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Found 412 results

  1. David FNJ

    [M - F04] A Lead. . .Finally

    Location: F04 Illustria Tags: MANTIS, spying Double D's Log 41: I've been following this one particular Octan Special Forces operator for a second week now, and I've finally got a lead. Octan moved it's fleet in what seems like a retreat back to sector H03. I was able to hear them very clearly due to MANTIS spying technology coupled with the very expensive equipment put into my helmet. In his conversation with some Octan guards, I overheard them talking about Octan's fleet and future strategy, but no specifics were given except that "everything that you need to know is in this file, now go, before Double D catches up to you." Was this a challenge? Well then, I accept!
  2. Umbra-Manis

    [M-E01] It's Time

    Tags: Land Vehicle, Fleet Location: E01 - Donwarr Previously Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V Part VI Part VII Part IX Part X It's Time Urtem. The Rescue mission is Go. No reason to waste any time. Aryna? RIght. Thanks for reading Part 11! Judges: This is not a recolor of the 21103 Delorean Time Machine, it's a MOD with some heavy work on the hood. C&C Welcome!
  3. David FNJ

    [M - H03] Getting Closer

    Location: H03, Kaalin Tags: MANTIS, Spying Double D's Log 40: It's been a while since the last militant conflict with Octan operatives, but I have a feeling that is about to change.... I've followed one Octan Special Forces Agent undetected, or so I think. I have a feeling that I'm getting closer to Octan's main base on Kaalin, though I can't shake this feeling that I'm being led into something.... Octan and MANTIS fleets have occupied sector E01 for quite some time, and hopefully getting into Octan's base on Kaalin will help MANTIS intel find out how to better combat their fleet.
  4. StarHawk3

    [M-E01] Simple Spy Mission

    Location: E01 Donwarr Tags: Land Vehicle, Military Building, Spying Hawk was given the task of sneaking into an Octan base on the surface of Donwarr on a routine spy mission. It would also let him test out the improvements to his Stalker Mk.2 spy armor. - The plan was to simply enter though a drainage culvert and hack a terminal inside the base. - Luckily for him his Badger quad was more then capable of pulling the security bars form the culvert. - Hawk: There don't seem to be many personnel in the area, this should be a pretty simple mission. - Hawk: Got what I came for. I will just be leaving now. Worker1: Ahhhh Worker2: What is it? Worker1: Do you see this floor tile? - Worker2: Yes Worker1: Do you know what this means? Worker2: Could it be the work of a MANTIS spy? I will notify the base guards! Worker1: No it's a safety violation and we could loose our jobs over it. Just call a maintenance droid and seal it up. Management doesn't need to know anything. Worker2: Ummmm....Ok. - Hawk: It looks like I will be stuck on this base for a while. A few more picture of the Badger quad - - Thanks for looking. I know the story is pretty stupid but like how the builds turned out. I am really happy with the shape and look of the quad. C&C is always welcomed.
  5. rodiziorobs

