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  1. Congrats, and looking forward to that thing! Long live the-! Wait, what?
  2. Aha, I do believe that this plot will keep thickening forever! So much for Eslandola being the faction all about intrigue! Excellent builds, guys, it's always great to see collaborations, but on this scale and between so many builders it's just taken a step farther! Congrats to you all! There's definitely far too many details to note them all, but some of my favorite parts are the epic front in KB's section (the front arch, balcony, and corners are particularly great), the floor mosaic on Robinnilson's, the lantern and use of a net to keep the chests down in Blackdeath's, and the bookshelves on BS's. Excellent job yourself as well, Capt G, the furniture is superb as are the wall textures and windows, and the imposing look up towards the Intendant's desk conveys the feeling perfectly as well! Oh, and add to that the little strip on both sides of the large center of the carpet - that's something I'm certainly going to try to keep in mind for the future myself! Great job, all, and keep up the blue builds and collabs!
  3. Thanks KB! I did indeed! Glad you like the water as well, I really liked how it turned out in the pics! Oddly though, I agree that the palm trees look a bit too flat here, but in person it wasn't really noticeable at all - at least not to me! Hmm, yes, I thought about including a monkey, but couldn't really find a good place... But no, the Captain's just spending his own money (a good thing, since my poor little 2A didn't last very long... ) Thanks Kai, glad you like it! I hope I can get the time to keep up with the stories! Very! Ha, ha, thanks Bregir! Credit to Kai (here) for some inspiration with the pier and green stuff, though! Exactly! Thanks Faladrin!
  4. An excellent point, which I think I had thought about and then forgot I'll make a note of it in the first post. Thanks!
  5. And, upon deliberation we've decided to go ahead and post the results of each category as they come in and are judged, so check out here for the Category A winners!
  6. King's Port Advertiser, Special Edition New Terra’s most reliable source for news, shipping and otherwise. March 617. VOL 2, Special Edition Breaking news! Terraversa officially throws off the Mardierian yoke, and declares total independence! The whole island convulsed with joy! The Viceroy of Terraversa, Oldis Miro, has finally quit his vacillation between the two possible courses before him! The van guard of King Alphonso XIII's Death Guard had landed on the island and begun their deadly work, instilling fear, horror, or anger in the hearts of all true Terraversans. But now the Viceroy and his officers have officially signed a declaration of independence from the King and kingdom of Mardier, and Oldis Miro himself, at the head of the Terraversan troops, is said to have run the Death Guard into the sea! The bells of King's Port ring for joy, and the citizens are in its streets, cheering and applauding as their governor returns from his excursion. Peace has also been signed with the Eslandolan and Garveyan forces, and the Viceroy has promised men to support in the war effort against the common foe. ...But some in Terraversa still shake their heads, predicting a terrible revenge to come from Mardier at the end of the war. Only time will tell! Or, put otherwise, Category A results: Winning Side: 1st Place: Eslandola 2nd Place: Mardier Faction Winners: 1st Place: Corrington 2nd Place: Sea Rats 3rd Place: Oleon Individual Winners: 1st Place: Ayrlego (ESL) - Prize, 1 battalion of Terraversan mercenaries, free of charge and upkeep (may be raised now or at any future period), and 41149 Moana's Island Adventure (to be shipped at the end of the challenge - unless you win another category, of course... - and thanks to Silent Wolf for pointing that out!) Runner-up: Gideon (MAR) - Prize, 1 company of Terraversan troops, free of charge and upkeep, raise-able at any time from right now on. And you can see what every entrant wins in the spoiler below: Congrats to the winners, and thanks to all who entered! Keep up the great entries with Category B and C!
  7. Wow! Excellent job on that bear, seems like large animals is definitely your strong point! Wonderful elven architecture here as well, though, the curving horns and recessed arches work very well, and the texture floor and walls, with the light trans-green touches, finish off the scene perfectly! You've definitely been improving fast, and this would probably my favorite build of yours yet! Keep it up!
  8. I'd have to agree with the others - beautiful little house in the background there! The colors work perfectly, and that skin hanging in front of the door is a brilliant touch as well! Great job showing the action too (do I spot your BoBS sig-fig there? )!
  9. That looks like quite a neat (and fun! ) war machine, Legofin, the wooden slanting sides give it a very sleek feel, and that crossbow is perched perfectly there as well! I do agree that the overview picture is a little busy - probably the fact that the machine blends in so well with the surrounding landscape is to blame for that - but the rockwork itself is excellent, as is the work in progress (NPU on that painter, as SK said! )
  10. Ah, an excellent idea and a very nicely executed one as well! That beast looks like a fearful creature to be up against, and wall of Petraea is very nicely portrayed too! My main piece of advice would be to try using some more tiles when working with brown in general - you'll find that the smooth surfaces usually work much better at simulating wood than excessive studs That coat of arms on the gate of the War Academy is really splendid, though!
  11. Really neat build, that crane is excellent, and the bundles of materials lying all around do a god job of portraying the building process! Keep it up!
  12. Quite a nice ship, Gulagurag! The colors work excellently together, and the stern is executed brilliantly! - the gold trimming and your way of supporting the sills outside the windows being my favorite details! The imperial flagship's sails work nicely here as well, and I'm looking forward to seeing her in action!
  13. A valiant effort, and well repaid with victory! Go Eslandola! Very nice build, Faladrin, the fort is really neat, and I particularly like the bridge and the use of those prefab corner pieces around the door! Very nice cannon designs as well, and the historical basis is an excellent addition as well! Keep it up!
  14. Aww, what? Very nice little fort, Kwatchi, the angled walls look great, as do those black uniforms and that flag! The lanterns work nicely to set the mood as well! Remind me to sail along the side of the cliffs with little bity boats if I ever raid Charlatan Bay
  15. A small, unlicenced build from me around Pontelli: (See more here)