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  1. Category D results are in (tired of all 'o them yet? )! Too bad! Check the newest developments out here!
  2. Category D results! Just one more to go! - and great showing for this entire (ridiculously) huge challenge, folks!
  3. Breaking News - Mardier's Bumbel Tuna Fleet is No More!!! ...May 617, Eslandola... The newest developments of the war, as told by the daily Pontelli newspaper: News has been slow in coming in from the Tuna Straits... and just this morning we have discovered why! - Mardier's whole famous (or infamous???) Bumbel Tuna fleet has been smashed by the Garvian fleet, and now rests snugly, no doubt, upon the bottom of the sea! Not only was Captain Rijsk's large fleet of disguised warships fishing smacks well-nigh obliterated (and what wasn't sunk was sailed away with), but the rest of the company's fleet was pummeled as well, only a few especially cunning fishermen and a few rowboats escaping a similar fate! Garvey has pulled off a feat only rivaled in recent times by the Sea Rats' last expedition, and the allies look expectantly forward to Mardier's final defeat! It's pockets are certainly hurting - that's for sure - and the only thing which might save them now would be that city of gold, rumours of which have been wafted around more and more... Is Mardier ready to give in? Can it recover from this tremendous blow? Is the lost city of Gold merely a myth, or are the Mardierian's about to strike the leprechaun's fabled pot? ... Category D results: Winning Side: 1st Place: Eslandola (Score: 20,00) 2nd Place: Mardier (Score: 17,75) Faction Winners: 1st Place: Oleon (Score: 16,79) 2nd Place: Sea Rats (Score: 16,08) 3rd Place: Corrington (Score: 0) Individual Winners: 1st Place: Garmadon (ESL) - Prize, 41150 Moana's Ocean Voyage Highest scoring non-leadership member (ESL) - Legostone - Prize, A life-time supply of Bumbel Tuna!!! Reap a 300% profit next time you go on a Bounty Run (you'll have to let the automaters know after the KPA is published to triple the amount, or make sure they have already done so)! Runner-up: KolonialBeamter (MAR) - Prize, Reap a 200% profit on your next bounty run! Highest scoring non-leadership member (MAR) - Bodi - Prize, Reap a 200% profit on your next bounty run (same as Runner-up) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Once again, congrats to the winners (including myself, weeeee! ), and thanks to all those entrants who are still holding on in there for the whole of this huge challenge! Looking forward to hopefully putting together the final results soon!
  4. Very nice little build, Ayrlego, loving that roof, and the kiln and overall color-scheme are great as well! I do agree with Bregir that a tiled piece would probably look better on the wheel, but that's a very small point in an excellent MOC! And now you're making me hope/wish they'd come out with mugs and other vessels in dark orange for things like this!
  5. Hmm, quite a curious (and dashing, as Ayrlego stated! ) fellow! I'm definitely looking forward to see this story unfold! Nice landscaping and trees too, and all those coaches are very neat! I do hope we see more of such adventures in BoBS! (Oh... does that make me sound too much like a Sea Rat? )
  6. Excellent entry, Faladrin - love that first build (all the gold, especially! ) But serious, both the minifigures and landscaping in that one are very nice, and the golden gate in the second one is absolutely fabulous (as well as the use of that baseplate - very well done!) - great use of those spruce pieces from the middle of coins! The vegetation and huge plants are excellent in that one too On your last build I would have suggested putting a tower or maybe a guard or two on the large wall just to spice it up a little, and adding some more variation or things floating around in the water might have been good too. I really do like the straw in the dungeon and the yellow and brown twigs on the beach, though - excellent little details there! I'm also glad to hear of the progress in Felipe's quest!
  7. Wow that pyramid! Truly impressive, that! As the others have said, very nice design with that rug on the first build too... but - that pyramid is definitely the stand-out piece here! A very, erhm, Mardierian story as well - way too believable!
