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  1. back in stock on the UK website :) just ordered mine
  2. I was too slow ... back to Out of Stock in the UK ... should have ordered rather than telling a colleague they were available !
  3. Do we have a B model for 42076 hovercraft yet?
  4. Thanks for the suggestions everyone ... I'd rule out the Stratos right away, I want something as a static display on my desk. I think the rest of the office wouldn't appreciate an RC car racing up and down the walkway! The F1 style car I'll rule out too. it's a bit F1/Indy car to my liking and in the past I've displayed @RoscoPC's amazing FW14B and MP4/4 at work when I built them, though not under my screens as they're huge The 919 Porsche ... again I'm going to rule out. I'm a big fan of Motorsport (F1, Le Mans, GT3 and Touring Cars), but if I was to build and LMP1 car it would either have to be the original Panoz GTR-1 (my favourite car from when I used to go to Le Mans) or a Bentley Speed 8 (for obvious reasons) So I think I'm trending to trying to make a version of @Thirdwigg's 911 ... the question is how big is it ? and can i make it in Yellow ?
  5. @Jurss that’s a great little model. is it complicated to build ? @Immo I always think of hot rods as very American, not the sort of thing for my office. Not really my cup of tea a small “race buggy” however could be cool
  6. @LvdH my MOC 40th Chassis will be retired from my desk and find a new place at home So the new model doesnt need to link to an existing model on my desk
  7. Please bear with me on this one. On my desk at work i currently have a space under my 2 monitors that is occupied by my MOC version of the 40th Anniversary Chassis, I did also have my Lego Marvel heroes display case but thats to the side of my desk and another story. But as the Christmas break approaches and looking to the New Year I want a new model to adorn my desk at work in 2018 ... and I'm just not sure what to put there In the past I've also used this space to display my version of @BrickMonkeyMOCs Mazda MX-5. What I'd like is a car (because of where i work) which is predominantly Technic and has Technic functions but on a small scale, suspension, steering, diff, engine ... all the "usuals". Ideally no more than 35-40 studs long, 20 wide and the critical dimension 17 studs high to fit in the gap underneath the monitors I'm not great in modelling at a small scale so I'm after suggestions if someone doesn't mind me copying their model, or perhaps some techniques to creating small scale technic cars with as many functions thrown in. I don't want PF in it so can you help ?
  8. Been away from Lego for a bit and come back to find the pics out. really like the Mack truck, I don’t mind the mix of bricks and technic we often have that for lights anyway. also I quite like the rally car / buggy, although the buggy looks a little open in places when viewed from above. the big question is are we getting a follow up to the “ucs” Porsche next year ... and do I finally get round to buying a UCS falcon ... both of these could put the purchase of the Truck and Rally car on hold ... or at least holding out for sale or deals
  9. I still need to stiffen the chassis on mine, too much flex at the joint (or lack of) between the Dash and Grey Nose and also the front of the engine to the gearbox. It's currently sitting in front of me on my desk at work, I'll perhaps take it home one nice and plan the final mods. Once I'm happy I'll create an LDD ... possibly
  10. 18: 10 9: 6 2: 4 10: 3 15: 2 14: 1 vote from me, some really great and original models here
  11. Hi all, this may or may not be the right place to ask. First of all I was going to get the falcon. Then literally on the morning of its vip release i decided against it as i couldn’t work out where on earth id ever be able to display it. Now with @efferman display stands I’m now thinking I may be able to fit it in somewhere at least for a few months. So the question is ... is anyone close to TLG and knows how big the backlog is and when they’re going to open the online store for these beauties again?
  12. Good luck with the competition everyone. Looking forward to having lots of trouble with working out who to vote for
  13. Hi all, As well as TC12 (now abandoned for me) I’d been working on this too. I’ve got the official set still to build but I also wanted to build a wheeled variant using the Claas tyres but on black wheels. She’s not complete, you’ll notice lights etc aren’t done and there’s some random colours in places ... and significantly I’ve just ripped the track mechs off and the wheels are held on by good intentions only! I’ll pick this up along with the Bumper Car (to be reimagined post TC12) after my holiday (off for 2 weeks) in the mean time enjoy ... ps I think orange body and black bonnet and roof is the plan
  14. [TC12] Dastardly Dodgem

    don't worry it's not dead, just for TC12. I think i can make a better looking model as a non-TC12 entry
  15. [TC12] Dastardly Dodgem

    @Doug72 I don't think the model is a dead project as such. Just no longer have the inclination / dedication / enthusiasm / time to finish it for TC12. I think it may well live on at some stage as an MOC where I remove the deploying side bumpers and make a large scale standard Dodgem ... it's not going to leave the shelf for a while.