    [M - E01] Black Box Recovery

    Location: E01 (Donwarr) Tags: Spying, Land vehicle **** Advance apologies for the quality of some of the photos below. I'll see if I can get some better shots up later in the week. **** Aboard the MANTIS flagship Petticoat: "Look General, I know the paint job isn't regulation, but there isn't anything we can do about it until we return to the docks in Torresta in a few weeks when we deliver Laszlowe to begin his sentence." Well look into it immediately! It's a complete disgrace! **************** Shortly thereafter, the Petticoat picked up an uncommon transmission--one from a black box. MANTIS engineers had managed to reduce the size of this technology, meaning virtually every MANTIS craft could be equipped with it. This enabled the location and recovery of practically every ship, to help engineers better equip the rest of the fleet against future malfunction or mishap. Also built in was a switch that would only turn on after most or all other systems were unresponsive for a determined length of time. Normally, MANTIS black boxes sent tracking emissions only intermittently, so as to conserve battery life. However, this meant that such a signal was unlikely to be picked up by scanners unless they were specifically looking for it, as was often the case when rescuers were searching for a downed ship. This particular emission was even more of a rare case--the black box code identified it as belonging to a small speedboat, the last ship assigned to Scorpio Starstriker and Jessica DuBois, who had vanished on a spying mission nearly two months prior. This was not the most intriguing part, however: the boat had been dispatched to Jurin II, not Donwarr. Although there had been mishaps with the gates before, they were not yet understood. Therefore, a recovery team was dispatched immediately to go down to the surface and bring the black box back for analysis. **************** Later, on Donwarr's surface... Ick, you know Williams I don't usually mind tough conditions, but the smell here is horrible. That's just the Octan you smell, Private. Figures that this mysterious signal would come from an unrecoverable swamp--probably the only one on Donwarr--that also happens to be crawling with Octan speeders. I hear one coming our way, now! Stay low, and keep your blaster ready. I'll see if I can spy it... Should I take it out? No, it would only reveal our location to the rest of Octan. Only shoot if we're already caught. Looks like he's moved on... Well, which way do we go? North, we're already pretty close. **************** Last known location is right here, and look, there's some wreckage. And what appears to be human remains. Climb in there and get the box, and a bit of the body. See if the lab guys can match the DNA. Yuck. Shut up, Private. **************** Suddenly, there was a soft woooooosh sound, as Private took a dart to the neck. Captain Williams spun around to face the assault, but too late; in a flash, the assailant was on top of her, knife in hand. In the swampy marsh, she could get no footing, and found herself completely disarmed and vulnerable. Who are you? Why do you come to this place? ... Answer! Captain April Williams, MANTIS Marine Corps North. ...MANTIS! After all this time! The attacker relaxed her grip on Williams, who slipped in the mud, from surprise as much as anything else. You've finally come for us. It's been two years! Two years, do you hear me! Where have you been!? Do I...Should I know you? Here my name is only Jex, but before I was Jessica DuBois, MANTIS pilot Second Class. This here is Scorpio Starstriker. Please take us home. ****************
  6. Big Sal

    [M - E01] Mission H3E01

    Location: E01, Donwarr Tags: Land Vehicle, Spying Hawk to Sal. I've located our guy in an Octan truck headed north. Good work Hawk. Stay on them, but keep out of sight. Got it. Excellent. The fools will lead us straight to their base! Hey, Sal? Yeah? Couldn't we have just followed this clearly marked road to their base? ... ... ... .... --- Thanks for reading! C&C welcome! More pics in the spoiler.
  7. StarHawk3

    [M-H03] Speeder Drive By

    Location: H03 Kaalin Tags: Military, Building, Spying, Land Vehicle After receiving his newest spy suit, Hawk meets with the base commander on Kaalin to address some of his concerns. - Commander: What do you mean you don't like the new suit. Corporate HQ says we need them colored this way so we aren't offensive to some alien groups we might come across in andromeda. We would never complained about our suits like this back on Ice Planet. Hawk: I just think it will stick out to much for a stealth mission is all. How am I suppose to sneak into a spitting devil nest without being seen in this? Commander: Fine, because you outrank me I will give you a new mission. Octan has been placing beacons all over Kaalin's surface. Our scientist aren't sure what they are for but their best guess is they are some sort of subterranean awesomniun detecters. We will give you a Fire Beetle speeder to take out as many of them as you can. You won't even need the stealth suit for this one. Hawk: Thanks - Hawk: Base, how many of them is that now. Base: That's the twenty fifth on sir. Hawk: How many more to go - Base: By our estimates, approximately forty three. - Hawk: In hind sight, I probably should have taken my chance with the spitting devil in a pink stealth suit. - Hawk: alright base, give me the coordinates of the next target. Thanks for looking, C&C appreciated.
  8. David FNJ

    [M - H03] Helping the Ecosystem

    Location: H03, Kaalin Tags: MANTIS, Spying Double D's Log 39: For my next mission, I was sent to Kaalin to work on "environmental sustainability." Octan had been extracting the awesomnium-rich blueish gel from the ground in one area on Kaalin that effectively sucked the life from the poor tundra plants. Hopefully we destroyed the gel extractors in time before too much gel was absorbed by the machines. Unfortunately our Science department could find no good way to put the gel back into the soil without damaging the ecosystem further, so they instead advised us to try watering the plants. The gel was taken to MANTIS labs for awesomnium-extraction
  9. rodiziorobs

