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  1. Here is a look at the full minifig. Will work on the arms and legs soon.
  2. Thanks Slurpifier. Glad u love it. Hi Raminator. The helmet is actually a bootleg Iron Man helmet which I then carved it to look like the Space Armor Mk III helmet. I sacrificed 3 official Iron Man minifig helmets before moving on with the bootlegs. Took me awhile to get the right look for this. It could still use some more details but I think it looks ok for now.
  3. Hi everyone, here is a small update on the Iron Man Space Armor Mk III. More pictures here.
  4. Eric The Hand

    CCCXII - Rohan Soldier

    Real bad@$$ lookin minifig. Love it!
  5. Thanks Borador and commodore-legolas. The armor took a lot of work, a lot of tries and a lot of different designs. I finally made a decent one that looks okay. Next, I will be working on the back piece, arms and maybe the legs. I'm not rushing on this custom minifig as I want to follow the actual armor design from the comics as close as possible. But there'll be more updates soon. I'm happy that you guys like my work so far. Thanks again guys.
  6. Hey everyone, so I finally got the time to do some work on my next custom minifig over the weekend and I would like to share a picture of my progress so far. More photos here :
  7. Updated the topic once my Groot was done. New photos of Groot as well as a link to more photos. After the first paintjob, my friend Benny and I agreed that it made Groot seemed too gothic-like. Hahaha...the color tone was a little too dark for our tastes so we decided to go with a lighter color tone which will give the minifig a better LEGO feel. And, Benny did a great job with the final paintjob. Groot now has a lighter shade of brown with a tinge of green on certain areas... So i'm very happy with how it turned out However, I apologise for the bad photos (you can't really see the green tinge on Groot) . I will update the photo album with better photos soon. Hope you guys like it. More custom minifig coming soon.
  8. Eric The Hand

    [MOC] Stark Industries Armory [Iron Man Hall of Armor]

    Simply amazing. I hope to do something similar one day. Awesome work.
  9. Oh man...I've been wanting to get Kinetic Man for sometime now.
  10. Ooohh... Great looking minifigs!
  11. Eric The Hand

    Iron Mans Hulkbuster Suit

    Despite the missing arc reactor and standard hulkbuster head, it looksreally good. Maybe an upgrade in the near future?? I would look forward to that. In any case, awesome work.