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  1. You should be able to push those 2l axles out with a long axle from the other side
  2. Beautiful! This thin is brilliant. At some point, will a render of all the functions be available - I for one would love to see how it all worked. Many thanks, Jim
  3. Nice! I do love a good bit of EV3. Is it possible to make a shot video showing its capabilities - it would be interesting to see how the servo motors cope of road. After all, they do have a really high torque rating. Also, how far is the range of the live stream camera?
  4. Join the dark side... We have pneumatics!
  5. Wow! What surface does the laser cut onto. To me it looks like a Lego plate? If so, how does the Lego hold up?
  6. Wow - that is one big model! The speed is great as well. One question though, for such a huge model with a reasonably high gear ratio, how good is the torque? Also, how well do the PF battery packs power the RC motors?
  7. That looks really cool and is something not often Ever! seen in Technic. Good work!
  8. Lego Microwave?
  9. It is really cool. Thanks for posting the LXF as well, that may come in handy one day!
  10. Nice quad bikes! I hadn't actually come across 6 wheel variants before, but a quick Google search showed that they do exist.
  11. The LDD is now ready: Minus a head. (And feet. And a gear. And the reigns are all wonky.)
  12. Nice! How bad is the backlash between the two green gears? Is it noticeable?
  13. Now that would be clever!