    [M - F03] Class Dismissed

    Location: F03 (Forring) Tags: Military Building, Spying **************** MANTIS military academy, Forring ...and so, cadets, that is how fleet maneuvering works, leading us to MANTIS' current position in northern Andromeda. Given the tenuous relationships between our corporations lately, MANTIS has not been able to perform full-scale military incursions. However, we must maintain our fleet ever-ready, even anticipating-- General Teague, I hate to interrupt you but this is urgent. What is it, Maynes? It's Blond. Agent Blond? Yes Sir. I'm on my way. Students, please read sections 10.2-10.5 while I am gone, Shearer you lead the discussion questions. I'll be back shortly. Colter are you texting in class?! **************** [ Well, sir, we've got the tracer back online, after Blond's signal blinked out. Looks like the Zoid ship made a gate jump, that's what caused the malfunction. So where are they? Do we know what has become of Blond? Still gathering that intel, General. But, I was analyzing the last bit of thermal imaging from Blond's report--the one that convinced the court to sentence Laszlowe--and things don't add up. How so? Well, the scanner picked up five signatures, all of them human. So? We know the Zoids had slaves aboard the ship at that moment, maybe there were more, and that's where the extra signatures came from. Except there were no Zoid signatures at all. Only human ones. Look for yourself. Well, I'll be. That certainly is odd. Yet even in his testimony, Laszlowe confessed he had been meeting with Zoid agents, so how can this be? I think someone has been trying to hoodwink all of Andromeda, Sir. Is Blond's signal live? Yes, Sir, but I have yet to completely decode the data packets. Well, keep on it, and let me know what you find. Good work, Maynes. Thank you Sir. **************** Class dismissed ***************** C&C welcome!
  10. David FNJ

    [M - F03] FTP

    Location: F03, Forring Tags: MANTIS, Spying Double D's log 38: My mission was simple - get in, copy files onto a computer and get out... We're testing out new computer software that changes SFTP into FTP but make it still look like SFTP to Octan computers. We located a non-critical computer first to see if it properly installs on Octan devices. We'll know if it works by next week. ------------------------------ Yeah, I know, this is a super quick build. Hopefully I'll have some more time in the future for builds, but this weekend was quite busy (though in a good way!). Kudos to those familiar with SFTP and FTP
  11. Umbra-Manis

    [M-F03] Something Seems Strange

    Location: F03 - Forring Tags: Land Vehicle, Spying, Military Building Previously: Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V Part VI Part VII Part IX On The Surface of Forring All right HT-1000, we need you to get to that High security Octan Facility and find out if the Captain is being held there. Get a move on. Yes Sir! This Speeder is cool. .... Approaching the Outer security ring. Incoming! Sir, the Octan security seems a little strange today. Pombe must've been there recently. Focus on the mission. I'm already past it sir. I've arrived at the vantage point for the gate. I see two Octan marines, but no sign of any recent transports. This looks like a negative. Copy That. Fall back before that perimeter guard finds you. Thanks for reading Part 10! Better image for the gate coming tomorrow. Edit: Better Gate Image
  12. Big Sal

