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  1. Hi all, this may or may not be the right place to ask. First of all I was going to get the falcon. Then literally on the morning of its vip release i decided against it as i couldn’t work out where on earth id ever be able to display it. Now with @efferman display stands I’m now thinking I may be able to fit it in somewhere at least for a few months. So the question is ... is anyone close to TLG and knows how big the backlog is and when they’re going to open the online store for these beauties again?
  2. Good luck with the competition everyone. Looking forward to having lots of trouble with working out who to vote for
  3. Hi all, As well as TC12 (now abandoned for me) I’d been working on this too. I’ve got the official set still to build but I also wanted to build a wheeled variant using the Claas tyres but on black wheels. She’s not complete, you’ll notice lights etc aren’t done and there’s some random colours in places ... and significantly I’ve just ripped the track mechs off and the wheels are held on by good intentions only! I’ll pick this up along with the Bumper Car (to be reimagined post TC12) after my holiday (off for 2 weeks) in the mean time enjoy ... ps I think orange body and black bonnet and roof is the plan
  4. [TC12] Dastardly Dodgem

    don't worry it's not dead, just for TC12. I think i can make a better looking model as a non-TC12 entry
  5. [TC12] Dastardly Dodgem

    @Doug72 I don't think the model is a dead project as such. Just no longer have the inclination / dedication / enthusiasm / time to finish it for TC12. I think it may well live on at some stage as an MOC where I remove the deploying side bumpers and make a large scale standard Dodgem ... it's not going to leave the shelf for a while.
  6. [TC12] Dastardly Dodgem

    Some news for you all ... I'm withdrawing from this competition as I've fallen out of love with this model. I just can't get the side profile or back to work how I want it and I'm just not loving it anymore. So I've gone back to making the 2 Extreme Adventure models (official one and one in Orange with wheels). I thought about building a new entry and even started to think about what I'd do but I don't have the time as in just over a week I'm off on holiday (finally). At the moment the model is still in the state you see above and it'll stay that way at least for the time being (unless I need bits off it for another model).
  7. [TC12] Dastardly Dodgem

    @Aventador2004 - good guesses but wrong. I'll put you out of your misery ... Bentley. @mocbuild101 - you are right to some extent, a lot of models will be a fine line between a Wacky Wheels and a Battle Bot. Lots of entries have weapons of some sort, as per the rules of something to gain advantage over or hinder an opponent. In my opinion it's about making it look like a vehicle for this competition. My Battle Bot was a plain rectangular box, very similar to lots in UKs Robot Wars, this is going to (hopefully) look like a Dodgem/Bumper Car.
  8. [TC12] Dastardly Dodgem

    @TechnicSummse yes it's from the Red Beast, I found it on Bricklink while having a buying session after looking working out what I wanted to do ... a Dodgem because as a kid they were the coolest vehicles to drive, and I thought for this competition a vehicle that only has a forward gear but the drive wheel can rotate 360deg would be fun. Strangely I saw precisely the picture @Didumos69 has posted above and thought how similar it looked and so that what set me down this path. oh yes normal pins appear to be able to hold it in place. It has 2 of them with a pin spacing between them horizontally between the main profile on 2 levels (poor description sorry) @Aventador2004 no I don't officially test drive I've cars, but I do work in the car industry. I work in design engineering for a well known British car company. I do occasionally get to drive them tho, hence being away this week, off to Frankfurt motorshow to be precise ... a long drive from the UK!
  9. [TC12] Dastardly Dodgem

    Bit of an update from me ... reworked the drive area and started to block in some panels. still think it might be a little slab sided but hey. Hopefully will get an hour of build time tomorrow as I'm now away on business next week. Got to "unfortunately" drive some cars.
  10. Name Unknown

    A certain W12 is a V6 nested inside another V6 or that's the easiest way it's often described at work
  11. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but Sbrick isn't allowed in this competition. It says official Lego parts only
  12. [TC12] Dastardly Dodgem

    Some more progress this weekend. Took me 6 iterations to get the front wheel setup how I wanted it. Took ages to work out the optimum wheel size for the position i needed t to be. Then took a while to work out where this mounted in the Chassis and then had to strip the Chassis apart a few times to get it to fit. So it's all positioned ok. Just that it doesn't work when I place it on the ground! I can see the steering drive is opening up on the top (should be easy to fix with some bracing) but the drive is also going click click click and I think that's hidden underneath in an area that's going to be difficult to add more bracing. oh I've also been reworking the side bumpers as I think they're flexing too much and causing a misalignment but I haven't got those built into the Chassis yet, just sitting randomly on the lounge carpet. next build time for me will be hopefully Tuesday night (most probably while listening to the House of Apple talk about new phones)
  13. [TC12] Dastardly Dodgem

    The one with the light grey gear and red tube. Hopefully it'll run ok on a single motor.
  14. [TC12] Dastardly Dodgem

    Some updates from an hour during the week and then a good 3 hours this afternoon. Thank heavens some old engineering companies don't work on a Friday afternoon. Updated mechanism for the above ... this did lead me to having the revelation that not all large turntables are the same and in fact I have a type 2 and a type 3. I still had the original (see initial thread post) assembled as I was refining it to this version and wondered why the gearing didn't work. I also worked out I need 2 of the same turntable for what I want to do. Some form of mechanism on some sort of frame. The white frame at this point was for sizing. An outer ring? Couldn't build this till today, thank the Lego gods that my bricklink order arrived today. And where I ended up today. I even mounted a servo motor and the rear wheels. Plan for the weekend is to try and mount the front wheel mechanism (see pic no1 in this post) and then perhaps start on the body work. I've bought a very special Lego piece for that ... a piece that got me thinking along the lines for this model to start with. For those of you interested the vehicle is currently 41 studs long and 23 studs wide Next update from me on Sunday
  15. Happy 40th Technic !

    Nothing to see here ... just a load of chat :(