  8. Thanks Blufiji! Those curtains were probably the thing I spent most time fiddling around with! Thanks, mate!
  9. Loving that first little build with the waterfall, Bregir - ingenious idea and beautiful execution with that cutaway! Very nice story and awesome bonfire in the second build as well, looks great in the dark, too! I know it may be a bit of pointless complication with an MOC, but in my personal experience I find some wood in the center and around the bottom of a fire built this way helps a great deal in avoiding collapses when the fire begins to do its work on the wood around the edge - but as I said, that's a pretty small thing, and I dare say it would have made the light-up brick ridiculously more complicated too! The terrain could definitely use some more texture and variation as well, and I probably would have just left out the tan base on the bottom if possible, but good job just getting something in! And on time, too! Haha, just kidding - keep up the nice work!
  10. Thanks Kai! And yep, those dark brown pillars are great! Thanks Elos! - and thanks for the window inspiration too! I love that floor technique too (although it is quite parts consuming!), and I find that dark brown is often an excellent addition to a predominately reddish brown build Thanks Sir Stig! Including a lot of people's figs was definitely something I wanted to do here (and it's just always fun to include others in your builds/see you figs in other people's builds)! Thanks Capt Wolf! And yes, replicating other's (great) builds is a lot of fun too! I want to see more of the Colonial Council and it's actions reflected in people's builds, so I thought - may as well as start doing that myself! And kudos to you for having easy-to-build figs!
  11. Very nice builds and story, Capt Wolf, and I agree with Ayrlego, Thaddeus Calvo is such a cool minifig (and character )! I think my favorite build might be the first as well, the vegetation is great - and the posing - and the tapering off towards the front just makes it so much cooler than just another rectangular base Clever whip-ride on the second one too, and the ruins - not to mention the golden soldiers (hmm - was Calvo able to take those with him? ) - are excellent too! Very nice entry overall!
  12. I'll PM you with some overall stats and such that might interest you as well as my own thoughts, and will go ahead and ask in the courts if any of the other judges have something else to add to that!
  13. Good day, everyone! More news from everybody's favorite completely fair and unbiased newspaper! Check out the latest news from the far seas - and the Category C results - here!
  14. Category C results are in! But I must warn you folks, beware! - you'll be reading of terrible things happening out there in the far seas! Do not read within 25 minutes or less of having eaten your last meal. Congrats to the winners, and thanks once again to all the entrants!
  15. The Kraaken spotted again!!! King's Port Advertiser, Special Add-on New Terra’s most reliable source for news, shipping and otherwise. May 617. VOL 2, Special Add-on What is this we hear? As we, the staff of the renowned KPA, settled into our new office on the Isla de la Many Names, we could faintly perceive in the distance the Eslandolans' puny settlement. Of course, that was hardly of interest, but what was greatly so were the highly wonderful screams and yells of terror emanating from it, and the figures in green as they fled, waving their limbs about in utter confusion! The sea itself has turned on the invader, and its monsters seem somewhat partial to the color green! Despite the recent loss in some battles against these pesky neighbors of ours, the Mardierians are beginning to pluck up courage on the island, and all may come out well even yet! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rumor has it, however, that the Eslandolans are not to be cowed even by such evident signs of their upcoming defeat. And, unfortunately, it has been brought to our attention that the ancient kraaken is not exactly the best at detecting different colors, and a few Mardierian ships have gone missing without the slightest warning... Nevertheless, here at the KPA we are certain that this is a clear omen against all those who dare pit themselves against the might of Mardier! Category C results: Winning Side: 1st Place: Mardier 2nd Place: Eslandola Faction Winners: 1st Place: Oleon 2nd Place: Sea Rats 3rd Place: Corrington Individual Winners: 1st Place: Tie Kolonialbeamter & MKJoshA (MAR) - Prize (Learn ahead of time the location of the Kraken (either to chase it or to run away!) for the first two MRCAs, and possibly cooperate somewhat with the gamemasters as well) Highest scoring non-leadership member (MAR) - Franco Clarke - Prize, Cooperate with with the gamemasters in moving the Kraken in the upcoming quest! Runner-up: Kai NRG (ESL) - Prize, Learn ahead of time the location of the Kraken (either to chase it or to run away!) for the first two MRCAs - and, as highest scoring build in the category, 70623 Destiny's Shadow --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks once again to all of you who entered, and congrats to the winners! Anyone else looking forward to a kraaken quest?? ...I thought not... RUN AWAY!!!!! Another great showing, folks! Looking forward to being able to publish the last two category results and final scores!