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  1. Beautifuly done! Would love to see something like this done by lego in the future, as a new faction and all :)
  2. Fantastic solution, really love both of them :)
  3. Great review :) still have that set and the box :D
  4. Didn't have the shallower one until now, but am really grown to the barrell design now :D my town layout it full of these nonsense situations :D emmet is running from a robot cop who is being chased by wyldstyle :)
  5. Great idea actually, that could actually be done quite easily :D Here are a couple of "on the set" shots, so you tell me if it Works or not :)
  6. Seems I ought to change it, but dunno how to make that kink in the middle, the down-left-back-down one using rods. And would love to do the kink again :D
  7. Thanks guys, well the roof designe is to be blamed for all of it :D Once I made the roof I couldn't stop building it. will experiment a bit more with the drainpipes cheers :)
  8. Hi everybody, First a word of warning; haven't made alot of these type of builds and no real planing was done as probably more expirienced builders will notice and to add to all of that no specialy ordered parts for this build were used, just the parts I had around. Started this build from the roof to the bottom :D (was experimenting with different roof layouts) and then decided to do the whole thing. It's an old house with an apartment on the First floor (the attic hasn't got anything inside) and a refurbished ground floor with a grocery. Enjoy! Front Back (don't Know if I managed to do it right, but that light grey thing on the left part of the backside is the drainage) First floor apartment The grocery at the refurbished ground floor
  9. Thanks :) Am getting parts to do a pink and a bit more rounded shape, plus some other heroes :)
  10. What a beautiful classic castle build :) Loving it!! Already spoted a few things I'll steal for my own builds :)
  11. Here is a completely purist lego Overwatch minifig collection. Hope you recognize them or I 've failed :D
  12. Beautiful :) Some great techniques you've used there :)
  13. Great idea and a great moc :)
  14. Think this could be a start of a great lego game? cannons galore? A cannon per side and infantrymen to shoot at :D
  15. Thanks guys :) Am stuck and still in love with the classic lego builds