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    <p> Favourite theme is Technic. </p> <p> My recent purchases were from a trip to Billund where I bought Lego House, Tree of Creativity, the 2 Fosh sets and then the 2 legoland sets! </p>

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  1. Seasider

    Technic 2021 Set Discussion

    Why are people talking of a Ultimate Supercar, surely that’s 2022 if they’re following the usual pattern
  2. Seasider

    Technic 2021 Set Discussion

    The Senna looks ok but I feel we have too many shades of blue and a shame the arches will be printed. I like the look of the buggy, I have quite a few of the older Technic buggies and this looks great especially the new tyres. I assume it’s price is dictated by Control+ ?
  3. I’ve seen the photos from the catalogue that we're all talking about but do we think there’s any more photos to come from this same booklet that would include the helmets?
  4. Hello, I wasn’t too sure where to ask general building advice but has anyone come up with any clever ways of joining 2 of the garage door roller pieces ( side by side to create a wider door ? I’ve come up with the idea of using the Technic Rubber connector (;name=Technic, Axle Connector Double Flexible (Rubber)&amp;category=[Technic, Connector]#T=C) but I wonder if there’s something more rigid that’s also 1 wide? Help!
  5. Seasider

    DC Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Definitely needs a vertical stand perhaps one that even links to the batmobile one
  6. @Mandalorianknight yes the current helmets are branded for the anniversary of Empire, so then doing a further collection based off another film is a good idea. Although I would have done Scout Trooper, Royal Guard and Boushh for Jedi. I’d have done Vader for when the got to ANH which could have gone with an Imperial Gunner and if they work out how to do open face helmets either an Rebel pilot or Rebel Trooper
  7. Vader, a Scout Trooper and a Royal Guard would then potentially link the Helmet collection to ROTJ. Do we think the UCS will be the clone wars gunship ? Or at this price do we think it’ll be something else?
  8. Seasider

    [REVIEW] 75290 Mos Eisley Cantina

    Thanks just wondered about if it would easily transfer from a building area to a display shelf. such a great set, just need to check my bank balance, it’s been an expensive Lego year for me
  9. Seasider

    [REVIEW] 75290 Mos Eisley Cantina

    Another question. Once the cantina is closed can it easily be picked up? Or does it try to break apart ?
  10. Seasider

    [REVIEW] 75290 Mos Eisley Cantina

    @makoy thanks for the info so 44x38.4cm for the Cantina. yes I’m aware that Obi Wans hut is out in the desert somewhere and not Mos Eisley, but the set had a couple of white connectors that people thought might link to this set.
  11. Seasider

    [REVIEW] 75290 Mos Eisley Cantina

    Fantastic detailed review. It would be great to have a Minifig series to add more patrons to the cantina. A couple of questions if you don’t mind. How big is the set when closed up? Or at least how big is the main building when closed. Also does Obi Wan’s but connect to it anywhere ?
  12. Definitely looking forward to the Scout Trooper as it’s one of my favourite designs. A bit disappointed if Vader is true as he seems too obvious and it’s been done before as a bust (which I don’t have) but of course a fan favourite. Probe Droids are a great design but it’s not a helmet ... so it shouldn’t be in this collection. So if it is true I’ll have to think about it before I buy
  13. Seasider

    75290 Mos Eisley Cantina

    Does anyone know what the size of this is when it’s closed?
  14. For all the moans about the next wave, I’m glad to see the Helmet collection gets a second set. Hopefully some interesting helmets like a scout trooper or the royal guards or boushh from ROTJ rather than going for the obvious fan favourites of Vader and Kylo. As to the UCS set, the A-Wing is a great set, so it shows cheaper UCS sets can work.
  15. So now we have official pics do we think obi wan’s hut connects to this somehow ... and yes I know his hut isn’t in mos eisley