    [M - F03] Mission A5F03

    Location: F03, Forring Tags: Land Vehicle, Spying If our intelligence is right, the aliens should be arriving to meet the Octan delegation any minute now. Yeah. Y’know, I have this horrible feeling I’ve forgotten something… This is so exciting! A new intelligent alien species! Yeah! Alright nerds, don’t get too excited. You’re here to learn quietly – when the aliens get here, let me do the talking. You scientists aren’t properly trained in PR. But how are we supposed to study the aliens without talking to them? I don’t care. Octan needs new allies – I don’t want you offending them by asking how many kidneys they have, or whatever. AHHHH! What the-? Where did that come from?! <Do not be alarmed, humans.> That voice… it’s in my head! <Yes. We speak directly by thought.> Uh, Sal, do you think it can read our minds? Probably not… still, better keep your mind blank. That should be easy for you. Hey! Heh heh heh. Greetings from Octan Corporation! We hope to begin a profitable relationship with your race. May we ask what you call yourself? <Our name is a concept that your minds cannot understand. From your limited perspective, ‘the Five’ would be an appropriate approximation.> Hahaha, it thinks Octan are too stupid to understand numbers! ‘The Five’. My apologies, but is that the name of your race, or the name of you the individual? <It is… challenging… to explain in a way you can understand. Let us tell you the story of our race.> Ugh, I can tell this is going to take a while. <This planet was not always the toxic wasteland that you see around you.> Wait, what? <In ancient times it was a simpler place. Five species lived here peacefully. Over the millennia we grew advanced. But then a cataclysmic event occurred and the atmosphere changed. Dozens, then hundreds, then thousands of new species arose. The ground itself was colonised by these messy, primitive lifeforms that you see around you.> The… plants? <Despite our advanced minds we were unable to compete with the wildly proliferating life. Everything changed too quickly. We had evolved slowly. We were not able to adapt. As our cities crumbled, the last remnants of our races built this vehicle to house the survivors.> So… you are the survivors of all five species? In this one… machine? <As far as it is possible for you to understand, yes.> Uh… right. So anyway, Octan Corporation would be happy to trade or- <We have no interest in trade. We seek to warn you. There is one among the leaders of your Clan of Eight whose mind is more powerful than any other. More powerful even than ours.> I knew it! What? Don’t you see? They’re talking about me! Uh… but they said the Clan of Eight. Yes, clearly they mean the Council of Five, plus the current and past CEOs of M.A.N.T.I.S. I kinda figured they meant Octan… <Already this mind is starting to warp the very fabric of space and time. It must be stopped before irreparable damage is done.> Yeah, I really don’t think this is about you Sal… Nonsense! I always suspected I was special! <Humans! We told you to send three!> We did! There are three of us here. <No. We sense others. From the Clan of Six.> The Clan of Six? <Yes. The ones who take the image of the six-legged creatures.> Uh oh. MANTIS! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Thanks for reading! Sorry it was a bit text heavy - there were supposed to be a few more photos but they didn't come out right and I didn't have time to retake them. C&C welcome
  13. SpacerSteve

    [M-A08] Robot Recon

    Location: A08 - Crentium Tags: Ground Vehicle, Exploration -Explorer SpacerSteve is scouting the surface of Crentium in search of suitable locations for future MANTIS operations. - -There appears to be a large quantity of water below the rocky surface. The water seeps through the cracks seasonally. This location will be suitable for resource mining - -The beacon is in place. I had better recall the recon robot and head back to camp. - - - - - -Connecting to the robot's neural interface. I'll drive us back. - -This rock has different characteristics than the surrounding terrain. I'll take it back to camp. for further study Time for food. Hope they are serving "laser beans" for dinner tonight. - - Some more pics of the build. - - - Thanks for looking C&C is welcome. I'm always trying to build better so suggestions are always welcome.
  14. Mr Greeble

    [M-F03] Curiouser and curiouser!

    Location: Above Forring aboard the R-ABBIT Agent G: The door opened up into a shaft! It felt like I was falling forever, all while the walls around changed from the familiar cold metal to dark wood. C&C appreciated!
  15. Big Sal

    [M - F03] Mission P4F03

    Location: F03 Tags: Land Vehicle, Spying Ok, but... just explain it to me one more time... Unbelievable! This plan is like spying 101, I don't understand how you're not getting it. I've hacked Octan's computers to trick them into thinking they’ve detected a prisoner transport. They’re going to come after you thinking they’re rescuing one of their guys. Right… Redsyn here is one of our best drivers – he’ll lead them on a merry chase but will eventually let you be ‘rescued’. By using the tracking device we implanted in you we’ll find out where their base is when they take you back there. Simple! Uh… ok, I think I understand now. But why not use an actual Octan prisoner? I have… other uses… for the real prisoners. Unless you’d like to trade places with them? No sir! I thought not… But won’t they realise I’m not actually from Octan? No, they’ll never suspect it. I thought you said this was obvious, like spying 101… Don’t worry, our forces will show up well before Octan has time to find you out. This plan is foolproof! Wait… To be continued! Didn't have time to do the whole story this week. The vehicles are based on my first castle sets, 6042 Dungeon Hunters and 6018 Battle Dragon. More pics in the spoiler. Thanks for reading, C&C welcome!
  16. StarHawk3

