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    <p> Favourite theme is Technic.</p><p> My recent purchases were from a trip to Billund where I bought Lego House, Tree of Creativity, the 2 Fosh sets and then the 2 legoland sets!</p>

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  1. I’ve submitted a link to my theme park ride from TC14 ! I think that’s outside the box and shows mechanisms in play
  2. Definitely think it’s more of a bad guy ship than a police one. Being yellow and black you could go down the route of names like “stinger” “Yellowjacket” “hornet” etc
  3. They’re from @Kit Brickstos UCS Tantive IV Thanks, good luck with yours. Perhaps you need to stop making trucks for Instagram 🤣
  4. I’ve been looking at these but wondered if anyone had any experience? As much experience as to what it means to the Technic set displaying them like this long term®-technic-42115-lamborghini-sian-pdw-02
  5. But has anyone used any wall mounts for displaying the cars? I don’t have space for bookshelves but wall mounts could potentially work
  6. Technic Axles aren’t the strongest things in torsion so if you’re having problems with a 10L I’d suggest you change to shorter axles and 2L or 3L connectors where you have gaps between liftarms/beams. You’ll often find this sort of usage in official models
  7. Hello all, I couldn’t find a thread on display cases or wall mounts so thought I’d ask here. I know @kbalage has reviewed some wall mounts for the supercars but they’re very expensive. Have other people used any other brands to display theirs ? I’ve seen a company called Unique Display here in the U.K. but not seen any reviews
  8. So this is where my brain is at … Unfortunately this project isn’t going well for me, it’s been floating around my desk for a while and as I’ve slowly developed a bit here and there it’s grown as a model and developed as an idea but not I’m at the stage where I’m just not feeling it anymore. Perhaps life has got in the way of this build too much but that’s how things are sometimes. Here’s a shot of where I got to. By the time you’ll read this I’ll have started to rip it apart and hopefully I’ll get back to spending the little Lego build time I have on building the Mazda model.
  9. In any other year I’d have said to yes to this but I’ve got a special birthday this year and instead I’m driving the North Coast 500 (Scotland) with my father. Hopefully 1 year I’ll get to a eurobricks event :)
  10. Seasider

    [CSE] Beryllium Buzzard

    Just shows I need to check the homepage more often. 🤣 some great entries so far
  11. Seasider

    [CSE] Beryllium Buzzard

    I love this model but surely promoting just this one on the front page when it’s part of an ongoing competition is wrong?
  12. Its been over 6 months since I posted here and as I was updating my TC24 thread I thought I’d post pictures of where I got to. the model I last posted progressed into this, some random panels to give me a basic form to visualise, you’ll also notice a load of axles along the centreline. These gave me a rough profile for the car. From this I then did these. trying to work out the position of the engine relative to the front axle (right - blue pin is axle z position) and steering wheel to engine. And the last I got to was this … A rough layout including steering in the right location. the project then stalled at this stage as I’m trying to work out how to solve the popup headlamp problem. I won’t be picking this up again until after TC24
  13. Weekend update from me. As planned I turned the fuselage section into real bricks, with a few tweaks to the design along the way. I’m still not 100% on the final position of the canopy piece and how it attaches back into the structure. As you’ll notice the nose is missing some which panels too. Then I created this, based off a Grumman X-29 to be my proof of concept model. All good engineers need a proof of concept model once in a while! Next stage is to work out how big I want these wings to be and work out how to convert them into panels/lift arms.
  14. And I’ve just preordered one 😎
  15. Managed to preorder Rex and Cody but strangely Boussh disappeared from the U.K. store while I was trying to preorder