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  1. Before you start designing decals we must cover the basics of Inkscape. -The Draw Bezier and Straight Lines After selecting this tool you want to left click to create a node and it'll take a couple nodes to create a rough outline of your shape. You may notice a red line this is to help you create your desired shape. *Video Help* -Edit Paths by Nodes Will help you refine your rough outline into the desired shape. Simply click Edit paths by nodes then select your outline and push or pull a line segment till it's correct. -Tip/Nodes To move nodes around simply click edit paths by nodes. Select your outline,left click and hold on a node then drag your line. *Video Help* -Stroke Style >>> Select the paint brush located on the top tool. A window should open and select stroke style. Make sure to click on your line. Topically 2.000 and 3.000 PX are the stranded line widths I use for all my decals. -Tools before we start. Mini Figure Template http://www.mediafire.com/?7ytquo59x8dazg6 Lego Color Guild If you require any more help feel free to P.M me or leave a reply.
  2. Dutch

    A Tutor for Inkscape.

    Well I am working on a new tutorial.
  3. Dutch

    A Tutor for Inkscape.

    I'm sorry but I no longer have that photo on my computer.
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    Happy Birthday LuxorV!

    Happy birthday to my fellow customizer.
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    Orc Propaganda

    Thanks so much Jebediahs. But could you remove his weapon?
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    How are these? Designed them myself. Modern U.S Solider (ACU) Urban Camoflage by ~Dutch~, on Flickr Modern U.S Solider (ACU) by ~Dutch~, on Flickr
  7. Dutch

    Hello from So. California

    Welcome to EuroBircks Andy D.
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    Welcome to Brick Ark Eurobricks Rabid Squirrel.
  9. Here's a collection of TLC faces I've designed. I will be updating this topic with new face decals from time to time. Dollar Bill/ Flesh Dino Attack Dino Attack/Angry Fire Bender Enjoy I messed up the title it's suppose to be-A Collection of TLC Face Decals so If a mod would change it thank you.
  10. Dutch

    No moderator day.

    Staff free for a day. I would love to see this happen and the chaos that would ensue the next day.
  11. I was looking to buy them from you using Pay-Pal but I do have bionicle sets for sale.
  12. I'm looking for a Zombie, Cheerleader, Space man and a crash test zombie.
  13. First of these sets are from the years 2004 threw 2007. If your interested in any of the Bionicles please leave a comment below. Thank you Will accept: Pay-Pal Items on my wanted list. My wants list: My Haves: Thanks for looking. ~Dutch~
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    The Chamber

    Now someone tells me a year and a half later that you weren't suppose to read all the topics in the chamber.