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Found 6 results

  1. Hi everybody ! So Im new on this Forum and I would like to know if anybody got informations about the new Lego Ideas set of Dinosaurs Fossils ? I saw there was no topic on the subject yet so I hope that don't bother anybody if I make this one.
  2. Staslegomaster

    Pirates Battle Island

    Hi, LEGO Pirates fans. I’m Staslegomaster. I like your stories and creations. It seems you're big fans of LEGO, just as I am. That was why I decided to become a member of your community. Every time I create something, I wonder how other LEGO fans of different ages like it. I’d like to know your opinion on my creation. I tell adult fans, whose MOC-s I like, about my LEGO ideas project because to my mind, if an adult with a family, job and much to do, devotes his or her free time to LEGO, that means he/she likes it as much as I do. And he or she can share experience which kids can't. I've been collecting LEGO sets for more than 25 years now. Have a look at my Pirates Battle island in LEGO ideas project. I like classic pirates most of all. My project tells you their story. Hope, you'll like it. Please follow me and share your impressions on my set. Only when fans support each other, their projects can get 10 000 supporters! Do you know it has been the most popular series before Star Wars? Keep in touch!!! - MOC Pirates Battle Island. Does it need any improvements? Those who like this MOC, please support it on LEGO ideas site. Then you can have it in your collection and play chess with your kids or friends if it gets 10 000 supporters. back view The chess board is removable, there is a pool with sharks and crocodiles under it. As the chess board can be removed, all the creation has great playability. Feel free to leave your comments on this MOC on LEGO ideas. Now you can clearly see all the participants of the chess battle. support this set in LEGO ideas and you will be able to decide who wins the battle!!! Sometimes fans' comments and official LEGO sets which look like a fan's set can show how to improve our projects.For example I'd change my chess boarg making it flat as in the official LEGO pirates chess 2015 because it will look better. I hope my chess set will become a winner by the next chess jubilee. Some fans say that it isn't convenient to play because of the towers in my chess set. But the board is movable and you can put them on any side. and they can be used as a prison for defeated mini figures.
  3. Staslegomaster

    Sea Nightmare

    That's my first 2016 MOC. As you can see in the 1st picture, one unlucky night a redcoats' frigate was sailing the seas. The watchman in the crow's nest saw a small boat with a couple of pirates and a strange creature. It was a golum. (picture #2). The crew took the strangers on board the ship. But alas!.... In the morning - all the crew members became skeletons (pictures 3, 4, 5). And the captain became the most scary 4- armed skeleton! Even the ship became a see monster with a dragon's head and tail at the back. Why, to your mind, all that happened? Hope you like my story and creation. I'm eager to know your opinion of my Sea Man's Story and my LEGO Ideas projects, too. C&C are welcome. I think my LEGO comics are ilustrated with the most awesome LEGO creations I could find.
  4. Hi, to all ninjago fans from Staslegomaster. I like Ninja sets since 1998. I know, there’s no instruction how to combine ninjago sets 2504, 2519, 2520, 2254 into a super arena. Perhaps because it‘s obvious how to do it. I’m sure if one creates Battle arena 2520, then the passage on the right will look like a red-eyed skull, there’ll be a stand for weapons below and a red passage on the left. Skeleton bowling 2519 is attached so that the red passage becomes the entrance. Instead of the stand for weapons we put 2504(dodju spinjitsu) so that its gates become the arena’s entrance. There are special pieces at the edges of the sets. But I don’t know what to attach to the red passage to finish the super arena. Can it be 2254 ? I don’t have it, so I’m not sure. Or an exclusive set? Try to create it and put its pictures here.These are old sets but digital design can help. Hope you like the idea/Thanks a lot.
  5. SKULL GRINDER This here is a pre-emptive revamp of Skull Grinder, which I used to experiment with some more unique structural building, as well as more slender building. I've had this built for a while, but have only recently got him photographed. Enjoy! And here's his skeleton. Note the upper body structure - I'm very proud of how that turned out :) Whaddya think?
  6. Hello! This is my Lego Ideas Jason and the Argonauts set. You can find and show any support for it here: It's based on the classic film Jason and the Argonauts made in 1963. The scene is based towards the ending of the film in which Jason encounter the Hydra which guards the Golden Fleece and then fights seven skeletons which are born from the teeth of the Hydra some minutes later. The special effects of the film where made by the Legendary special effects animator and pioneer Ray Harryhausen which I managed to meet before he passed away in 2013. This set is basically a tribute to the classic film which still stands up well today and of course to Ray himself. The tree which hosts the Golden Fleece on one of it's branches. Some views of the 7 headed Hydra. The Minifigures.