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    <p> Favourite theme is Technic. </p> <p> My recent purchases were from a trip to Billund where I bought Lego House, Tree of Creativity, the 2 Fosh sets and then the 2 legoland sets! </p>

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  1. Seasider

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    @Jim do you recall when we normally see H1 sets? We’re mid way through October and I know some H1 stuff comes out early in Jan
  2. Seasider

    [MOC] Volvo Mars Mission

    Love this model. well thought out and executed. i love the smooth motion of the drill head
  3. Seasider

    SBrick General Discussion

    Thanks I may get someone to buy me one for Christmas
  4. Seasider

    SBrick General Discussion

    Sorry for bumping a thread but can anyone confirm that the website above is an official uk reseller of Sbrick
  5. Seasider

    Build The Impossible

    Reminds me a bit of the Honda “Cog” advert from a few years back. Id be interested to know how you got the mechanisms to move too
  6. Seasider

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    Why couldn’t a set have a Double A model? so how soon till we get pictures ?
  7. Seasider

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    So i would expect this to be the same colour scheme as the Speed Champions 911 RSR as that’s the “works” colours
  8. Seasider

    SBrick General Discussion took me ages to find the link again !
  9. Seasider

    SBrick General Discussion

    I’m thinking of dipping into the world of 3rd party Lego and thinking of an Sbrick and have a specific model in mind that I might use it on. i found a link the other day for a uk reseller and just wanted to know if this is real and official ? thanks
  10. Does anyone know what this runs like on an Mac ? and more importantly how well Technic is supported ?
  11. Seasider

    [WIP] Sports Car

    I’d move the transmission and engine rear wards. As long as the engine is at least partially over the rear axle it should look good i guess you like cars with flat engines :)
  12. Seasider

    Generic Contest Discussion

    Don’t like the “wacky wings” title but we could have a model with a specific goal eg an aircraft that can transport an egg as cargo something to give some common design function rather than the extremely generic open topic
  13. Seasider

    10.000 Subsribers special - Mashup

    That’s an amazing build. Love how it seamlessly flows between each model. congrats on your subs too, I know that’s a huge achievement
  14. Seasider

    Generic Contest Discussion

    That could be a good competition too and link the the Lego Forma product !