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  1. I like it! Nice backdrop for the engine too Could you share a picture of the bogies from underneath as well? Thanks for sharing
  2. Nice MOC, thanks for sharing!
  3. Nice execution to this shunter. I like the use of a rubber band to make it run. Thanks for the video!
  4. This has been done before with the "spear Method", using only Lego parts. A Lego spear fits in the little slot in the rail from the side, pushing the little spring-loaded switch point piece. I have built one with success using the servo motor, controlling it by PF.
  5. Hi Video can be found here. Mechanism built into the bogie in the Cargo loco from Lego: If you look around my Flickr you can also see a similar mechanism in a Class 8 shunter and my take on the Norwegian Diesel shunter Skd 226. At the very bottom I have also put a parts list for the bogie if you want to build it yourself as well as Pictures that should explain the features quite clearly. Thanks to Selander for the initial inspiration to develop my take on the mechanism.
  6. I like your big square and MODs of most of the modulars. Well done!
  7. Great collection and nice MOCs!
  8. Fantastic build, again! Thanks for sharing Looking forward to see this running with your locomotive(s)!
  9. Wonderful execution, thanks for sharing!
  10. Fantastic creation! You say the model is simple, but the ideas and thought including math and programming involve makes this just jaw dropping Thank for sharing!
  11. Very nice train and execution. In addition to being a fantastic moc, your presentation is superb. I too drool over my keyboard(s). Thanks for sharing!
  12. Hi, the constraints of building a shunter containing all the parts needing to use PF is a challenge, but doable. In fact, it is possible to even include more functions in a locomotive just 20 studs long. I have based my designs on the Norwegian Diesel Sk 226 as well as a Class 08 Diesel shunter from England. Both have working decouplers as well as propulsion, i.e. 2 motors inside + battery and PF receiver. Since the Sk 226 shunter is only 4 studs wide at the top, extensive use of Snot is necessary, both locomotives have technic chassis. See my Flickr: Happy building!
  13. I like it a lot! Nice snotted letters. thanks for sharing.
  14. I like this ship a lot It looks like you glued the horisontal ropes on the vertical ones, did this happen before or after rigging the masts? Thanks for sharing
  15. fantastic build!