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  1. How long is the thread used for the boom ? 1m or 2.5m ?
  2. Did not saw many people creating a 6 axle version of this. Tried to do something on my own and so far i'm impressed by my doing. First time I do this without using someone elses instructions :) Expect for making it an ultimate. This is not the final version of the body. The engine block is a V12 (2 * 6), like the 8421XL. Needed to move the infrared receivers closer to the turret or I had to buy more extension cords for the motors. Had to think something to fill the gab under the engine block to make it more sturdy. All left is to create a longer boom. Not wanting to follow the XL boom that is already out but trying to create something that has the same look as the current one.
  3. Good to know, was already going to Oberhausen in August, will for sure pick this up at the legostore.
  4. Ember

    Ultimate 42009 RC-Mobile Crane

    In the low setting is it 41.5 cm and in the high setting it is 55 cm measured from the gray wheel on top of the boom. Might be able to tweak it a little to use a different hole in the cam itself. Low High
  5. Ember

    Ultimate 42009 RC-Mobile Crane

    I was not able to have the cams in the same position as in the instructions. I have them connected as follows (see picture).
  6. Ember

    Ultimate 42009 RC-Mobile Crane

    The yellow 13 stud beam is connected to it but there is on the side also another grey pin holding it together so you might be able to remove the yellow connector.
  7. Ember

    Ultimate 42009 RC-Mobile Crane

    I have checked my build and first I thought it is not touching but now I check the pickture I see yellow on the gears :( I removed the yellow bush also and it has little damage.
  8. First I thought you want a picture of all 3 cranes :) .. lol made a picture of that also. I also made a picture of the 3 requested in your answer. They are simular equal in length. The 8258 is modified with a double wheel setup (not my own) but the length did not change
  9. Yes, got the same mail, getting it in October for my dad :)
  10. Ember

    Ultimate 42009 RC-Mobile Crane

    Many thanks for the ultimate version, just build it and I love it :)
  11. Ordered mine a week ago and the backorder was listed as August 22nd and today I got my package :) My number is 2233 and now on S@H NL it shows sold out. Lucky me :)