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  1. Amazing shunter! Good idea with the battery standing sideways, I have used the same technique with the old 9V battery box in a Robel maintenance train. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Nice MOC! You could try to snot the Wedge 3 x 4 x 2/3 Triple Curved in white color, using orange stickers to continue your color scheme. A jumper plate in the middle and voila!{"color":1}
  3. Impressive layout and technical execution! It would be fun to see a video of the Trains running. Thanks for posting!
  4. Still wonderful shunter, thanks for sharing! I've tried the Buwizz built into one of TLCs cargo Trains to haul 18 brick built tanker cars, in other words a quite heavy load. The battery held up for 2-3 hours of constant running in medium mode, using 2 PF Train engines. The downside was my thumb getting numb after holding the button on my smart phone for hours on end. However, this was compensated greatly by being able to fool kids with too long fingers as they couldn't spot where I was standing with the controller. Keep up the good work!
  5. Nice loco1 We have a few of these in Norway With a sligth twist in the livery, although they are also red. Nice solution to the hard corners on top. Maybe the New 1x1 quadruple convex part in flat silver could be used?{"color":95}
  6. In Norway we have a saying that goes: "Smaken er som baken, minst delt i to" i.e. "taste is like your bottom, at least divided in two..." So much for that :-) I like the HE, especially when going fast through a curve at high speed. The EN is a beauty with more cars than 1 (I have 5 including a sleeping car and a goods car/post wagon), especially going slowly through a curve. 2x Maersk with many container cars is also nice to see. I really cannot decide which is best. I have to conclude that I like them all!
  7. I am also following this thread and it is indeed inspiring. I do know something about building a large model as I built the dream of my childhood; a large mountain with trains running at different levels. Your solution for shifting trains from level to level is a nice one, as the PF allows the trains to do return loops. I like it! The scenery of course makes a nice backdrop for the trains. Keep ut the good work!
  8. Great model! I like it! Special color scheme as well. Thanks for sharing!
  9. Hi, Only found out about this today - funded! I have posted the link to your campaign on our LUG website, hopefully you will get some more that like plug and play hardware to control their creations. I have both the SBrick and the Buwizz and must say I am impressed with the possibility to use bluetooth from my mobile to control my trains. However, sound in addition is just fantastic! Hope this get funded. if not, I am more than willing to be a beta tester....... Cheers and good luck with the campaign!
  10. Nice MOC How does it tackle turns? could we see a picture of the underside? Thanks in advance
  11. I love this build, thanks for sharing!
  12. I like it! Nice backdrop for the engine too Could you share a picture of the bogies from underneath as well? Thanks for sharing
  13. Nice MOC, thanks for sharing!
  14. Nice execution to this shunter. I like the use of a rubber band to make it run. Thanks for the video!