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  1. Your worst lego injuries?

    I've had a classic castle spear tip up under my thumbnail, which wasn't an awful lot of fun. Also fallen down the loft ladder while trying to carry down too many sets at the same time. Pride hurt more than bones, thankfully.
  2. What precedes a dark ages?

    What precedes a dark ages? Girls.
  3. Can you ever have too much Lego?

    My wife certainly thinks I have too much LEGO, and yet when I have a Bricklink sale come in, she is first in line for the money :P
  4. I have a stable module MOC for classic castle that is a good 30-31years old. I don't know if it counts if it has been packed away in the loft for half of that time though.
  5. How long do you keep mocs or sets together?

    They stay together until I move house. Then they get gradually rebuilt over the course of a few years until I move again before I have everything how I want it.
  6. I have most of the original hardbacks, some first edition.
  7. What's in a name ???

    I'm a cyclist in my non-lego life. I have lots of bikes, but my main rides are an Orange MTB and a Giant road bike.
  8. Help with identifying parts/sets! 10 x 6 x 3 Bubble Canopy Double Tapered with Square Front Cutout and Light Bluish Gray Jedi Starfighter, Two Red Triangles on Top Pattern&category=[Windscreen, Decorated]#T=P If you search for 10312* all the variants will come up. Matt
  9. Storage and Sorting LEGO

    Pretty much the same thing here. Start with a pile, then pull out all the bricks, then plates, then slopes and tiles. Sort these further into colours and individual part types. Then dig through the rest of the pile and pull out multiples, then sort in to sub-types and file them. Matt
  10. Storage and Sorting LEGO

    I have some of these. One thing to watch out for, if you change your mind about the shape they are connected together, they are practically impossible to get apart. Other than that they are great.
  11. How long does a bricklink order usually take?

    I looked at the Your Favourite Brick store and they have no details on their terms page, so you are guessing as to how they operate. I must say this is a bit odd for someone with as much feedback as them. Most sellers have a shipping table and some details of how they work on this page, so you know in advance how much an order is likely to cost, and how quickly they will send it out. This will obviously vary from store to store. Also bare in mind that if you order on Friday, even if you get an invoice back straight away and pay immediately, it is likely not going to get posted until the Monday. Personally I am only a very small fish in the Bricklink selling game, but unless something drastic happens at work, I can pretty much always post things next working day.
  12. What would you like for the next Castle line?

    What I want. Elves, Dwarves, Non-human bad guys, Dragons, other fantasy monsters (can be brick built, or moulded), more pigs goats, cows. Modular fortress components in the style of proper '80s castle but with modern parts and original design. A decent battering ram, preferably with great beasts to draw it, and mountain trolls to wield it. The occasional civilian building - there is good reason guarded inn is so high on many people's favourite lists. What I don't want. More catapults or drawbridge defence type scenes. Rebuilds of original sets I already have - make things look different at least. Minifigs with overscale weapons/accessories. Waves where the only army builder sets have too many 'good guys'.
  13. How long does a bricklink order usually take?

    First class to Ireland would be 3-4 working days from UK.. I have had a package get to France next day though. Bear in mind that won't include w/e and bank holidays. If it was posted after 12pm Saturday, the Post Office won't do anything with it until the Monday. Also the Post Office won't class it as lost until 21days. I'd ping a message to the sender if it's been a week since it was marked as sent. The store terms page should show you which postal method was used. (although you could probably work that out from how much you paid for shipping) Did you pay for tracking on the parcel?
  14. [MOC/MOD] 79003 Mod to occupy all the dwarves.

    Surely we aren't going to stay here, sir, it's got two storeys!
  15. What franchise should Lego do next?

    Specially for those older than dirt. Noggin the Nog. The characters are already halfway to looking like minifigs. It's a great, fun series and there are plenty of buildable locations.