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  1. Wonderful, I love the tapering design.
  2. Also would want to note that on the front of his armor, his battery level seems to be low. I did not notice till I saw it on him, but all the armored villains have a battery level on the front of their armor.
  3. Its good
  4. 404 not found sorry mate
  5. You know, the mechanical squid things look like they have underwater capabilities. Along with the mention of Garmadon using a mechanical shark combined with how the other baddie looks like some type Atlantis fish-bowl dweller, I feel that the bad side with have an aquatic feel to it. It may make sense as it would allow them to bring in those Kaiju elements whom often came from the water and such.
  6. Called it, I knew all those generic names for the sets sounded too oddball. Honestly though I'm happy that the set list was fake, it sounded dumb overall IMO. However can't shake the fact that the fake list got all the way to Brickfan.
  7. Makes sense why they are supposedly releasing the Vortech pack this year. It kinda raises a red flag when somebody as influential in the game is released as a normal fun pack.
  8. I think it is an egg. Or meant to look like an egg, cause that's where the snakes come from in the sets and probably the show.
  9. One thing that always makes me wary with these type of lists is the lack of any specific baddie information. Through all ninjago waves, the names of the sets pretty clearly give an idea of what the baddie faction will be(sans the ghost army). We know that the ninja will appear, thus the names of their stuff would be pretty ease to forge, the baddies would not be known and thus could not be forged except with more generic terms. All in all, when it has fairly generic names like this I kinda makes me look at it with a skeptical eye.
  10. Normally I would think it was coincidental writing, but because it is in the most recent books, I may argue. But if it was too happen, I feel that the physical sets would concentrate on Wu more, or at least give him a leg printing. So a possibility yes, but I personally doubt it.
  11. I can confirm, Vermillion attack can combine with the Iron Doom Structure.
  12. Got the Vermillion invader. Not too much to say about it. Zane is nice, as always. Definitely the stand out fig in the set. Lots of stickers in comparison to other price point sets IMO. the egg throwing function works, but the eggs really only go a few inches. Maybe will try double banding it for greater tension. Final thoughts would be that the thing is pretty wide and flat. Deceptively more than what one would think from the box. I can't even wrap my hand around the thing. So I would say it is an average set, I would suggest going for the iron doom and the small Vermillion Attack set if you are trying to get a good taste of the Vermillion faction.
  13. Someone did it below already, so I'm good.
  14. No, I believe it is the same one from the samurai cave chaos. I don't own that set so I cannot confirm, but I'm 90% sure it is.