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  1. [quote name='Rishab N' timestamp='1474136830' post='2659457'] For some reason the download link doesn't lead to a PDF and gives me an unidentified file type. Has anyone gotten this error? [/quote] I am opening it with Acrobat Reader just fine.
  2. Just seen that Paul posted on facebook that he has free [url=""]instructions[/url] available for this beauty. [img][/img]
  3. Wow. That is awesome! Sure do have a lot packed in there.
  4. [quote name='Thirdwigg' timestamp='1473267587' post='2653134'] Congratulations to all participants. I completely misunderstood the theme of this contest. [/quote] Yeah, it seems many people were including myself. So was there and actual winner? Or was everyone a winner?
  5. Wow. How is this possible?
  6. I think if the offset of the wheels was deeper, it would be ok. But it does look a few studs wide.
  7. WOW. What a gorgeous truck!
  8. [quote name='P3_Super_Bee' timestamp='1470639351' post='2629999'] Ended up going for $2325.00, and for a GREAT cause!!! Well done!!!! [/quote] That is quite amazing. I am however very surprised by the lack of exposure something so unique and special as this received. The only places I had seen that promoted this was Brickset and Eurobricks. I wonder if it wasn't Technic based if other places would have mentioned it.
  9. Wow over $1,200. [quote name='Superkalle' timestamp='1470327178' post='2627708'] Absolutely amazing. I'm stunned. This is showing the way forward for LEGO Technic. There's no going back now! [/quote] I am in no way knocking our favorite theme, but I am amazed that a television show actually went the technic route and not with regular bricks. I think that was quite an accomplishment. Maybe the Porsche had something to do with it?
  10. Paul that truck is awesome.
  11. [quote name='LvdH' timestamp='1469895887' post='2624262'] Here is crowkillers' video showcasing the model: [/quote] There seems to have been a lot of people involved in this. I am surprised no websites are covering this.
  12. [url=""]It is being auctioned off for charity[/url]. Apparently he was on a recent episode of History channel show Counting Cars. I must have missed it. [img][/img] This is the picture in the Ebay listing. I can't find the episode on youtube. [img][/img]
  13. These guys really don't have to make instructions in the first place. Some prices do seem a bit steep though. Is anyone really selling 2000 downloads?