    [M-F03] Dragon Base

    Location- F03 Forring Tags- Airplane, Land Vehicle, Military Building, Spying With Hawks recent promotion to third branch executive, he was given the assignment by CEO SpacerSteve to inspect the military testing site code named Dragon Base. - MANTIS Guard: Welome to Dragon Base. We have been expecting you. I have already notified the commander that you have arrived. He will be with you shortly. Hawk: Thank you. - Commander: Welcome third branch executive Hawk. Hawk: You must be Tim. SpacerSteve told me a little about your work. I'm eager to see more. Tim: If you want to follow me, I can give you a tour of the base and show you the advancements we have made. I'm sure the CEO will be pleased to hear about the progress we have made. - short time later..... Tim: With reverse engineering Kawashita war drones, our drone technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. And our tour will conclude with the best part. Would you like to take our most advanced weapon for a test flight? Hawk: I don't see anything here. Is the ship cloaked? Tim: It's a drone, not a ship. To fly it you will need these three items, the Wand of Controlling, the Tablet of Commands, and the Helmet of Destiny. Hawk: These all look extremely dorky. - Tim: Now you need to sit over there in the controllers chair. I will open the blast doors and monitor your vital signs to make sure the drones AI doesn't take over your mind. Are you ready. Hawk: Sure. Wait, what! Tim: Oh, well remember when I was telling you about Kawashita war drones? Well MANTIS AI technology isn't as advanced as Kawashita's so we had to use a captured drone's AI core. That's why we need a human mind to control it. There is a slight chance the AI could fight back but as long as you have the Helmet of Destiny on you should be fine. It's perfectly safe. Hawk: Lets get this over with then. Tim: Thats the spirit. I will open the blast doors. - Hawk: Whoa this is cool! Tim: See I told you the risk would be worth it. - Hawk: It's so fast! I can see everything it can see! I feel like I am flying! Tim: If you would like, There are a few nearby Octan communication arrays that we have been meaning to destroy. You can test out the weapons on one of them. - Hawk: Buuuurrnn!!!!!! Tim: Alrighty then, It looks like the AI might be starting to take over a little bit. You should probably bring the drone back to base now. More pictures under the spoiler tag. Thanks for looking. This build was based off of the set 6076 Dark Dragons Den. It was my favorite castle set when I was young even though it was almost entirely made out of BURP's. Comments and criticisms are always welcomed.
  17. Umbra-Manis

    [M-F03] Target Training

    Tags: Land Vehicle, Fleet Location: F03 - Forring Previously: Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V Part VI Part VII Inside the Mantrix Here is a MANTIS watercraft which has been hijacked by Octan. Take it Out using this Death Ray Blaster and Sniper Rifle. As long as they remain as such, that is. Begin. Take 'em out! Thanks for reading! I Mantisifyed 6049 into a bad*** vehicle with flames! Here's another angle.
  18. Location: F03 (Forring) Tags: Land Vehicle, Military Building When Supervising Accountant Laszlowe returned to M.A.N.T.I.S. HQ after making a deal with the Zoid slavers, he was met by a special task force who immediately clapped him in irons. Agent Blond had been sent out to apprehend the data from the Zoids and put a tracer on their ship to follow them. Not returning from the mission, Blond had nevertheless been able to transfer a copy of the data Laszlowe had sold, as well as photographic proof that the Zoid ship was carrying slaves. The data in question turned out to be a detailed description of all Octan movements and known civilian locations across most of northern Andromeda. In exchange for this information--which the slavers had used to prey on helpless merchants and other civilians in those sectors, as corroborated in Octan documents--the Zoids had been paying Laszlowe handsomely. Unbeknownst to Laszlowe, his rendezvous with the Zoids had all been recorded by a D.O.R.I.S. (Drone of Really Irritating Surveillance), video evidence which will be shown in court today along with Agent Blond's revelation, on the illuminated panels seen below next to the guard station. With the overwhelming amount of evidence against Laszlowe--in addition to months of records uncovered this week by M.A.N.T.I.S. auditors--formal charges were brought against Laszlowe for his crimes against humanity, including 18 counts of human trafficking. It will be the Court Recorder's duty to keep minutes of the proceedings. He has not arrived yet, but his booth is shown below, next to the guard station. The trial has been scheduled for this evening the 20th of Marzn, 3816, at the M.A.N.T.I.S. High Court on Forring. Delegates from both Octan and Kawashita were invited to be present to witness justice carried out. After all, even if the three corporations squabble or even occasionally fight an all-out war over control of the resources the galaxy holds, no one wants there to be civilian casualties. Also, M.A.N.T.I.S. wants it known that it will not tolerate such atrocities committed under its roof, and will punish to the fullest extent those who perpetrate such crimes. The judge today will be a member of the Council of Five, and the case would be decided by a nine-member jury. All of the jurors and the judge have yet to arrive. Jurors' booth And here are the Octan and Kawashita representatives arriving on their speeders. The attendants will escort them up to the observation deck, where the respective corporations' colors are hung. The representatives arrive Octan representatives in their booth Kawashita representatives in their booth Here is the accused being led into the chamber as we speak. The military police maintains a presence on the ground level of the courtroom, should there be any need to enforce order during the course of the trial. In addition to the human trafficking charges brought against Laszlowe, internal audits revealed he had also embezzled funds from multiple employees of M.A.N.T.I.S., including Scorpio Starstriker, Scientist First Class. M.A.N.T.I.S. agents were trying to decide if there was any connection between these crimes and Starstriker's mysterious disappearance nearly two months earlier. However, at the present time these events appear to be unrelated. **************** This week's build is based on set 10223, the Kingdoms Joust, a set I wasn't quick enough to get when I came out of my Dark Ages, but I thought would be interesting to adapt into a courtroom. All of the smaller pieces of the MOC correspond to a part of the actual set, except that I couldn't think of any kind of parallel for the jousting list so I omitted it. Waiting for the judge and jury More pictures below, C&C welcome! Defendant's chair High Court judgement seat Jurors' booth Representatives from Kawashita Representatives from Octan Money shot of the M.A.N.T.I.S. logo--my best one yet!
  19. Location: F03, Forring Tags: MANTIS, Land Vehicle, Military Double D's Log 37: So since I've been around a while, some of MANTIS corp. wanted me to look at some new experimental vehicles. There were lots of excellent ones, but one in particular stood out to me. It looked liked an ancient battle wheel or something. Sure it could truck through just about anything, but its defenses were disgraceful. Any hover bike could zoom around it and immobilize the thing. Anyway, I gave it a grade of E (in the A-F scale). ~ DD out ----------------------------------------- So yeah, I'm not exactly happy with this, I had something cooler in mind, but I didn't have the time to do it. The wheels turned out pretty cool, and it's amusing to roll around and shoot at things, but it just doesn't look that good to be honest. Still, I had fun with the time I was able to spend on it, and that's all that counts right?
  20. David FNJ

