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  1. Well done everyone, some very worthy winners. looking forward to the next competition already
  2. Love the mugs ... sad to hear something underhand has gone on
  3. 21314 - LEGO® TRON: Legacy

    That’s what I meant, the modern black light cycle from the “games” and then Flynn’s white one stored at his house off the grid
  4. [MOC] Magnum PI & Ferrari 380

    Great little car and figure ... but it’s a 308 GTS not a 380
  5. 21314 - LEGO® TRON: Legacy

    I'm hoping the set contains 2 light cycles the "modern" Black one and the white "retro" one
  6. SpaceX Falcon Heavy

    Looks like a great MOC, I've got the Saturn V just not built it yet. Definitely needs to have a Dark Red car as its payload
  7. Definitely HOF material. Just love it. Want to build one myself now.
  8. 3:10 24:6 22:4 15:3 1:2 17:1 Some great entries from everyone (as usual) ... Good Luck everyone
  9. 42078 - Mack Anthem

    @Ngoc Nguyen Thanks, just wondered if they were similar enough to not look out of place next to each other and perhaps a slight rescale to enable 42009B to grab the Mack container
  10. 42078 - Mack Anthem

    Sorry got not trawling through all be pages but does anyone know if this is the same (or similar) scale to the 42009 B model stacker? Both from is the scale for driver/vehicle the same and are the containers similar sizes?
  11. As has already been said, the wheels are definitely too small given the overall proportions and the engine is in the wrong way place. If it’s Front engined it should have its centre of mass directly above the front axle (worse case) or better rear of the front axle. The engine is the heaviest single item in an ICE car (or batteries for BEVs) and because of this you want this mass between the axles otherwise handling is “interesting”
  12. Key things with the Chiron both from style and engineering front and rear lights are distinctive classic shape grille curved side panels w16 quad turbo, engine it partially exposed awd with 7spd box active rear spoiler
  13. So black and blue has to be the obvious colour scheme for this? do we think it’ll be all Technic or some brick builds to capture all the important shapes, side curves, rear light strip etc ?
  14. They are indeed :) I made the exact comment earlier sorry jim
  15. Looking forward to seeing this in the Plastic (seen it in the Metal) Can I be the first to point out that Porsche and Bugatti are the same family ... just hope they continue this trend as I'd love a model of the cars I work on ;)