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  1. Ha, ha, ha, good timing with this build, Bregir - except that you may be just a little too soon! () The tiled street and recessed arches look great here, and combined with the other architectural details, give it a very palatial look! Neat interior as well, and the sewer is a great addition... at least if you were planning on having the huge block of grey down there anyways! My only nitpicks would be that I don't really think the lime green and dark red look very good together on the same building - and I rather wish you had tiled or otherwise finished off the top, as the studs just look out of place up there! Quite a nice build overall, though - keep it up!
  2. Very nice ship, LegoStone, the colors are quite neat, and the net at the front is a great touch as well! I do think the lines of the Esmeralda are a bit more flowing and better, but this is certainly one of your best goes at rigging and sails yet - it looks quite taunt, and there isn't hardly any string sticking out at the ends Great job, keep it up!
  3. Excellent little build, Capt. Wolf, and it's great to see the operation kicking off! The yellow and green are a great play on Eslandola's colors, and the furniture and story are very nice as well! One of my favorite details is definitely the chrome sword above the bookshelf though!
  4. It may need to be delayed a bit more, to give people a little bit of time after the last MRCA results are released. Speaking of which... Some news has started to float in about the missing ships... rumors have it that a small vessel was last seen sailing straight for a deadly sandbank...
  5. Excellent first build, en_zoo! The forest aspect is captured very well with the amount of trees and undergrowth you have here, and the path and story are great as well! Keep it up!
  6. Really nice build, Legofin, the colors are spot-on and capture the Mitgardian look perfectly, and the stone-work and roofs are excellent as well! Looking forward to more of your builds!
  7. Very nice little build, SK, the platform and bracing is excellent, and the hay bails and targets are neat as well! The base and the way you put the beard above the quiver on the archer to the left so you could turn his head are actually my favorite details, though! Looking forward to Phase II! Base insinuation! Cold never bothers Mitgardians!
  8. Very nice ship, Kai! The rigging and sails are a great improvement on your last ship ( except, of course, your jib and spanker are way too small... ), and the activity on deck is great as well! The cannons and lanterns are definitely some awesome details too!
  9. Another huge and awesome ship, KB! The telescopes around the stern do indeed look great, and it looks like it can pack quite a punch as well! Excellent color-scheme and rigging too - and really, the only thing I have to nitpick is the front. The colors on the protruding part looks a little odd to my eyes for some reason - maybe if the upper row of gold studs were got rid of it would have less of a teeth sort of aspect? Other than that, epic job, though, and I still really love your pendants and brick-built flags!
  10. Very funny (and very Sea Rat-ish) way to choose islands, Dr_Spock, and great build as well! The fish on the wall behind the bar and the torches are really nice details, and the yellow works neatly too!
  11. My preferences would be, 8. Otono 13. La Sombra @Elostirion,
  12. The glorious Empire of Eslandola, upon deep deliberation and calculation of probable monetary gains, and other such important details, you know... has settled upon the incorporation into the glories of said Green Empire of - in short, of the islands, #8, The Autumn Isle, and #13, The Shadow, for the crown... and for gold, and glory, and wealth, and all the rest, of course! Meaning, that our good impatient friends in Corrington may fire away at will
  13. Wow! I never would have caught those other ones if you hadn't mentioned them! - well, even better job incorporating those than the other ones!
  14. Very nice build, Henjin, the bridge is fantastic, and the trees, base, and story are excellent as well! I agree with Maestro that the trans-neon-green does look a bit odd in the river - but then, this is Nocturnus! Good job with the rock-work also, although I think in a few places it looks a little odd - in particular, I would raise the long curving slope (the one with a bunch of studs under it) by the lower tree by a 2x4 plate on the thick end, and put some tiles under the other side (though a few studs wouldn't look bad - it just clashes a little with the rest with so many), and the 1/8th of a ball piece on top also gives the impression of a man-made dome instead of a natural rock-formation, though the other two fit in pretty well Excellent job overall, though, and the photography is definitely a lot better!
  15. Very nice build, Kwatchi, and great to see you building again! The boardwalks, salt marshes (great use of that blue color!), and house are excellent, and the lantern and dog are great additions as well! ...And it's always good to see more smugglers around - there haven't been all that many in the Brick Seas yet, but they fit perfectly! - great story!