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  1. (July 12, 2014) I can always be found on Steam!

  2. (Novemeber 6, 2013) I can always be found on Steam!

  3. (1/2/2013) I can always be found on Steam!

  4. is currently on a break from Eurobricks. Feel free to send me a PM if you want to tell me something! (3/25/12)

  5. ILikePi

    Happy Birthday ADHO15, Admiral Croissant, and badboytje88!

    Looks like I logged on at a good time; happy birthday to all three of you, especially ADHO15! Thanks for all the help you've given to me over the years I hope you three have a fantastic day!
  6. ILikePi


    Another amazing creation, Nannan and Tyler! I'm as speechless as everyone else, but let me say that I really enjoyed the lead-up to the reveal. It was saddening, but very well done!
  7. ILikePi

    How Many Minifigs do you own?

    It's been a looong time since I've checked my minifig count, and now it's up to 170 according to Brickset, give or take a few loose, uncataloged ones!
  8. ILikePi

    30055 Vulture Droid mini review

    Wow, that's a great-looking mini set! It'll definitely be going in my collection of ever-increasing mini models sooner or later. It sounds like you had a fantastic time at LEGOWorld, Superkalle!
  9. ILikePi

    2011 LEGO Cars 2 Discussion

    Wow, those Cars are looking good! I was expecting them to be just one piece like the Duplo ones, but having multiple pieces is very cool - and the fact that they still look great is a bonus!
  10. ILikePi

    Our Zorro (Dieter) passing away

    Wow, I can't believe that this happened all of a me it's like the announcement of Nate Neilson, except worse as I knew more about Dieter and talked to him a few times back in 2009 and 2010. He was a great member here on Eurobricks, and I'll miss his presence in the community. Even though I currently am not active here, I still feel saddened by the great loss his family is feeling. May he rest in peace.
  11. ILikePi

    Review: 20019 Slave I

    Just got mine today, and I was impressed on how cool of a mini it was! I haven't opened it yet, mostly due to the fact that it's worth so much on BrickLink, but like the mini AT-AT, I'll have to reconsider opening and building it! Thanks for the review, Inky!
  12. ILikePi

    What did you buy today?

    I bought the last new Clone Troopers Battle Pack at Target today with my Christmas money. The clones are highly-detailed and very cool!
  13. They can't, Oky Wan; see this thread:
  14. ILikePi

    2011 Atlantis sets

    Wow, the box art for Angler Ambush is beautiful with that dark blue background! It's one of the best box arts I've seen. I'll be eagerly waiting for your review!