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  1. Thank you, and yes it is. It didn't quite seem tall enough to call a tower, to me at least.
  2. Thanks. It's based on the bed from 41180 Ragana's Magic Shadow Castle. Thank you. It is, in theory, part of a larger street but I didn't really feel like building more of them, I picked the more medieval/near tudor look because the settlement is supposed to still be young and smaller, so simpler or older construction techniques made sense. And I like the snake-skull helm quite a bit, and it made sense for the character to have a small collection of oddities and artifacts.
  3. Tanith Morgan - no relation to the infamous Captain Benjamin Morgan - is a curious soul. Supposedly rescued from men with most ungentleman-like intentions by Roland Blaze, she spent some time serving on the Crimson Marauder before Blaze found himself founding Haven and becoming it's de facto leader. As construction on more enduring buildings began Tanith had a very particular set of demands regarding her residence. Being the town's premier expert on medical matters - the town's only expert, unless one counts barber-surgeon Zebediah, and somehow few do - few were willing to risk her refusing to help them. And so Tanith Morgan got her tower. Or, at least, the tallest building in Haven currently. While the ground floor is furnished for comfort it often goes unused. Tanith Morgan has never encountered a field of study she did not immediately become obsessed with, at least for a time. Equally driven to record her findings, much of the building is taken up by her experiments and research libraries, be it chemistry... ...biology... ...or her current interest, astronomy. And being the asocial type that she is, Tanith uses the attic as her personal living space. Well away from the townsfolk, and their distracting requests.
  4. It's probably also worth bearing in mind that players may have need to MOC representatives from various NPC factions, so saying "this faction's troops wear a colour unavailable in physical form" is probably not a wise choice. Seriously, anyone have any advice on what to use for Mardier troops?
  5. Something I would like to check, since I don't think is has been answered before: Are you limited to 1 license per property? For example, if I were to present a MOC that was both a character's residence and some kind of scientific facility, would I have to choose one or the other to licence or could I licence it as both?
  6. Don't think we've had any confirmation about the shark, just the leak of the mold itself. As for the Silent Mary, I like it And I imagine we may see a couple more ghost ships in BoBS thanks to this.
  7. Thank you. I use Bluerender (found in the Digital Tools forum) to get better pictures of most of my LDD builds.
  8. Thank you. There actually is a door to the area under the stairs, it just unfortunately isn't visible at the angle the images were taken with. There's a few little touches that don't show up well if at all, but it took 10 minutes to render each picture and I was lacking in patience at the time. I might add those later. I do take your point about the stairs being rather plain as they are; even if I don't update this build to improve them I will try to remember that next time. Thanks. The attic windows won't really go any further apart without changing how the roof is assembled or moving the masonry bricks behind the window frames. I did at one point have the balcony door above the main door and I can't remember why I moved it. It might have been to put the door at the top of the stairs.
  9. February 617 Gossamer House | kaiju | Sea Rats Tanith's House of Knowledge | kaiju | Sea Rats
  10. In his younger days Lorenzio Gascoigne was quite the entrepreneur but the only thing that ever paid off was mercenary work. Making his fortune serving all nations, Gascoigne considered none of them to be home. Few who knew him were surprised when he invested heavily in Bastion and paid for the construction of his new home. As for the mercenary work, Lorenzio's son Laurence took over the small mercenary company. They can often be found sailing from one employer to the next aboard the Wight Spider. The attic of Gossamer House is set up as a practice room for the fine arts of swordmanship, a set-up Laurence appreciates greatly. The upper floor of the building hosts the entrance to Lorenzio's library, as well as his bedroom. Knowing the elder Gascoigne is expecting company, Klaus makes his way upstairs to join Talia on the balcony. Even now, Gascoigne continues to entertain visitors. Rumour has it, however, few are friends. There are those who claim that Gossamer House goes by another name, that of the assassin's guild The House of Spiders.
  11. @Garmadon Thanks that first picture is pretty much the only decent picture of the full ship I've been able to take, so I'm glad people like the look of her.