevant.
  11. I had seen this posted on Facebook by several Lego bloggers. While my first impression was WOW, THAT IS GORGEOUS! Having said that, it uses A LOT of stickers and what appear to be non Lego(or modified) wheels that are actually setting it off from the many other awesome cars of this race car class where the builders only used Lego parts for their appearance. Of course this model will wow non Lego or casual Lego fans more because of the added flare. I do give the builder an A+ for the sticker work. Wondering if they are from an actual model kit or if they are custom.
  12. Definitely more parts than only one set. I see many orange #3 angle connectors.
  13. Everyone has their opinion Paul. While your model isn't up to Jereon's standards or taste, I did get a wow when I opened this thread and I am sure many others did as well. You pulled off some nifty moves with these new parts that I hadn't seen before, in fact most of the mocs that I have seen that were using the new orange parts still mostly resembled the 42056 model. As far as all of this stacking beams talk for a 1/8 scaled car, I'll just leave this out there. Your rear end is much sexier. A Little comparison. I think your new Scorpion model has more of a Japanese Supercar look to it compared to the Vampire gt. Looking forward to the video.
  14. Wow. What a beauty. That is one clean build. Easily the best car that you have done yet. The lines and curves are outstanding. I really love the way you used the wheel arches in the top of the rear and the front chin. I also like the side air intakes with the micro panels as fins and the gear indicators on each side of the engine. Are those stickers? Other than the orange color, I don't see the Porsche here at all. Two questions, are you planning on doing instructions and are there any super hard to get parts in it? Also looking forward to the video as I am interested in how you did the shifting mechanism because judging from your other thread with the chassis it looks like it works differently than other ones that I have seen.