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  1. Thanks all! Thanks Kai! I tend to agree that the second tree looks a little out of place, but I couldn't find a way to fix that and it looked better with it there than without it, so there you go! Flex tubes are so useful! Thanks, HQ! Yes, I agree that it doesn't look quite right and is a bit gap-y, but LEGO's leaf pieces are unfortunately pretty limited when it comes to different types of trees. I do plan to try to come up with some other techniques or try out some of the ones out there next time I need to build some trees though! And to tell the truth, I had this built before I saw LJ's recent one (otherwise I would have tried to get more dark green in there! ), but it is a rather popular color combination! Thanks! Thanks, Maestro! I plan to try to get some more builds for CCC and GoH done soon if possible! Thanks SK, the target was just about my favorite part of the build as well! And I really wanted to put some of that sand green to use! Thanks, dG, glad you like it! Those rounds with holes in them are just perfect for them!
  2. Really nice, Sebeus, great use of that dullish yellow, and the architectural details are excellent as well! Great job, looking forward to your work on this island!
  3. AoM Archery Phase II:
  4. A quick new build from me! AoM Phase II, Mitgardian Archery Practice
  5. The bright winter sun rose - well, late enough, in all truth, but that didn't bother most of the hardy northerners of Historica. Least of all did it bother Sir Uridius Dratiphe, who leapt out of bed with a bound worthy of a the hardiest of his ancestors, and who proceeded to get rapidly dressed in his usual attire, and then glance out of his large window into the Keep's courtyard beneath. There was the squire, bending his bow to a truly impressive degree, aiming, apparently, at a squirrel perched in the tree which overhung one of the walls. Sir Uridius looked on bemusedly, as the fellow let loose - and transfixed the deer far below and to the left of his mark, which the cook had hung out to dry. Sir Uridius shook his head in deprecation. Time for some Mitgardian archery practice! The target: And a last overview: A quick little build for the AoM and CCC - although, after seeing LJ's epic entry, I may just have to build a Phase III build soon if I want to stand a chance! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  6. To all whom it may concern (and to those who couldn't care less too, ), the results of the King's Demise Minichallenge are now out! Thanks to all the entrants, and congrats to the winners!
  7. And, without all the ado generally made when the results of a contest are announced - which of course, I know, everyone just skips anyways, The Winners are: Category I: Sir Stig, The Kings Hunting Cabin Runner-up: Capt Wolf, The King in his Garden Category II: Captain Braunsfeld, ETWC: Celebrate Good Times, Come On! Runner-up: Well, um, Captain Braunsfeld, ETWC: Celebrate Good Times, Come On! Category III: SilentWolf, Micah's Reaction Runner-up: Maxim I, Developments at the Small Palace of Trador Thanks a lot for all the entries, guys, and hope you all enjoyed it! Congratulations to the winners, and if the first placers could PM Kai and/or me your addresses, we'll get those prizes shipped out to you Thanks again, and keep on building!
  8. A very nice and majestic looking build, LJ, great job all around! The color-scheme and architecture are excellent, and the merchants and their wares look great as well! Keep it up!
  9. I completely agree, it looks great! An excellent story once again, Franco, keep it up! That little cutter looks neat, but it's probably a good thing that it stayed out of the fight if it wanted to survive its maiden voyage! Really like your way of measuring distance in studs as well! I do agree with Captain Genaro on the rigging (and I also think the Leech could use a long pole on that clip near the top of the mast for a yard), but that would probably get in the way a bit with your awesome smashed rigging shots! Anyhow, keep up the great work!
  10. Wow, a very impressive build, Dzoni, great job with that sculptor, and color-scheme and architecture are excellent as well! The wood-work, stairs, and balcony are very well done, and the arches throughout the build fit perfectly! Overall an excellent art build for BoBS!
  11. As the others have said, you've done a great job with the night scenes once again, and the yellow candle light works very well! Awesome job with that fight scene too, and as always, your stories are a pleasure to read and follow! Looking forward to more!
  12. Very nice sand castles there, Captain B, it's great to see Eslandola consolidating its power in the New World! Ha, ha, really very nice build, and it's great to see your part of the collab - very well done! (And I see that the minion remembered to bring his mug along this time! )
  13. As Capt Wolf and Kai have said, no, we were thinking only two positions max per member (Admius Leg. and one other seat)... since it seems like that's not currently in the Constitution, I think we should probably just try to add it as an amendment later on Good idea about hosting Councils by building them (though like Kai, I'm not sure we should make this absolutely a requirement). And I quite agree that it should rotate around any/all of Eslandola's colonies in the New World And @Elostirion, yes, we'll need a document detailing how the Council operates, but since that isn't such an important prerequisite (and what is absolutely essential is already in the constitution), I think we could probably just have the Council decide upon the rest of that itself
  14. Eslandolan Royalists?? I didn't know there were any (except for the King) Neat build and very Kwatchi style story here, and glad to see that there are some true pirates out there! - the more villainous pirates out in the Brick Seas the better! (Did I just say that out loud? ) As to the build, I think the wooden part looks just a tad to much like it is actually melting and running down or something, and I think a color or two less might help, but the stone bottom story is very nice Glad to see another entry to the challenge too!
  15. Truly excellent build and story, Captain Mengish, definitely looking forward to your adventures as a pirate captain in the Brick Seas! The inn (especially the roof and railing) and landscaping, although a little more on the textured side than I usually like, look good here, and your photography is superb as well! Keep it up!