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    <p> Favourite theme is Technic. </p> <p> My recent purchases were from a trip to Billund where I bought Lego House, Tree of Creativity, the 2 Fosh sets and then the 2 legoland sets! </p>

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  1. @Sariel - not having either this or the Harley or any bike but how do the tyres and wheels on the 2 models compare? I’m guessing Harley rear tyre is the widest? But can you put the wide Harley tyre on the Ducati wheels?
  2. Seasider

    42115 - Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

    Does no one remember 41999 ? this was what you saw on the shelf! so no idea what you were buying apart from a Technic set. it wasn’t until you too it off the shelf and looked at the back that you saw this ... ... and on that note I’m quitting this forum for a few weeks ... getting far too argumentative and trolly on here ... personally I think the last few weeks this forum had gone downhill and I just don’t need this in my life at the moment. See you on the other side once we’re discussing how good or bad the set is once we've got it in our hands
  3. Seasider

    42115 - Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

    1. Because that’s the logo Lamborghini use for the car. It’s the official script / logo for the Sian 2. I think that’s the inside of the lid, not where all the boxes go which is picture 4 3. What’s wrong with this as a side of a box ? If you look at the a-wing box some of these have minimal text 4. This is the inside of the box and the inside of the Chiron box looked similar when opened (wheels missing on this though but could be hidden to keep the graphic looking clean) 5. The boxes are meant to be easy to open so you wouldn’t have glue tabs! 6. This is assumed to be the front of the box and I think it looks amazing and very stylistic ! As I said previously it’s similar to 41999 7. it’s got all the usual text there, just a bad camera or the photographer didn’t focus his phone correctly !
  4. Seasider

    42115 - Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

    There may be an earlier release for VIPs but I don’t think they’ll do preorder. The current UCS A-wing didn’t have preorder. As to your earlier comment about sets should have been like the Chiron all along what do you mean by that? Do you mean Technic sets from 1977 ? Or more recently ? Remember just like everything in life things evolve. When the first iPhone came out we were amazed, but it’s evolved to much more. Much like the first Star Wars sets look very simple compared to what is classed as a good set today. So as long as sets continue and evolve that’s a good thing and we shouldn’t measure old sets by newer standards but put them in the context of what was the standard then.
  5. Seasider

    42115 - Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

    The top of the box reminds me of 41999 Boss Crawler a bit. i just want S@H to allow you to order this now!
  6. Seasider

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    More leak pics of the box, love how they did something similar to the interior of the Chiron box but with it switchable between the bonnet(frunk) and engine cover. I’m just waiting to be able to buy it
  7. Just watch out for people needlessly spamming over the next few days to get their tally up 😉
  8. Seasider

    Future Set Wishes and Speculation

    How about a Yellow Bentley Bacalar ?
  9. Seasider

    42115 - Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

    I think this thread needs to take a time out and relax a little. Getting far too argumentative for me.
  10. Seasider

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    @MarkyMark42 ah, the race car. Such an amazing beast. They make an amazing noise, having seen them a few times. sorry for going OT
  11. Seasider

    42115 - Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

    18+ is just a marketing strategy for what age group they are aiming sets at (ucs a-wing, helmet collection and haunted house in this new category too). It doesn’t mean it has Adult content like a film or computer game. its purely an advisory as to what sort of age the set is aimed at in terms of build skill and type of model. 18+ obviously for more expensive sets that are more display than play (I know the haunted house doesn’t fully fit this) if the age groups were strict a lot of us AFOLs would be at a loss as we’d be too old for lots of sets!
  12. Seasider

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    So what car from Audi, VW, Seat, Skoda or Bentley would work ? 🤣 I know what I’d like to happen You could potentially use the new ones on the front and the old Porsche ones on the rear to get some good car shapes too.
  13. Seasider

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    The only parts that will be Sian exclusive will be the wheels and any printed parts, similar to previous ultimate car sets
  14. Seasider

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    Even so the pin holes in the corners will be for the reason I said, both the “Porsche” and “Corvette” arches have these holes so it figures they would add them on any new arch types even if not used in the initial launch model