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  1. I didn't realize how many bevel gears that you had in the steering.
  2. Yes, that is why each model has it's own thread. I don't think that it would be fair to Jeroen if you compare his model to another model in his own thread and possibly say that his model doesn't quite shift as smoothly, the suspension is weak, or the chassis isn't as stiff, which could lead people to say "Oh, I am not going to pay 20 euro for that when I can build another model that has free instructions" From what I've seen, Paul and Jeroen both had very different goals when they each designed their models. I've built Paul's Scorpion and while it's gearbox system isn't quite as complex as Jeroen's, it does work flawlessly. Now Jeroren has more going on in this model, so if something didn't quite work perfectly every time, I would be a little more lenient rather than just say "Paul's works better".
  3. Hmm. Is it really necessary to start a war between builders over who designs the better models? And why choose the crowkiller model that has free instructions? Why not compare Jeroen's model to another one that is charging money for them?
  4. I am going to guess and say that it is under the yellow liftarm in this video?
  5. Do you have a video for the model? I am interested in seeing more pictures of the model with the doors open, hood open, etc.
  6. It's not too bad, but probably a waste of time putting it on the ideas website considering that Lego has already released several Porsche sets, so this isn't really the type of new IP that they are looking for.
  7. Out of curiosity, what would be considered "flash"? Like an RC gearbox?
  8. Contest winners don't get automatically added?
  9. I wonder why the box art for the extreme adventure/explore is so very different from the display model? One would think at a toy show that they would have everything the same as to not confuse the attendees.
  10. I am one of the few that cannot stand the art of liftarms and pin connectors over flex axles. I say art, because to me this isn't really building and is instead a form of "sculpting". This style reminds me of aluminum pie pans and macaroni necklaces. But overall the car does look very nice.
  11. While this is a good car, The Lego company would never release a model that uses what they would consider a highly illegal building procedure in the suspension. I really wish the suspension was something that Didumos69 could have engineered to avoid having to use this torsion bar method. In my opinion, this is the most discouraging aspect of the entire model.
  12. You have your engine positioned in front of the front axles. Are you saying that that green box is the engine? That looks like some type of cushioning for impact. I can't imagine a race car having the engine sitting all the way in the front. That seems dangerous.
  13. Out of curiosity, why did you choose to go with this mini engine instead of a more standard one? I am not knocking the design at all because I think overall it looks great, but that engine looks kind of disproportionate to the rest of the car, especially having it positioned in front of the wheels and sitting so low. Much like the 42056, you have what appears to be a great gearbox idea, but you can't really show it off.