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  1. I think you’re right with the booster parts from the Gunship.
  2. I think the bottom of the boosters are the barrel piece 64951. I think I can see the rings with grooves in them are Technic Pulley wheels. But not sure of their diameter.
  3. I was guessing about 70cm tall too, did a rough count of bricks on the rocket and base. I understand why it’s not the same scale as the Apollo as that would be a very big model and even harder to display. To me this looks great as it is.
  4. You know me @Jim I’d be thinking of something that isn’t an American truck as that’s the obvious choice. But I have a truck in mind that I’m sure fits the bill. Are you going to allow “licenced” models / models based on real vehicles ?
  5. Oooh a new contest, good job I’m back from holiday. A size limit contest is good. I don’t build/have many trucks but I know I’ve got those wheels/tyres in my collection. if you’re going the truck route can we define what a truck is? It’s a very American term and from my view (working in the industry) can be interpreted as many things.
  6. Having just watched @kbalage’s video I find this a really interesting set and definitely one to add to the collection. I was one of the few people that got the Forma Koi set and I do wish TLG did a few more kinetic sculpture / mechanism type sets. Unfortunately watching Sariels review proved to me why I generally avoid his videos these days. He obviously didn’t do the maths to work out the relative size / distance of the sun and earth … it’s huge! And I’d love to know how he’d solve the problems of the moon orbit and earth orbits not being perfect. For (I assume) most people they’re close enough, especially as this is very similar to lots or Orreries that have appeared through history
  7. Seasider

    Dune 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    Yeah it annoyed me that you could see tan, white and even lbg when looking around the model so I tried to convert as much to dbg or black as possible, trying to choose the colour based off where it is on the model. Makes the model look a lot more finished. Things like the red underneath the cockpit annoyed me. as the most basic I’d switch out I’d switch the ball pins to black, any 2l axles to black and also the lbg perpendicular connectors on the wing roots to black.
  8. @Jim - I did a very deep recolour on my ornithopter, I posted a list of everything I changed in the thread in the licensed area you may want to take a look. I can share a photo or take new ones if you need.
  9. Seasider

    Dune 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    I went for as much modification as possible replacing most if not all of the parts that weren’t DBG or Black, even replacing some LBG parts. Here is my full list, listed by part colour. The list shows part (id in brackets), number of, colour I changed to, and then step numbers where the change occurred. thankfully I already had 3L black pins as they’re expensive sorry for the formatting, cut and paste from IOS Notes and I can’t work out how to change font on my iphone White Double split connector (69819) x2 - Black - 103 Brick 1x2 studs on side (11211) x5 - Black - 94,95,245 Axle pin without friction x6 - no changed Liftarm 1x3 (32523) x4 - Black - 17,52,86 Plate 1x4 (3710) x10 - DBG - 115,118,161,189,202,324,326,336,338 Liftarm Thin 1x5 Axle Holes (11478) x2 - Black - 67 Technic Brick 1x6 (3894) x2 - Black - 11 Liftarm 1x9 (40490) x2 - DBG - 144,151 Tan Pin 3/4 (32002) x4 - DBG - 99,295 Axle pin no friction (3749) x6 - not changed Bracket 1x2x2 (44728) x1 - Black - 237 Plate 1x3 (3623) x8 - DBG - 42,76,96,320,324,336 Plate 2x3 (3021) x3 - DBG - 9,89,93 Plate 2x3 (3021) x1 - Black - 239 Brick 1x4 studs on side (30414) x4 - DBG - 45,48,79,82 Arch (3659) x5 - DBG - 139,156 Tile 1x4 (2431) x2 - Black - 159 Slope 2x4 (3037) x1 - Black - 115 Plate 1x10 (4477) x2 - DBG - 45,79 Red Bush (3713) x7 - Black or LBG - 54,61,69,73,126 1/2 Friction Pin (89678) x30 - DBG - 4,5,6,11,13,16,44,48,51,83, 140,141,143,147,148,150,284,292 Friction Pin with Tow Ball (6628a) x20 - Black - 111,112,113,114,145,152, 175,176,177,178,314,315,317,318 Bar with 1x1 Round Stud (32828) - Black - 243 Axle 2L Notched (32062) x31 - Black - 18,67,99,103,104,111,112,113,114, 123,124,175,176,177,178,303,311 Brick 1x2 (3004) x7 - Black - 13,156,237,241,243,248 Brick 1x2 with Hole and Plate (73109) x1 - LBG - 91 Liftarm L Shape 2x4 (32140) x2 - Black - 52,86 Axle 6L (3706) x3 - Black - 61,69,106 Tile 2x6 (69729) x1 - Black - 167 Plate 2x6 (3795) x2 - Black - 11,12 Axle 10L (3737) x1 - Black - 54 Blue Friction Axle Pin (43093) x7 - not changed Friction Pin 3L (6558) x20 - Black - 6,14,111,112,113,114,175,176,177,178, 233,236,297,305,321 Yellow Bush 1/2 (4265c) x4 - LBG - 61,69 Brick 1x1 with Hole (6541) x10 - Black - 115,117,130,134,219,225 Brick 1x1 with Hole (6541) x4 - BDG - 184,187,197,200 Plate 1x2 with Pin Hole Top (11458) x1 - Black - 18 Axle 3L (4519) x8 - LBG - 314,315,317,318 Liftarm T shape (60484) x1 - Black - 67 Brick 1x3 (3622) x2 - Black - 219,225 Liftarm Thin 1x6 (32063) x2 - Black - 101, 102 Orange Bar 1L with Tow Ball (22484) x4 - Dark Bluish Grey - Stages 122, 137, 138 Lime Brick 1x2 (3004) x4 - Black - 47, 82, 262, 271 Plate 1x2 (3023) x1 - Black - 160 Plate 2x2 (3022) x3 - Black - 13,14,322 Plate 2x2 (3022) x2 - DBG - 333,345 LBG Bush 1/2 (4265c) x4 - not changed Bush (3713) x3 - Black - 99,107 Round 2x2 Hole (15535) x1 - Black - 11 Liftarm 1x2 (60483) x2 - Black - 285,293 Technic connector double 3L (32557) - Black - 67 Brick 2x2 studs on side (22885) - Black - 247 Brick 1x2 with hole (3700) x8 - DBG - 13,182,195,232,233,235,236 Panel (87552) x2 - Black - 235 Connector round 2l (62462) x2 - Black - 117 Liftarm crank (61408) x2 - Black - 72,73 Axle and Pin Connector 3L (42003) x8 - Black - 111,112,113,114, 175,176,177,178 Axle connector 3L (26287) x2 - DBG - 131 Slope curved 3 (50950) x1 - Black - 18 Hinge plate (44568) x2 > 44567b x4 - DBG - 325,337 Liftarm thin 6 (32063) x2 - Black - 296 Liftarm 13 (41239) x1 - Black - 61 Pink Plate Round 1x1 (4073) x2 - DBG - 331,343 Nougat Oval 1x2 (1126) x1 - Black - 51
  10. Seasider