    [M - F03] New Chemistry

    Location: F03, Forring Tags: MANTIS, Spying, Military Building Double D's log 36: This week I'm on Forring, and I've been sent to gather more information about Octan (who else ) and their new chemistry experiments on accelerated plant growth. Little John was able to recover some information from his mission on E02. Unfortunately, Octan started to keep a higher profile about these plant experiments and what chemicals were being used, so more stealthy methods were required. That and the fact that Big Sal used up all of the samples John collected (maybe that's why his beard grew so much?). The chemicals in use aren't too dangerous because they are pushed around in open carts. I've yet to locate where these chemicals are being tested, but If I can follow this guy I hope to find that out. ~DD out
  21. Location: G02, Freegate Tags: Spying, Land Vehicle In order to thwart a dangerous enemy working from within the corporation itself, MANTIS calls upon one of its best spies, Agent Blond. **************** Agent Blond, let's get right to it, shall we? General Teague, this mission had better be important. It is, I assure you. Important enough to delay my vacation? I had the condo already booked on the Torresta Riviera, with a stellar view of the lava fields. If I lose my reservation because of some daft mission on this ice ball... Relax, Blond. This mission should not detain you more than a few hours. Moments ago a few of our Spydar technicians discovered a serious threat to MANTIS integrity. Evidence indicates that Supervising Accountant Laszlowe has been selling secrets to a third party. Given our already uphill battle with PR in Andromeda, we need to make sure this is handled discreetly. He's been selling info to the Zoids, huh? We weren't sure, but as we look at the evidence we are convinced something is at work here. Additionally, our scanners picked up a signal from an unknown ship entering Freegate's atmosphere only an hour ago. Laszlowe is allegedly en route to a rendezvous with them at this very moment, and we have a D.O.R.I.S. tailing him and recording his every move. NB: Laszlowe's speeder is carried over from last week and should not be judged More pics of the ship in the spoiler: Well if you've already got surveillance, why do you need me? Just wait 'til he returns to the compound and bust him then. That is part of the plan. However, there is more to it: First, we need to verify the nature of the information Laszlowe has been peddling to determine the severity of his crimes. You know the Zoids have been called, among other things,slavers. If Laszlowe has been an accomplice to this he must be tried as a war criminal, for justice's sake and to let Andromeda know that we condemn such atrocities. You must retrieve that information. Second, apprehend Laszlowe. Our team here will do that when he returns, so your job is to simply stay out of his sight so that he suspects nothing. Third, identify the information's intended recipient with a dummy tracer. If we can find out who this information is destined for... will let us know if the Zoids at large are really slavers... ...or if there are just some rogues among them committing these crimes. Precisely. So: infiltrate, transmit the data back here for verification, replace the files with a tracer, and stay out of sight. Any questions? Yeah, if things go pear-shaped with me and the Zoids...? You must not engage them if at all possible. Until we at sure who it is we are actually dealing with, we cannot afford to take such bold action. However, you are authorized the use of force if necessary for you make it back. Good luck, Agent Blond. **************** And so Agent Blond set out on a daring quest to put a stop to Laszlowe's nefarious dealings. Speeding across the tundra to the rendezvous, Blond whirled the speeder around, and dashed aboard the mysterious ship just in time... **************** First things first: I have to retrieve that data. Establishing uplink to MANTIS secure channel...transmitting...replacing files with tracer...done! And now I've got to get off of this ship undetected, and get back to my Torrestan cruise.!..what the...?! But what Agent Blond saw on the ship was beyond anything imagined... Good heavens! It's true, these guys are slavers. Running their operation right under our noses! The Zoids can't be allowed to take them back to their wicked abode! I must hurry before the ship takes off! And so Agent Blond set about quickly trying to free the Zoids' victims from their cruel captors, when suddenly... ...where did you come from? *ZHWOOP* **************** To be continued...
  22. Umbra-Manis

