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  1. Great group of pirate captains and neat story, MKJ! - and even if he didn't make it out very well, I must admit that Francis Fheng is a really cool fig! Those lanterns are some great details as well!
  2. Very nice overall shaping on the fort, Capt Wolf, and I see you were still able to get one of your signature turrets in even at this scale! Nice job with the (block )houses as well, and good to see our fallen heroes duly honored!
  3. Very nice watchtower, dathil, the wood-work is excellent (and the inclusion of that medium flesh!), and the deer/elk head is just perfect! - awesome parts usage there! Altogether a great build, but some better photography would definitely help it - maybe try using a large piece of white paper as a background (just put it under the build and bend it up against the wall)?
  4. Looking great, SK! - that dark brown on the stairs is really awesome! Great texturing on that stone wall as usual too! I've got a build in the works for the Safe Haven challenge that I'd like to have ready for the summer joust as well - got to get back building for GoH more regularly!
  5. I'll echo all the others - excellent build and very cool plants! Bright green always works great as a contrast color, and the brown on the rising ground/rocks was an excellent choice as well! I also like the fence and inclusion of the Sea Rats' colours (and the rabbit ), and great work including that path up the cliff, I know how tough those can be! Altogether a very nice build - likely my favorite from you so far!
  6. Nice build, Bregir, and great temple in the center there! The architecture seems a very curious mix of native Indian and Greek styles, and it looks excellent together! Great addition of that light brick in there too! Good (temporary? ) end to the storyline as well, and that quote somehow sounds vaguely familiar
  7. Woo hoo, stories! Very nice start to this adventure, and I definitely hope you can find the time and motivation to keep it up! Ericc Evercrees looks like an awesome fig too - I'll second the others on the use of those capes! Looking forward to seeing this ship with a thousand dinghies!
  8. Awesome display, all! Lovely collab with lots of great parts and details!
  9. Thanks guys! I'm not going anywhere! I hope it'll give me more time to build (here and other things) too - Go ETWC!
  10. Ah! - very clever with those three maps zooming in more and more, I'd never thought of that before! Great job with the Red Fandango's room too, the furniture is really nice, and the arches above the windows work very well too! That golden crowbar is really cool too, actually
  11. Very nice little large factory, Captain B! Love that you were able to get so many details in on such a small base - the tiny overhand of the roof, the windows, and the cart out front probably being my favorites Excellent micro all around!
  12. Was good before, but now -
  13. "Excellent," observed Captain Whiffo - "My dear Mr. van der Meede has hit the nail on the head. If we're going to reduce the salaries, by all means, let's get rid of them entirely. Also, as I'm sure the Admius Legistrad would agree, it's a ridiculous administrative hassle to go through all that work for 5 or 10Dbs a member! Our time would be more usefully spent in making Dbs otherwhere instead of busily messing around with all the forms for such small sums." "I don't care!" rejoined Agent Guelds. "Or maybe I do. Yes, that's an excellent idea! I propose that all of you folks who want to reduce your salary can get rid of it, as long as half of each salary comes to me! That's the only way I'll vote for something of the sort!" Myles Bowditch had a sudden coughing fit. Once he recovered, "I'm with Captain Whiffo!" he remarked. And yes, Capt Wolf is right, *IPs are currently non-transferable, so unfortunately that won't be an option. It does make sense though, since they're supposed to be influence points, and you can't really move those around from person to person
  14. Aaaand Garmadon (yeah, that's me ) has officially retired from leadership of Eslandola (replaced by Legostone - a cheer for the new leader!) Carry on the great work, you all!
  15. Yes, please do shoot a PM with your address to @Phred (I know he is busy today, though, so it might take a bit for him to respond).