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  1. hi jim, just tested on my work laptop running Firefox on Windows 7 Professional followed same procedure as on my iphone and got the same outcome
  2. Hi Jim on my iPhone at work voted "how am I supposed to know?" vote box disappeared after I voted and it thanked me for it, show results disappeared too refreshed page vote box reappeared, with boxes for me to vote again and show results displayed clicked show results and vote boxes and "show results" disappeared again
  3. Go for it Blakbird I'd love to but also I'd be worried about a "conflict of interest" if it's modelled on a specific car, especially if it's part of the group I work for.
  4. cheered me up massively to hear that its a car (or at least a chassis) that's coming. I tick a few of those boxes :) ... where I'm from and what I do as a job :) But not a Journo
  5. Approximately 8-9 weeks actually ... closing date is October not September! Jim can I request that the entry thread is open from the beginning of October as from the 7th I'm away on holiday. just googled the apogee game and it's a Mario kart type game. Are you thinking something like those or something more like the Hanna-Barbera cartoon?
  6. Time to get my thinking cap on might be calling on my 6yr old niece and nephew for ideas for wackyness!
  7. The generic contest thread covers all these sorts of discussions already
  8. They're great looking models. Wonder what Dastardly plan Jim has for the competition
  9. Wacky :) sounds like my sort of comp
  10. Any idea when we're likely to see the competition thread ?
  11. But Jim wouldn't that make it a 41st Anniversary model instead of a 40th? Here's still hoping whatever it is it's a worthy model of its title
  12. I'm hoping the tc12 is a little left field ... or I'll just try and come up with a silly entry anyway! hopefully Jim won't keep us in suspense as long as TLG are with the UCS Millennium Falcon reveal!
  13. Tested on an iPhone. Voted other, now can't see the results. Wonder if it changes if I do a reload update it's obviously not taking my votes as if I refresh the page I can vote again! But when I instead click view results the vote disappears and the results don't display
  14. New contest time :) wonder what it'll be
  15. [MOD] 10248 Ferrari F40 Stanced

    Stanced Beetle - Yes Stanced Ferrari - No