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  1. Thank you for the response. Do you recall how many additional parts you had to get in addition to Porsche set? Trying to figure out how much it's going to take me to replicate your model. :)
  2. This is fantastic. When can we expect to see the instruction for this? Were you buying individual parts or were you able to make it with 42056? It seems like you need more than just 42056...
  3. What a joke. You can never please everyone but pretty disgusted by the whole buying process.
  4. Yeap...It looks pretty cool. They should have a different VIP number designation for those.
  5. Nothing special with the first pool? Never tell me the odds! There's is hope! JK. :)
  6. Will there be a "first edition" certificate like the older one?
  7. Enilder

    76023: The Tumbler Discussion

    I saw this in person today. This thing is massive and looks like a great piece as a decoration. It's not meant to be very "Technic" so lack of moving parts is OK IMO.
  8. Enilder

    Shipping Lego Sets

    Made a mistake. Thanks!
  9. Enilder

    Stilzkin Bridge Launcher

    shame there's no instruction for this beauty. good luck!
  10. Enilder

    Lamborghini tractor

    need V12 under the hood! haha. cool :)
  11. Enilder

    MOC's at Star Wars Event Legoland Germany 2011

    Wow, awesome! Great work!
  12. Enilder

    LEGO Exclusive 10221 - Super Star Destroyer

    Will we see "First Edition" (CoA) with this set or unknown as of yet?
  13. Enilder

    My first MOC

    some of these MOCs are great though. i am building other people's MOCs and it's jaw dropping how great they are :)
  14. Enilder


    i thought it was actual water inside. this is brilliant!
  15. This is full of wins. Transporter and race car in one. This is my dream! Make it happen!!!