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  1. Bricklink and shipping costs

    If you are buying in EU, from EU then you absolutely have a legal right to cancel (unless you are buying business to business). Having said that, you really should read the terms first, or ask for a quote or you are just wasting everyones time.
  2. Future Castle Sets?

    I would think this would work really well with some of the Welsh castles like Conwy or Canaervon. Tower of London or Bodiam would also work, and are instantly recognisable. They are a bit too boxy and symmetrical to be an ideal choice for what I want. Although that may work well as a spiritual successor to 6080 King's Castle.
  3. In general I would want absolutely 100%. For me the skill comes as producing a result from the available materials, and intriguing parts use. Exceptions would be perhaps a custom printed minifig torso, or a banner or ships sail. Custom bricks or structural parts are definately out for me. I'm undecided about 3D printed track.
  4. Lack of original themes

    This. While I would love a Classic Castle and Classic Space reboot, and more trains. LEGO will make what sells, and that's going to be Star Wars and Superheroes.
  5. High-speed passenger train 600051 derails

    Going around the corners too fast aside, I have found that if you are joining old 12V track to 9v/pf, it helps if you have a totally straight section on either side of the join. That way there is less side loading on the bogies, and less chance of it skipping on the small gap at the track join.
  6. Painting models to make them more realistic

    I wouldn't do it personally. I also model in 1:72 scale, where I scratchbuild a lot. For sure drybrushing and other weathering techniques would give a more realistic looking finish in some cases, but why build with LEGO if you want to do that? IMO LEGO isn't the right medium for superdetailed models and I'm purist enough not to customise or paint the bricks.
  7. How many sets do you own?

    200 give or take. Not including CMFs. About 35k in loose parts and MOCs.
  8. TLG to Axe 1400 Jobs

    Neither. I had assumed you meant a game with building, rather than Minecraft with LEGO bricks. I still can't get over how LEGO Minecraft is essentially a brick-built version of an online building environment using clone bricks to simulate LEGO building...
  9. TLG to Axe 1400 Jobs

    Both of the LEGO MMOs in recent years have failed fairly quickly...
  10. I'm fine with the aesthetics of the standard slope piece. If LEGO were going to make a custom that's simple to print on, I would be perfectly happy with a slightly shorter slope, with leg pins on the top to clutch properly with a minifig torso.
  11. Your worst lego injuries?

    I've had a classic castle spear tip up under my thumbnail, which wasn't an awful lot of fun. Also fallen down the loft ladder while trying to carry down too many sets at the same time. Pride hurt more than bones, thankfully.
  12. What precedes a dark ages?

    What precedes a dark ages? Girls.
  13. Can you ever have too much Lego?

    My wife certainly thinks I have too much LEGO, and yet when I have a Bricklink sale come in, she is first in line for the money :P
  14. I have a stable module MOC for classic castle that is a good 30-31years old. I don't know if it counts if it has been packed away in the loft for half of that time though.
  15. How long do you keep mocs or sets together?

    They stay together until I move house. Then they get gradually rebuilt over the course of a few years until I move again before I have everything how I want it.