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  1. Seen it before. It's not bad. The part usage on the body seems to clash quite a bit and doesn't have the cleanest appearance.
  2. Someone once mentioned an easy way to make black bushings by cutting them off of the 3L pins. I am guilty of that.
  3. I like this better than the real car.
  4. Easily recognizable. Hate the build style, but it looks really good.
  5. There you go. You can clearly see the insides of the 8674 wheels are LBG and the outside is silver.
  6. You heard it here first folks, the inside of wheel lost it's silver luster because it is 11 years old while the front stayed perfectly silver.
  7. I already told you that some wheels are silver on the inside and some are only silver on the surface.
  8. Well Mr Know-it-all, you are saying that LEGO DOES NOT PAINT PIECES. And that isn't true. I even showed you an example and you are trying to save face by saying that they are bleached or sun damaged.
  9. It's highly unlikely that the insides of the wheels would get exposure to sunlight faster than the outside surface.
  10. And what about the white edges on the black wheels from the 41999? Are those painted white or is that just printing? I know one of my wheels had some white scratched off. That doesn't normally happen as easily with printing.
  11. I know that on one of my F1 cars that the insides of the wheels don't look like the front silver surface. I am very certain that it is the wheels from the 8674. When I get home, I will double check them. HERE someone is selling wheels from that set and you can see the inside is different from the outside. Do your wheels from your 8674 look like this?
  12. Then how do you explain the front of a wheel being Silver and the back not? if they're molded in that color, then then entire wheel would be the same.
  13. I am also pretty certain that the metallic silver wheels on a few of the large F1 cars (8674 and 8461) are painted silver. I bought a used 8461 and was trying to clean the wheels and rubbed some of the paint off of one. I also have wheels where the front of the wheel is silver and the back is plain.
  14. I only asked the question about them being painted, because that was what I read somewhere back when the 41999 came out. The silver liftams from that set seem to have a slightly different feel to them than some other silver parts that I have.
  15. The silver parts are chromed? I am talking about the silver parts from the 41999 set.