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  1. Great! I've been there and I recognized it instanty. Very nice!
  2. The sets are available at local stores around munich. Including Toys'r'us, where I got mine with 20% off from the running Promotion on all Lego. I only got three sets. I save LT for the christmas truck promo on Monday. I don't care about the sets, only displaying the figures. From the figures of this three sets I got mixed feelings. For me, there are only 4 outstanding figures, the rest is more or less average. But maybe I'm spoiled by the superb figures from previous LOTR/Hobbit sets. The Highlights so far: Radagast Azog (take this, SDCC scalpers) Thranduil Beorn for the latter: I first thought the Hairpice/head mold had some prodution technical reason. But Radagast also has hair/beard all around his head, so I still don't understand. I can't believe it's just for lifting the Head 0.5mm. But the complete mold doesn't harm the figure at all. It looks great. Now I impatiently wait for LT. I think there are some good figures left...
  3. No, I know at least one more: the clown from CMF
  4. speculations about a 5th set, great: If there is a 5th it is probably exclusive to S@H and brand stores. Retailers need pics and set infos to prepare brochures etc for christmas business. So I think all retailer sets are public right now. So why keep one set secret? Because the stuff it represents is secret? And what's more secret than the look of smaug!!! Ok, I'm just dreaming, but Lego did a very good job in keeping pictures and set list hidden for a very long time. So why not having one more in the closet that will be revealed just one or two days before it hits the brand stores? I keep my fingers crossed...
  5. The sets are more or less confirmed: German toy shop website has listed them in their shop. This is the site that posted pictures of the 2012 sets early last year, if I'm not wrong. No surprise here, there are exactly the 4 sets that have been rumoured before: 79011 Hinterhalt von Dol Guldur 26,99€ 79012 Duesterwald Elbenarmee 39,99€ 79013 Verfolgung auf dem Wasser 59,99€ 79014 Schlacht von Dol Guldur 79,99€ No details on piece count or minifigs. Release date is 1st Dec. 2013 Pictures will be published 1st Nov. 2013 So if no more pictures leak till then, this is the spot to point your eyes at.
  6. Do any of you do this?

    I print small labels like 2x20mm with a unique code that contains set number, theme, release year and a continueing number. Then I fold this label and place it in the body before attaching the legs. I did this with all LOTR and Hobbit figures since some orcs, Frodos and Aragorns are the same.
  7. Maybe they will correct it on the tile but not on the box, since it almost not visible on the box. This way you can't tell which version is inside. That would be funny. It would be the first time a opened set could be of higher value than a sealed one.
  8. CMF accessoires and other stuff

    interisting points, worth a discussion... elsewhere now for something completely different, I continue with the original topic: 5002483 Minifigure Poster Series 1-10 What else is out there? I don't use the pen either. But the figure is a very nice display, right next to the original sized clown. Does the flashlight represent a CMF?
  9. Comic-Con minifigures

    I was frustated also. I was checking various Lego Forums during comic con waiting for exclusives NOT to show up. And I took a deep breath and relaxed when I saw micro scale bag end: no exclusive minifig! But then the next day: azog. I wrote to TLG telling about my disappoinment and probably cancelling collecting LOTR sets furthermore, since theres no chance to complete. But I also made a suggestion and I'd like to know, what you think about it: They could give the exclusive to customers who buy a complete wave in a store or at Lego@shop for trading all VIP-points collected with the wave. By this they make sure, real fans get the exclusives AND the profit from fans not buying the sets at sales AND the have more people joining the VIP program for whatever that is good for. TLG replied, they would forward this approachd to Billund, but I have no idea how serious this was ment. What do you think?
  10. TC-14 Mini Sopwith Camel and Mini X-Wing
  11. Hi, I'm collecting the CMF and found incidentally the "Retractable Pen"s on Ebay. There are three pens in form of overseized CMF: Clown, Wrestler and Singer. I ordered one and placed it on my showcase above all other CMF and it looks great. But these pens are not promoted by LEGO anywhere, so there is probably more and as a completionist I want to know and get EVERYTHING I would like to start a list with things around CMF, like pens, lights, posters, sticker, whatever. What did you find?
  12. For german collectors this manufacturer could be interesting: The TT-type fits perfect. 16 CMF fit in one row and there are 7 rows. Not the cheapest one, actually. But they make high quality displays. By now I got 4 of them. Two for CMF and two for LOTR minifigs. I equiped he first completed CMFDisplay with a self designed minifig poster showing all minifigs and now I'm working on illuminating the figs with LEDs. I can post a picture, if anyone is interested.
  13. Stickers in LEGO magazine

    Got mine on Friday. No stickers there
  14. Thanks for the great review! As being from Bavaria I must say, I like the bavarian guy, but the bavarian girl doesn't really compare to the real bavarian girls Scarecrow, Tiki Warrior and Welder (beautiful colour scheme) are my favourites.