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  1. Hi, Read through the Thread - Impressive stuff. Made some mods on my own Crane, but love eveything here. I was curious to know What I needed to do to get parts list and building instructions for the suspension version on MAC?
  2. Fyredog

    Axle Collection Thread

    This does work, with a couple bracing mods, it's fairly smooth, I think useable. I do not have the hubs yet, or the new upper & Lower arms so I improvised that until my parts come in. I think I will use one shock, and rework the bracing. Anxious to get parts and build and adapt these into the 42009.
  3. I am interested in putting full suspension and all wheel drive on this Crane, I am having a major road block, anyone have any ideas?
  4. Fyredog

    42009 Extended Boom

    I built this Boom this weekend, Pretty good design, although there was some forced fit situations in around the gear area. I managed to fix the top side issue, but the bottom side, not so much, I have 1 idea I might try still. I figured the string situation out, and that works very well, the Biggest issue I have is the 3rd stage boom retracting into the 2nd stage boom, and hanging up on the flat panels. was trying to fit wheels in there, and was unsuccessful. It looks to me like the cause is the 3rd stage boom, not truly straight, as well as the 2nd stage boom. I am without a solution at this point as nothing can be added inside the second stage boom, to allow the 3rd stage to retract lifting it up & over that last 2 flat panel union. very disappointing to such a great Boom. The stock boom on the 42009 is pathetic. although I like the smooth operation with the wheels and such, but the length is very sub par. This Boom is Magnificent, if only I can solve this retracting issue.
  5. Fyredog

    Linear Actuators VS Pneumatics

    I think both have their uses, I would like to see a smoother valve for the pneumatics that can be operated by a motor, so that it's not so jerky or fast. I am a big RC fan, so I like having all functions work Via RC, so LA's work better for me, but I love the Pneumatics for their realism.
  6. Fyredog

    8479 Code Pilot

    Thanks, I did add this to my wish list, unfortunately there are no complete sets of decals there.
  7. Fyredog

    8479 Code Pilot

    Thank you for the link! I would still like to secure a physical set of english intructions so that the kit is a complete kit. Also anyone having a decal kit for this I would like to purchase those as well. Thanks again
  8. I just bought a 8479 Code Pilot on Ebay, everything there except the coding instructions were in every language but English. Does any one have a set in english they would like to sell to me, or point me in a directions that I can purchase a physical set? Thanks in advance. Has Anyone Modified one of these yet? I am thinking of updating all parts to the new colors, and using newer technology and fully RC this thing.
  9. I used to always buy parts from Lego direct - problem is there is only a certain number of parts you can buy per phone order, Plus it takes a long time to ship. Bottom line is that when I found Brick Link - I basically stopped ordering Lego direct - unless Bricklink does not have the item I am looking for.
  10. Fyredog

    Your LEAST favorite technic set?

    I so agree with you on this - I have plans to make mine extend down once the arms are fully extended - I think pneumatically - as I have yet to incorporate the Pneumatics in any of my MOCS - I love the pneumatics but have to have the right application to use them. I think this would be perfect - and have some of the details worked out in my head.
  11. Fyredog

    need help in buying technic parts

    Everything in lego is interchangeable. Any kit you buy will combine together. You should look at the kits with all features you are looking for, then combine them together to make the creation your looking to make.
  12. Fyredog

    8043 Excavator in RED

    Nice Tractor! I have the TLG 8043 I built it and really loved what they did. BUT I must say that mine still works better and has no problems lifting the bigger & Heavier main boom with 2 linear actuators and the M-Motor. Mine also travels faster, and all functions can work simultaneously. If you have not seen the video click . Thanks again for all the kind words
  13. I am wondering why my shirt was off - now I know! I watched that video