    [M-F03] You're Going To Need These

    Tags: None Location: F03 - Forring Previously: Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V Part VI Inside the Mantrix Ok, that is enough of what you call hand to hand combat training. Follow me. So you can make stuff disappear at will, but you need to walk to this next place? No, I am merely toying with you and testing your patience. Here we are. Choose your weapons. Training begins again shortly. Holy ...... This is going to be awesome. To Be Continued... Thanks for checking out my weekly build! To see the whole rack of weapons, check out the model on Mecabricks. Try to find all of the easter egg weapons!
  23. StarHawk3

    [M-G02] Supply Shuttle Run

    Location: G02 Freegate Tags: Land Vehicle, Spaceship Ever since Octan's defensive weapons were taken offline, MANTIS shuttles were free to move as they wished to the surface of Freegate. Hawk was assigned to make shuttle runs to take supplies down to MANTIS mining operations on the surface and return to the fleet with the mythril that had been mined. - - The MANTIS ground crew hard at work loading the newly mined mythril into the shuttle while Hawk inspects his ship. - Thanks to the efficiency of the MANTIS ground crews, Hawk is quickly turned around and heading back to the fleet. More pictures under the spoiler tag. Thanks for looking. Its been a while since I have done a build that doesn't involve spying. C&C welcomed.
  24. David FNJ

    [M - G02] Walking Right In

    Location: G02 Freegate Tags: MANTIS, spying, Military Building Double D's log 35: ​With MANTIS spy suits, we can practically walk right into Octan facilities. Though, we've only tested it on automated facilities, not ones actually occupied by Octan employees. Still, it's fun walking up to a base, taking down its turrets, and then blasting the doors open. ~ DD out
  25. rodiziorobs

