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  1. Very nice build, Kai! As I said on flickr, the color-scheme works great, and those vines are excellent as well! I think the house probably sits better here than in the original build, too, and that fig is really cool!
  2. Hmm, not a bad offer. May the contractor licence and run the factory themselves for the afore-named compensation if they belong to another faction? (Note: I'm totally not sure if I'll have the time to do this myself - I've got heaps on heaps of things on my to-build list already. Mostly just curious, but you never know when an opportunity to build something not on the list might make its appearance )
  3. Thanks, mate! Thanks, KB! Well, after my Cat D build I think that'll be the end of that little boat for a while... or then again, maybe not Glad you like it! - and yes, rock and jungle builds are rather fun! To tell the truth, they're definitely pretty complicated in one way, but in the other, they're supposed to be pretty random and chaotic, so running out of a particular piece or doing some odd things doesn't really hurt - so you can pretty much do whatever you please! I can't really fathom doing such a thing on a computer program, though (not to mention building anything else! )
  4. The villainous Sea Rats may have just conducted a vicious raid against us at sea, and we might be involved in a great war effort against the cowardly nation otherwise known as Mardier, but that won't get in our way as far as being Eslandolans is concerned! As such, therefore, the Second Cycle of Campaigns for the Colonial Council of Eslandola is now officially open! Let's let all those rogues and rogue nations out there know how much we mind their puny assaults! The following positions are open to campaigning: Independent - any Eslandian, not a member of a TC Region A (Sea of Storms: An Toli, An Holli) - any Eslandian, resident of (i.e. owning a residence in) region A Region B (Sea of Thieves: Nelissa, Berreli, Ferro Azure, Torrach Bonn, Isla Philippe) - any Eslandian, resident of region B Region C (Prio Sea: Isla de la Victoria, OtoƱo, La Sombra) - any Eslandian, resident of region C Besides which, of course, each of the TCs will be sending a member (Admius Legistrad is a post for 6 months, so it won't be up again until the end of June). . To campaign, please post in this topic following this pattern: Position You are Campaigning for Name of Your Character Picture of Your Character (background MOC acceptable but not required) Brief Backstory/Credentials For an example of how this is to be done, see King Fernando's campaign speech and the other ones from the last cycle here. Once a few opponents have posted, feel free to retaliate with some good ol' fashioned trashtalking! (Fight, fight, fight! ) Non-campaigners are welcome to participate in the debate as well! Campaigning opportunity ends the 3rd of May, and the elections shall thereupon commence.
  5. Very nice little vig, and great depiction of the Sea Rats' motley celebrations (which I have no doubt are happening all over the place)! Wait for it - you folks'll pay for the Morning Fog, though! I really liked that name...
  6. Excellent job on both versions here, Jaapxaap, the stonework (not to mention the dark blue ) on the first one is superb, as well as all the little details - like that boat usage! Great work making the second one recognizable and ruined too! Keep it up!
  7. Oh-ho, I see you villainous Sea Rats are really starting to up your game a bit! It's about time! A very nice read, Ska, and a very dastardly but clever move on the pirates' part! Glad to hear that Captain Morgan's flagship is at the bottom of the sea, however! (Any chance we could get Oleon to pay us for that? ) Three cheers for Captain Matt Lenoir! Hey, and for the record, I had previously warned my compatriots about the predictability of some such occurrence and advised instead a full-blown attack on the probably unsuspecting Mardierian fleet around King's Port, so don't blame me for all this!
  8. Thank you, glad you enjoyed it! Thanks! Kai came up with the original design for the little ship, but it's undergone some variation over time. Here's another shot of it I missed while posting the topic above: Glad you like it! Mostly because I have no purple uniforms - and I wanted to get some good use out of all the blue ones I had sitting around! Thanks blackdeathgr! I actually had come up with the diving contraption idea quite some time ago (before BoBS even started, if I'm not mistaken), and I decided it would work well here translated into the brick! And yes, I was really happy with that picture! Thanks Captain B! I had some fun with this ship, trying to use my usual style (the bottom of the hull is still slope-based) but combining some of the other techniques used in BoBS in with it. It was my first ship with gunports as well (credit to Bregir for the fractional gunports idea!), and I'd been wanting to try one of those out for some time! I'm perfectly confirmed in my belief that it seems to be impossible for me to build a Class 2 vessel, though!
