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  1. Beautiful :) Some great techniques you've used there :)
  2. Great idea and a great moc :)
  3. Think this could be a start of a great lego game? cannons galore? A cannon per side and infantrymen to shoot at :D
  4. Thanks guys :) Am stuck and still in love with the classic lego builds
  5. Great MOC, just listen to Gunman on his advice about the sea! :)
  6. Hi again :) Have been doing some modifications to the El Dorado fort again, so here is the whole deal:
  7. Not much space in my MOCs so the cutter is a bit cramped here but you can see it in all its tiny glory :)
  8. Yes I'd agree they are a bit too close, but all the other scences are connected here and the trees are actually there to separate the scenes visualy from one another. The one with the round shields are the "barbaric" allies to the attackers :)
  9. Not really I didn't. Would look better definitely but don't have all the parts to make it brown (espacilly the pin in Brown colour?) and had the Black pieces laying around. If I manage to get by the pieces will change it! Will try to post them as soon as I'm able to :)
  10. Hi everybody! :) Here is by some one of the most beautiful LEGO castle sets. I would agree with that statement and add a twist to it, my twist :) So here is my "upgrade" (hopefully not a downgrade) to the classic Black Knight's Castle set (Btw the big boxy tower in the background is an electrical switch cover for the lighting actually and not directly connected with the castle, but built in more or less the same style) Hope you enjoy it and give comments and/or ideas
  11. Thank you all for so many nice words about the pirate haven :) Didn't Know you'd all enjoy the cutter so much. Will try to do a few better photos of it :)
  12. Hi again everyone! Here is a countinuation of my "classic style" lego MOC. This time a complete original of a pirate haven inspired by the port-city of Nassau from the "Black Sails" HBO show. An overview of the pirate haven: Cliffside having an eerie look to it: A cast away on a raft from set no. 6273: Shipwrecks and natives all cramed up in the unexplored twelve by few studs area: Yo-ho yo-ho a party life for me: Close ups of the fort entrance and the fort itself overlooking the whole port: The business end of the pirate haven: Guard asleep on duty (probably had a long party the night before): Low caliber gun guarding the port: And last, the smallest ship sailing the Caribbean Brickseas is the fast Cutter flying the red "no quarter shall be given" Jolly Roger, now at port with its crew unloading the loot from the latest raid:
  13. Beautiful exterior, but does it have interior? :D
  14. Thank you :D had my doubts about the castle. Wanted to make it look childlish but still recognizable of what it is at the same time :)
  15. Here is a little scene I actually added few hours after posting this topic :D image1