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  1. I had a lot of fun building this design, thanks Nathanael for the excellent instruction. Predator Black in Red by bmollema, on Flickr
  2. I had the same issue, I added support on top of the gears to prevent the 8 gear from popping out and added a grey bush on the axel to prevent the gears from getting out of the differential : Predator fix 01 by bmollema, on Flickr Predator fix 02 by bmollema, on Flickr I had a lot of fun building this SuperCar, thanks Nathanael for this instruction.
  3. 26:10 6:6 16:4 10:3 17:2 18:1 There all amazing work, hard to make a choice.
  4. Again excellent work,love the curves and gearbox design. And for the black version only a few parts need to be ordered and I can start this excellent build. Now the long wait for the instructions....can we pre-order :)....
  5. Excellent creation always nice to see an A-team van...brings always good memories. Any more pictures?
  6. Does anybody know if this designer is this creating new designs? I made a modification in looks on this nice design. See more on
  7. Cool design, do you also have soms detailed pictures? would like to build this model.
  8. Excellent design the front and the doors..
  9. Thanks for the comments and it was nice meeting you on Lego world 2014 VFracingteam...
  10. On my Flickr account i have a small movie just to show the speed.
  11. I wanted to build a bigger brother for Madoca 4 AWD red pickup truck. I used 2 xL motors for driving and m-motor for steering. I used the chassis of mrtekneex his 8110 jeep as basis for this pickup truck Now Madoca build his own big brother which is amazing. See more on or My flickr account Hope you like this creation.
  12. Wow again an amazing creation, I was also building a red pickup truck based his red 4awd truck only bigger.
  13. This creation is out of this world. Excellent movie, love the technical details you build in. Trailer + functions = do you controll the steering axis of the trailer?
  14. Yes I used the soft axis to create the arches. I felt It looked beter then none. thanks for the comments...hope to See more of these large Racing trucks..
  15. I loved the yellow truck that Lucio Switch build and wanted to build a competitor Lucio his RC version: See for all the details on this dedsign: http://www.mocpages..../394095#reviews I build this competitor: For driving I used Brunojj his setup like he did in the Ferrari 458 Spider. I used M-motor for steering. The model can be placed in manual mode by hand so it is also playable. The fake V8 is connected to the rear axis in the 2 playmodes. See more on Hope you like it.