  9. Very funny looking tuna, Captain B, and neat job with the little boats as well! - I particularly like the addition of a lantern on the back of the Garveyan one! The wave is definitely the highlight here, though - just awesome work with that! I never would have imagined that something like that could have been done with good old classic blue!
  10. Well, I'm glad to hear that the Lechuga Squadron isn't our problem any more! Clever idea, and an interesting way to build the hull on the larger vessel For the water, I find that either SNOTted blue or throwing some trans-something pieces over top works quite nicely - though of course, the latter, at least if you're attaching the pieces, can be very time consuming!
  11. Nice little vessel, Blackdeathgr, the hull is neatly done, and I'm really liking that intriguing mast and sail!
  12. For Eslandola! (Category D): Captain Rijsk's Unfortunate Day, Part 1 - Fishy Business
  13. The still waters were broken by the sharp bow of a ship, and row upon row of its bristling cannons flew past. Captain Rijsk glanced down with a smile. He liked his job immensely. And he loved his flagship. Captain Rijisk worked for the Bumbel Tuna Trading Company - or pretended he did - and was the most successful fisherman in the business. Or maybe, more like the most successful Admiral in the business... Well, as I was saying, it was a fine, bright morning as the HMS Scrumble ploughed loftily through the waters, and the crew pulled out their fishing poles and prepared for another day. The fact was, though, that Captain Rijsk didn't work for the Bumbel Tuna Trading Company, and his ship wasn't out for fish. In fact, he didn't even know if such a company existed, and no one really like Bumbel Tuna anyways. But this mission, he had totally agreed with the Mardierian Secretary of War, was a stroke of genius. It was a brilliant way to get up close to the Eslandolan settlements without attracting much attention - then, when it was the least expected, his fleet of fishermen would turn the tide of the war, for good. Suddenly the lookout cried aloud, "Sail to starboard! Can't make out it's flag, though!" "Purple and white?!" exclaimed one of the make-believe fishermen. "What kind of nation would pick purple and white for their flag?" "I'm fairly sure that's Pontilla," remarked another, staring over at the tiny the ship dancing across on the waves. "No - it's Carno for sure," countered another. But in all the commotion over the tiny boat, the unfortunate crew failed to notice the more important details of the case... For, you see, some little time ago the Garveyans had developed an ingenious contraption - or rather, they had bought it from Captain Whiffo who had come up with it, and trained a whole brigade of their soldiers until they were quite expert in its use. It was know as the Eslandolan Wooden Diving Contraption: It really was spectacular. The tendency of the wood to float kept it barely underwater with the weight of a soldier attached, but the tube extending to the top let in plenty of air, while the glass window let the attackers see exactly what was going on. But to return. One second, all was peace and quite, and everyone was taken up with the tiny boat floating past. The next, all was confusion. Up out of the water they came, dripping as bad as the tuna the ship was supposedly after. Up the fishing lines and up the stern, Up the portholes and over the side, long before anyone had time or the presence of mind to fire a single one of the cannon. But the Mardierians went make-believe fishermen for nothing. They instantly grabbed up the weapons that were never far away, and did their best to stop the attackers. But all their efforts were futile, and not even the lookout escaped... Off went the victorious Garveyans with the "fishing smack," Leaving the Mardierians behind, as they commented, With a ship of much more decent size! But Captain Rijsk was not one to give up easily, not he! "It's not the end of the day yet!" he exclaimed. "Oh dear!" returned one of the crew with a gasp. "Now you've really jinxed us!" Interior: Not much of an interior to this one, just the cabin in the stern had enough space to really do much! And a few pics of the ship by itself: The Stern: Closeup: And one final shot: And I'll leave you (yes, a great deal of pics, I know!), with a shot of the attacking Garveyans. Phew! Definitely my quickest ship to date - and yes, it definitely got kind of out of hand! It was totally supposed to be about a 2A fishing smack, but something happened somewhere... Loosely based off the HMS Interceptor, but somehow my quarterdeck ended up a fair deal higher, which forced me to change up the sail plan a tad as well. I was originally hoping to build a whole underwater section with the Garveyans cutting through the ship's hull, but time was against me, so this is it for now! Enjoy! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  14. Poor bandit! Very nice scene here, great job with the pathway through the forest, and the castle wall/gateway is neat as well! Love that you went ahead and actually added a way to get in with the door down in the entry way!
  15. Intriguing story, and excellent introduction to BoBS! Looking forward to seeing where Jean's adventures take him!