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  1. Giantorange

    Separately packed parts

    I would think it's either to stop those parts damaging others e.g. to stop metal train axles from scratching other parts, or to stop those parts being damaged.
  2. Giantorange

    Storage in UK

    I use the same ones. They don't always carry them but they are not discontinued. I bought a few just recently. Just keep checking back. I haven't seen the same ones anywhere else sadly, and the next best alternative that I have seen is 3 times the price.
  3. Not for individual characters, but if you are moving units around, something like this:
  4. You lot need to learn to spell 'tyre' correctly. Makes is much harder for me to list items when the descriptions aren't in proper English :P
  5. Giantorange

    How to build a medieval priest minifg?

    I prefer the Zabrak Horns head piece to use as a tonsure.
  6. Not really at all. I have a small store, but I still have 5,000 different lots. If I start to get orders through saying 'brick yellow' I'm clearly going to have to re-reference all my storage for 'tan'. This isn't because everything is pre-bagged, it's because a Bricklink order will tell me which tray/box/drawer to look in for the part. If this gets messed up, even at 30 sec. per lot to change the description that's a couple of days of non stop work. Saying 'truly savvy sellers should also be doing x' is also not going to bite, as the colours have been referenced as they are right back to the days when Peeron was the prime source for information. I would be fairly confident that the 'newer' dark gray is referred to as 'DBG' on this site far more often than it is as 'Dark Stone Gray'. I would say rather that truly savvy sellers will be selling on both Brickowl and Bricklink, and therefore will be able to cope with either naming convention. It's a bit like metric and imperial, we really should have just one standard, but most people can cope with either, but changing from one to the other is not trivial.
  7. There are only 117,000 types of item listed on Bricklink, shouldn't take long for the 10,000 sellers to get all their stock relabelled.
  8. Giantorange

    LEGO Pet Peeves

    Yes, I'm sitting here looking at two warped 6x12 plates that came like that out of the box. Don't remember any of my baseplates warping. Don't you guys store them flat? What's causing the problem?
  9. Giantorange

    2018 Lego Trains

    I agree within reason. There have been a few sets where I have thought, wow, 1,000 pieces, that's great. Then realised that half of them are cheese slopes and the final model is tiny.
  10. Giantorange

    LEGO Pet Peeves

    To be honest I never heard anyone say 'Legos' until internet forums came around. Is it more of a US way of speaking to pluralise this way compared to how we would naturally do it in the UK?
  11. Giantorange

    LEGO Pet Peeves

    Well there is really. Not all words by any means are pluralised by adding an 's'. 'Tooth', or 'sheep' for example. Lego group invented the word, and if they say the plural of Lego is Lego, then surely that is the correct way to refer to it.
  12. Giantorange

    LEGO Pet Peeves

    Well Classic Castle was probably when I started looking at sets with the idea of getting more and more figs for a bigger army. I would think that the real culprit is Star Wars, from the time that fleshies came out. I think that is when I first noticed having to buy a particular set to get a specific named minifig, and LEGO making some figs only available in one (typically the more expensive) sets of a wave.
  13. Giantorange

    LEGO Pet Peeves

    Not so long since all home computers were IBM PC compatible (well apart from Amiga and Atari) Or am I old :P
  14. 'I've just bought this to part out and sell on Bricklink'. To be replaced a few months later with 'This old thing? I've had it for years, I've just built it back up again for display'.
  15. Giantorange

    New LEGO Initiative

    Surely the point is that natural gas and crude oil is a dwindling resource worldwide. At some point (and I don't mean just for toys) we are going to have to look at other hydrocarbon sources for all our plastics. I don't think the issue of deforestation, or developing countries pushing to grow cash crops rather than food crops is a small issue and can be overlooked. But if you are not using oil/gas what are you going to do?