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  1. Liking the Forklift more and more. Not sure about the others at the moment, think I'll wait to see them in the Plastic
  2. I'm "quite" happy with Lego and Technic at the moment. I know I'm never going to like everything or buy everything, partly as I'm wondering if i should scale back my spending or even sell off old Lego sets that now just sit in boxes. But back on topic ... I do like having a different B-model to the A and part of that is down to liking some of the B-models more than the A. The bigger issues I have at the moment is the trend is to bigger and more expensive sets. I've bought both the "UCS" sets but I'm also of the opinion that bigger doesn't mean better. It's also tough with ideas and themes, how do you come up with something new each time ? I think that with the Technic we generally have a good rotation of model themes covering lots of different things including some very interesting and unusual vehicles. I like the Extreme Off-Roader, but the recent hovercraft with mini truck was a bit odd.
  3. Seasider

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    Bit disappointed by the B model myself as I prefer them to be different to the A. But I do get it as it’s part of similar construction equipment for building the Grey Building. this might go on the maybe list now
  4. Only just found this thread and I just love how you’re building this as a car would with detail to each and every sub assembly. It’ll almost be a shame to clad it in a body.
  5. @Jim didn’t specify which Lego series, could be make a Technic version of a non-Technic series model
  6. as box pictures have started to surface when do we think we'll get a look at the B-models ?
  7. I've only built Box 1, bags 1-3, so far and I've enjoyed the process of the Modular build. I was planning on building the Chiron completely as per the instructions before MODs but my OCD wouldn't let me and I've made the rear suspension assemblies as symmetrical rather than duplicate assemblies. It took a few hours but I'm doing a slow careful build and enjoying the quality of the instructions and complexity of the model. I think I did a slow hour building the gearbox module as I was working out its relationships/mechanism as it was being slowly built up. I'm hoping to have a crack at building box 2 this week, but didn't get a chance last night and I'm off out tonight. For some context I've got the Porsche but not built it yet and I work in the Engineering end of the Car Industry (a production line is a short walk from my desk) For the Porsche I'm going to build it with the Eurobricks light MOD/fix pack.
  8. I did like the coffee cup idea too, something to show off at work :)
  9. Prizes aren’t a factor in entering a competition, the challenge and enjoyment are. looking forward to the next comp @Jim hope you give us a nice amount of building time
  10. The extra tube mod looks good. Did you cut that to length or is it a standard TLG length ?
  11. I wonder what the car looks like with just plain light grey tiles across the bottom of the door as a replacement to the light blue with the stickers
  12. Hi everyone, You do all realise that the Chiron is only available in LHD. also the engine is meant to be exposed, it doesn’t have a glass cover like a Ferrari or a Lambo as to MODs, I don’t care about HOG as it’s not a play model, but a fix to the potentially sagging suspension and a better W16 option would be nice. i think I’ll end up keeping mine stock though
  13. If I remember correctly it was some posters / desktop wallpapers with the Porsche code ... and if I remember correctly someone used Jim’s code from shots from his review before he used it himself
  14. Ordered mine :)
  15. I was about to say you do realise Bugatti and Porsche all fall into the VW Group. So does Lamborghini and so does Bentley ;)