    Dune 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    Your right it’s generally said books 1-3 are “normal” and the weird stuff is 4-6
  11. Seasider

    Dune 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    Just finished my Ornithopter, I did quite a large recolour but kept the construction the same as the original. The only place I deviated was the hinges to mount the cockpit side glass where I used 2 1x2 hinge plates instead of a 1x4 hinge plate so I could get this in DBG. I’m off to see part 2 next Wednesday, IMAX of course. I think Part 3, Messiah, will be inevitable as Part 2 has amazing reviews so as long as the box office returns are good it’ll be made. If they’re to do another Dune set then only thing I’d want would be a Sandworm.
  12. 1. I try to recreate the actual mechanics if that’s what I’m going for with a model, I think I achieved this best on my fairground model and my recent Walker. But often need to make compromises based on Lego capabilities. 2. Aesthetic vs Mechanics - all depends on what I’m building and why. 3. I try to only use System for final details when I know I can’t use Technic similar to most TLG models. 4. Just depends on what I’m interested in at the time. 5. Understand the brief including requirements and what I want to achieve. do some research in to how to solve it, create lots of small concept models. Prepare to throw lots away. 6. In my working life I’m an engineering manager working as part of a team of engineers so it’s not just me solving the problem. Yes I’m an engineer by profession. Chartered Engineer working in the Car Industry. 7. Technic was what I picked up as I came out of my Dark Ages. I’d had both Technic and System as a kid, but initially came back to Technic. Although I do purchase lots of TLG System based sets, just don’t really build MOCs with System. 8. TLG official sets are a good source of knowledge. I often use assemblies from them. Also start small and slowly expand. Often people want to dive in building a huge model with complex functions from the start, don’t start simple. I’m sure you’d give similar advice to someone starting their System MOC building.
  13. Seasider

    Dune 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    I did a bit of work in studio on Sunday and I’m trying for the whole lot … how much can become black or DBG, is the challenge I’ve set myself. Won’t be able to look at it this week, so I’ll be next before I pick it up again. Thankfully I have quite a large technic collection so black pins and axles aren’t a problem it’s more about buying plates. im working on DBG for the cockpit back wall and side, black for underside plus anything deep inside the structure
  14. Seasider

    Dune 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    So you didn’t go as far as removing as much tan, white and light grey as possible too? Wondered how visible some of that is through the mech. Did you swap out the blue 3L pins too? Thankfully I’ve got a few of them already. Could you post some photos of your recolour?
  15. Seasider

    Dune 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    @BrickMonkeyMOCs I’ve been doing exactly the same thing. I’ve built it in Studio and now I’m going through working out the colour swaps. Red ball pins and axles first on the hit list but I’ve noticed some of the tan, lime and red pieces show from the internal structure too. Remember it’s also about which bits are available in what colours for this years production too. Not just ease of build.