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    <p> Favourite theme is Technic. </p> <p> My recent purchases were from a trip to Billund where I bought Lego House, Tree of Creativity, the 2 Fosh sets and then the 2 legoland sets! </p>

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  1. Seasider

    [TC20] 886 space Technic

    Looks great. Love both the buggy and gigafig for the buggy could you add a grey hose to simulate the next piece of the air tanks. Glad you went with the more exposed steering column and skinnier side steps
  2. Seasider

    [TC20] 8855 Studless Prop Plane

    Looks like you’ve created a good modern interpretation
  3. Seasider

    [TC20] 8854 Power Crane Update

    Looks nice and clean so far. I like your use of panels but if you’re going for replication I think you need to slope the bonnet more
  4. Seasider

    [TC20] 8854 Power Crane Update

    @Thirdwigg that’s the first time I’ve heard my username be used to describe a process. Glad it’s a good one 🤣
  5. Seasider

    [TC20] 8848 Tipper Truck

    Yes it was a great solution thanks. I’ve used a blue clutch gear to move the rack but also connected a thin liftarm to the bottom of the rack to give the right spacing.
  6. Seasider

    [TC20] 8848 Tipper Truck

    Just posted a video showing all the functions in the entry thread … enjoy
  7. Seasider

    42126 - Ford F150 Raptor

    Although I’m a big fan of orange, I have to say I do like the look of the blue model.
  8. Seasider

    [TC20] 8855 Studless Prop Plane

    I do love a good Technic aircraft. Looks great so far.
  9. Seasider

    [TC20] Lego 8207 Dune Duster - remake

    @Ullum Zurt I can see them on my iPhone ok. You might need to check your browser
  10. Seasider

    [TC20] 8848 Tipper Truck

    Some additional pictures to supplement my entry …
  11. Entry name: Tipper Truck Redux Original set: 8848 Tipper Truck / Power Truck (1981) Features: HOG steering - now on top of cabin Front bucket lift - was lever now gear operated Rear Tipper bed tilt - was lever now gear/linear actuator operated Front and Rear PTOs Seats and Fake Steering Wheel - new model addition Pictures: Original 1981 model Redux model Comparison (Original Top, Redux Bottom) Redux details Video: Discussion thread:
  12. Seasider

    [TC20] 8848 Tipper Truck

    @Scoar Sonander - there’s 2 grey small double bevel gears on the left. The forward one operates the bucket lift and the rear the tipper bed. An update for you all, managed to complete the file before work (working from home and no early meetings!). Some renders for you below Side by side And overlay with 1 model “ghosted” From this I make the old model 388 parts and the new one 600!
  13. Seasider

    [TC20] 8848 Tipper Truck

    Thanks for the great comments. It’s great to see others who are fans of 8848 and also to hear that I’ve done it justice in many minds. Sorry I haven’t formally submitted it yet. I ended up being busy with cars and stuff at the weekend so didn’t get time to take the photos I wanted and perhaps a little video to compare the models. I’m also just checking my file which contains both the original and new model, it’s not quite complete and I want to use it for some statistics. Hopefully I’ll be able to free up some time on Friday afternoon or Saturday. @Scoar Sonander which gears would you change to black or tan ? I’ve tried to keep to the original colour scheme where possible. I decided on a black gear for the steering as it seemed more appropriate and TLG uses black when it does this form of HOG itself. The gear small double bevels on the sides to control the functions I did them in grey to mimic the connectors of the original model but also to they are easy to see against the black chassis.
  14. Thanks @Sariel so it looks like I need to order 4 of those 🤣
  15. Too pricey for me considering what it offers compared to what I have already. @Jim so these tyres fit in between the Class and Jeep ones ? Any chance of a photo comparison of all 3?