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  1. Cracking model. You’ve captured the look of the car perfectly.
  2. Seasider

    [TC14] The Whip

    Yes the missing car is LIME. The springs are part of the mechanism to swing the cars out, I copied the actual mechanism on the real ride. I’ll make sure I take a picture to explain all the movements in the mechanism. I’m hoping TC15 is “Who can build the biggest box out of light grey panels” ;) I’ve still to try it with some Technic Figures in the cars and work out the optimum speed, hopefully I can get a good Whip motion and they don’t go flying!
  3. Seasider

    [TC14] The Whip

    A big update for you all ... the track is now complete and so are most of the cars ... one missing, guess the colour? I’ll leave it up to you to work out the size of this thing! Now just to work out how to hide the motors and stiffen the gears a bit to stop them from slipping. Going to be tight to hit the deadline given work and family commitments but I’m not giving up!
  4. the tube across the bottom of the door looks so much better, i wonder why this wasn't the original solution ? What length of tube have you used ?
  5. That looks horrendous. They've photoshopped 2 vehicles of different scales together as what you have there is the lovechild of a Chiron and an F1 car ... the problems this would have is ... poor (non-existent) turning circle, really weird long suspension arms for the rear, terrible aero for the exposed wheels (an F1 car has exposed wheels from the start and the aero is designed around the turbulence created from these) .. also what engine would this have ? if you put an F1 engine in the back it would be tiny
  6. That’s a shame Doug I was looking forward to seeing your creation
  7. Hi @Jim, the ride is coming along well. I now think I’ve got Europe’s supply of grey panels to complete the base for the track and the cars are almost done. So hopefully this week they should all come together and then it’s jusy powering it and hoping it actually works! ... oh and then a little finishing with a fence and stuff. Not sure how I’m going to photograph / film it at the moment as it’s a bit big!
  8. Seasider

    [TC14] Explorer

    Ride looks good and I love the Fairground Organ music during the video. Shame you couldn’t get the minifigs to stay in the “cars”
  9. Seasider

    [TC14] The Whip

    Its sitting on 4 x 42610 Wheels (11mm dia) attached to the 92907 Split Connectors so the wheels are acting as trolley wheels like the real ride. i'd love to get it a stud lower for the seat but I can't see that happening. I've thought about using curved panels for the sides but I was running into shoulder width problems. The main thing i want to fix is the grey connectors and i have a plan for that
  10. Seasider

    Bentley 4.5 Litre "Blower" @scale 1:8,5

    How comes I've only just seen this ! I hope you don't mind but I'll share it with a few people at work ;)
  11. Seasider

    [TC14] The Whip

    Bit of an update. Managed to get an hour to play with last night, so thought I better work on the cars. First task was to get the wheels more to the corners (better stability) and then get our man seated. Not too sure how happy I am with the end result.
  12. Seasider

    [TC14] The Whip

    Thats a good suggestion, always fancied building one of those RC trucks. Either that or build a reach stacker and a load of containers
  13. Great review as ever @Jim I agree that its a good looking model and also agree with your feelings of the B-model. If it was a licensed model I'd understand the small changes for the B but in this case I want to build something else.
  14. Seasider

    [TC14] The Whip

    Build a big grey box for TC15 - hint for @Jim
  15. Seasider

    [TC14] The Whip

    No just BrickLink :) Someone before mentioned using System tiles or baseboards, but I want to keep the model Technic. another 64 5x11 panels ordered ... if anyone in Europe runs short in years to come you know who to ask :)