    [M - G02] Whack-a-Mole

    Location: G02 (Freegate) Tags: Spying, Land Vehicle TL;DR (in the spoiler): Well let's see what's on the repair backlog today...hmmm...well I finished the Jurin II satellite calibration, I can check that one off..and that one... Hey, Scroggins, you up to much right now? Oh, it's you Anders. Nah, I've already fixed this broken D.O.R.I.S. (Drone of Really Irritating Supervision). I might try and see if I can get that new modulator to work in it, but that's all I have. All you had, you mean. Laszlowe's got a job for us, 'n it sounds like actual spy woik dis time! **************** Thank you both for being available. I know interrogations aren't something you normally do, but since that idiot Starstriker is missing-- Scorpio is missing?! --Ahem. Since know one seems to know where he is, we'll have to do with you. Frankly, I think we're better off without him... But I'm just a mechanic! When can we start? Are dey savage killas?! I hope dey'ah savage killas! I'm gonna grill dose suckas right outta Andromeda if I hafta! --or maybe not...Ahem. You will be interrogating three Merchant Confederacy pilots from ship that Hawk apprehended last week. They may have important knowledge about Octan's movements, but certainly aren't hostile. ... ... This way, please. We'll use interrogation room 18. We believe they will comply with the interrogation, but they may take awhile to feel comfortable sharing any information. It is believed that average people like yourselves will help them feel better at ease than professional interrogators. However, if you have any problems, I will be in my office for the next hour or so. Alert me of anything urgent. **************** Aw right, you goons! Start spillin' youh guts or I'll cut ya! ... I said start blabbin'! I don't wananny funny bizniss from you guys! Anders, maybe we should try another approach? ... You guys are merchants, huh? Where were you headed? ... What kind of freight were you carrying? ... ...uh, You guys seen the new prototype Gemini engines? I was just reading in Andromeda Today about it, but personally I don't think it'll provide the thrust the makers are claiming it will... What? What, did I say something wrong? ... How yoou think Gimini weel not provide soofficient throost? It is designed foor freighters like the kind we fly. What, you think they are for real, then? Ceartainly, yoong man. My coousin was one of the testers for theece neew engine, and he says they have made major breakthroough. Well, but you have to agree that given the conversion capabilities of the fuel system... ... **************** 3 hours later... **************** Soo I says too Mabel, I says... ...Can we get on wit it already?! What is prooblem? We've been heah all day and if I have to sit through one more story or joke I'm gonna cut ya! Alluhya! EVERYLASTONEUHYA! I'm afraid she means it this time, guys. What woould you like to knoow? We were under the impression you had some information about Octan's activity in the sector. Perhaps their fleet movements or something? Why shoould we have sooch informatioon? Well because...ww thought with your encounters with the Zoids you would have... Everyboody knoows the Zooids get their informatioon froom MANTIS. WHAT?! Yoou doo not sell your secrets to them? Of course not! We may be Mean and Nasty but we still have a moral code! But aren't you all drapers? Nonsense! Why should we all be drapers? I myself prefer upholstery... ... It's true, he does. ... ... Anyway, I can assure you we would not be selling information to a ragged group of slavers like the Zoids. Then it is yoou whoo dooes not knoow. Foorst, not all Zooids are slavers. Also, we knoow that Zooids get informatioon from MANTIS. Poorhaps there is insider? You think? Anders, this is big; we need to let Laszlowe know at once. Oh, wait wait wait! Would you happen to know the whereabouts of Scorpio Starstriker? Whoo? I have never heaard this name befoore. Soorry. Well, thanks anyway. Let's go, Anders. **************** Laszlowe? Laszlowe! He ain't here, Scroggins. Maybe he's back with youh new best friends... Come on, they were perfectly nice guys, and their information might be valuable. Laszlowe! Where could he be? Yeah, well three hours of my life back without havin' to listen to those borin' stories would be moah valuable to me! Didya heah dat crap about the Terrilian ape? I mean... The D.O.R.I.S.! What? I'll send the D.O.R.I.S. I just fixed to find Laszlowe, and then we can open a secure channel to inform him. **************** Ok, it's all programmed in, it should get a lock on him within a few minutes. I'll monitah da video from heah, so we'll know when we've found him. Ya know what, even though we'ah trackin' one of our own, it finally feels like we'ah doin' some actual spy woik! 2016-03-07_01-19-21 by rodiziorobs, on Flickr ...and there he is! Move in closer... But...wheah is he? He ain't even in da buildin' no moah. Yeah, that's strange. He's outside the complex in the cold. And why? 2016-03-07_01-16-43 by rodiziorobs, on Flickr Waitasecond! Didya see dat briefcase? Do ya suppose them pilots was tellin' da truth about an insidah in MANTIS? What if Laszlowe...? Anders, have the D.O.R.I.S. drop back but stay on him. Try and keep it out of sight! I'll go inform the CEO... Aw right, I'll start recording and letcha know in case it was all a false alahm. Now dis is moah like it! 2016-03-07_01-17-39 by rodiziorobs, on Flickr