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Found 9 results

  1. Mr Greeble

    Lego UCS-MOC: Doctor Who Tardis

    Hello Eurobrickers! I've started a MOC of the 11th and 12th Doctor's Tardis. Please enjoy. Day 1: (sorry for the poor quality pictures and messy table, this will be fixed soon.) C&C much appreciated.
  2. My two new Doctor Who displays from Brickworld 2015. Built for Brickworld 2015. I want to give a really special thank you to a lovely lady from Brickworld whom I spoke with on public day last year. As we got talking, she suggested I build something from one of my favourite episodes of Doctor Who, the second doctor serial The Tomb of the Cybermen. So I did. Hope it came out well. Reference images for the tombs and inspiration from angela's version. Logo. Character reference. The God Complex Based on the 2011 episode The God Complex. Logo. Check them out on flickr here and here.
  3. eiker86

    MOC: Tardis - Police Box

    I'm not a Doctor Who fan or watched any of the series, but I made this tardis and are making 9 more to have in the layout in the Brick Show in London in November. This is just the prototype, so brick's with the correct color is on it's way =)
  4. Greetings Sci-fi and Doctor Who fans! Here's a little project that I was working on over the last 2 years. The Eighth incarnation of Doctor Who (if you don't know the world-wide phenomenon of Doctor Who, stop living under a rock... I'm kidding, maybe this will help...) used this version of the TARDIS (his time machine, stands for Time And Relative Dimensions In Space) as well as the Seventh incarnation of Doctor Who to have many adventures. This version of his time machine was most prominently featured in The Doctor Who movie (filmed in Vancouver Studios in Canada, may I add), and although it failed to warrant a Fox series funding and airing of the show (phew!), it did manage to capture the imagination of many, as seen in the comic strip continuation of the Eighth Doctor (for example). The Eighth Doctor (played by the brilliant Paul Mcgann ) was one of my favourite Doctor Whos, as I used to read a lot of the comics, and probably always will be, and here I pay tribute to him with this model. Enjoy!! The hexagonal console. Count 'em, yep, 6 sides. A pain to do, but definitely more worth it for the accuracy I could get! Until next time (and space)!
  5. Hello everyone! Recently it was announced that Lego could possibly be making Doctor Who sets. What and who would you like to see in Lego form? As for Minifigs, I'd like to see: All 12 Doctors Martha Rose Donna Jo Grant Sarah Jane Luke (Sarah Jane's son) The Dark Hordes Blowfish Drahvins Weevils Jack Harkness The rest of the Torchwood team K-9 The astronaut River Song Young Amelia Pond Star Poet Shakri Daleks 60's Cybermen Cybus industries Cybermen Modern Cybermen Rory Williams Amy Pond Hawthorne the Winder Prisoner Zero Winders Smiler's Ironside Daleks Proffesor Bracewell Fenric Raggedy 11th Doctor War Doctor Mickey Smith Jake the Preacher CyberShade Pete Tyler Sycorax Harriet Jones Novice Hame The Cat Nuns Brannigan Ice Warriors Clara Astrid Peth Hoix Slitheen Space Pig Empty Child Doctor Constantine Cassandra Abzorbaloff Any other Minifig or set suggestions?
  6. Fithboy

    Sonic Screwdriver Mark V

    Doctor Who's infamous all purpose tool, recreated in Lego. This version was used by the ninth and tenth Doctors More photos on my Flickr: Enjoy :)
  7. The famous scene when Rose joins the TARDIS, recreated in Lego! Enjoy :)
  8. This the project I've spent my Summer on. Part one of my Lego Doctor Who Animation on 23rd November! If you are confused, this is the Dark Eyes version of the Eighth Doctor, who can be seen here:
  9. I made a new Matt Smith: Enjoy :)