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    <p> Favourite theme is Technic.</p><p> My recent purchases were from a trip to Billund where I bought Lego House, Tree of Creativity, the 2 Fosh sets and then the 2 legoland sets!</p>

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  1. Loving following the progress both in the build and your thoughts on this. Also your final sentence made me smile, in English I’d use the phrase it “snowballs throughout …” but the use of cauliflower is great as you can immediately picture it. I might use it at some point as I love using quirky language
  2. It depends on what I’m building. I often physically build small sub-models to test mechanisms. For TC20 a lot of it was done digitally, then going to physical to check it all hangs together properly. For some of the past competitions I’ve done pure physical build and then built digitally at the end so I have a record of what I made. But most of the builds I do now are definitely digital based. I find it allows me to position mechanisms or parts where I want them in space and then work out how to connect them after.
  3. Great looking model. would you be able to share an image of the insides just to show the complex mess of gears. Just curious what 153 gears looks like
  4. I don’t think that’s the case. All @Jim and @Milan are saying is that they don’t feel best placed to run that sort of competition so they’re after someone from the GBC community to pick up the baton and run the competition.
  5. Thanks @MangaNOID I’ll download it when I’m home back from holiday.
  6. Thanks @Thirdwigg so it is fractionally smaller. Good to know
  7. @Jim i don’t have that steering wheel. Is it a medium size to how between the standard large Technic one and the smaller ones? If so could you do a comparison pic?
  8. @syclone thanks for the white render … thankfully the cars for sale (2x blue, 2 x white) on eBay in the U.K. are £15k and I don’t have that sort of money at the moment and my mx-5 is taking up the garage 🤣
  9. One of my favourite Kai cars, looks great. Can it be built in white as the primary colour as I’ve seen a lot of them in white and think it looks very racer style like that
  10. @Berthil those stands look great I may have to dig my 2 cars out of the loft and build them
  11. I bought the MP4/4 and FW14B (my era of F1). I like both models, they’re big and look great to display but at the moment are away in trays. They’re not easy to build and worth reading a few stages in advance just in case you need to do something clever with the assembly you’re on.
  12. From what I remember Rosco’s F1 cars with a file you can upload into a wish list in your brick link account. From there you can use as people have said bricklinks own tools to find the optimum stores for you. I have 2 of his F1 cars and a few other large MOCs from other sellers and anyone of good standard should provide a file you can load into brick link or easily edit to make it compatible.
  13. @Jundis a long time ago we did a mini build contest, can’t remember what TC it was but feels like a long time. @msk6003 Do you mean vehicles with tracks? Would be interesting I do like the Extreme Adventure set. Although I did convert mine to have Wheels 🤣 @Bartybum a Walker competition would be interesting but I have a feeling most of us would end up with similar mechanisms after Googling how they work. I’m sure @Jim & @Milan have some great ideas up their sleeves. We’ve had some great competitions for lots of years now
  14. So many yellow parts … getting ready to do a raid on parts ordering if I don’t buy the whole set!