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    <p> Favourite theme is Technic. </p> <p> My recent purchases were from a trip to Billund where I bought Lego House, Tree of Creativity, the 2 Fosh sets and then the 2 legoland sets! </p>

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  1. PF hidden just where the boom/fuselages join the central structure? One either side towards the rear. loving the build so far
  2. Seasider

    [TC15] Twin Rush

    I think you’re both right. The problem will be making sure it’s not too tail heavy for the landing gear. So tonight I got an hours worth of Lego building time and thought I’d work out how to get the gearbox/props mounted into the rear of the fuselage. This is what I came up with. evolution of the fuselage to date rear of the fuselage with mounted prop (gearbox/transmission is inside the panels). Ignore the LBG liftarms on the left, they’re just there to display this stage of the build.
  3. Just seen the reviews on YouTube by our EB members. I wonder why TLG didn’t opt for the wider wheels/tyres on the rear, looks much more realistic to me
  4. Great quality photos as ever @Jim Think I’m more convinced than ever that I’ll buy this and try and build the B from my parts bin.
  5. Don’t the other Themes do competitions in sub forums ? I think they do, so I’m ok with it
  6. have you considered adding a vertical tailplane ? that may add some stability if you think of a paper plane even if it doesn't have a tailplane sticking above the wings it has a vertical surface for the fuselage
  7. Seasider

    [TC15] Twin Rush

    I did an hour or so this evening and thought I’d have an attempt on some fuselage shaping. I’ve come up with this so far, I think the angle of the rear panels will be defined by where the gearbox for the contra-props has to sit. As to the front I want to get the engine in there but also aware that some landing gear needs to go somewhere. i don’t actually mind the plan view. I think the fuselage looks a bit wide but I think it still works
  8. Seasider

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    Such a shame they’re printed arches (but as expected). I’d really love a set of them in plain white. the more I see of the Porsche the less I like it and unlike the UCS models I don’t think I’ll be collecting this one I’m not that much a collector of licenced sets. i think I’ll save my spending for the tracked loader (I like both a and b models), the vette (mainly for the parts), and a couple of speed champions sets
  9. Seasider

    [TC15] Twin Rush

    @I_Igor I’m still not 100% what this plane is going to look like. The wing may be high like the Cessna O2 or mid/low mounted like your examples. Hopefully this weekend I’ll get some build time on the Fuselage
  10. Seasider

    Pulling a Porsche Macan with Technic

    Great project. I’m very surprised it only too 3 motors. I assume it needed some weight on top of it to get traction.
  11. Seasider

    [TC15] Twin Rush

    Just a little update from me. Build time has been limited with the run up to Christmas and unwell family members but I’ve managed to get a couple of hours on Sunday and then tonight. so the task I set myself was the design of the main wings. I wanted to have an angle on both the leading and trailing edge (all be it slight on the trailing) and this is what I’ve created. You’ll also notice a change in colour scheme, this is to differentiate myself from the other twin boom model on here. So instead of white with the odd red accent I’m now doing LBG with Black accents. wing prototype the “finished” pair ... is ever anything truly finished? next task will be the main fuselage to work out it’s general shaping
  12. Seasider

    [WIP] Blade Runner Spinner

    I hope @Jim and @Milan do as I’d love to see your take on a blade runner car
  13. Seasider

    Custom Microfighters

    Amazing collection. I might have to look at your CAD models at some point. Definitely interested in the Tantive IV and model as I've collected the Original Trilogy Good Guys ships so far (+ the U wing as thats great) I didn't see a B-wing in the collection unless thats WIP ?
  14. If you can get this bodywork to come together like that I see a winner
  15. Not trying to be provocative (but I know this is) but what is it with people creating entry topics as place holders with no build photos?