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  1. Really cool! :D Glad to see more stuff from you.
  2. jamesster

    The LEGO Brick Race

    Would the licensing/ownership of the LEGO Movie characters and such actually be any different from the boatloads of other characters created in the same way? Pepper Roni and the rest of the main cast for LEGO Island, the Alpha Team characters, etc were all solely created by other companies for games they were contracted to develop, LEGO retained all the rights, and then they were used in set lines (and other things) produced after the games, without any involvement from the original creators. I think it may be a safe-ish assumption Clutch Powers came about in the same way - at the very least, LEGO's made further use of him in Ninjago recently... If WB had a deal with LEGO that worked differently than all those, that'd make them fairly unique.
  3. jamesster

    The LEGO Brick Race

    I'm curious what other directions the film may have been going in - the tweet describes it as his take on it, and it'd been in the works for a couple years before then: https://www.cinemablend.com/news/1687930/legos-billion-brick-race-movie-has-a-new-director Those character designs and premise seem like they'd be fairly personal to him, going by what little I've seen of his other work anyway - I wonder how many rewrites it went through? The Ninjago movie went through a lot of story overhauls as well... I wonder if we'll ever get to see more behind the scenes stuff, from either of them. Oh well.
  4. Assets.lif isn't actually what LDD loads the brick database from, oddly. It contains a file called db.lif, which is then copied to AppData, and that file in Appdata is the file that's maintained and updated - and reinstalling the program doesn't delete it, IIRC. Assuming you're on windows, you'll find it under C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\LEGO Company\LEGO Digital Designer. That's what you'll want to delete or replace, possibly along with other files around that location.
  5. While reworking some texture loading stuff in my converter recently, I noticed some decorations included in LDD that LDD doesn't actually seem to load successfully... They're selectable in the decal application tool, but since they don't visually appear, it looks like you're just selecting a blank/unprinted option. It seems the difference is they're saved as greyscale + alpha (2 channel) PNGs... Most decoration textures in LDD are RGBA (4 channels), and one is RGB (3 channels), which load fine. The question is, does this happen for everyone, on every system? I've had a few folks I know check it out, and they've gotten the same results as me, but I think we've all been on Windows... Does anyone have any luck with this? Or is LDD's texture loading just broken for everybody? Here's what the decals should look like, if they worked out of the box - I re-saved them as full color RGBA PNGs: The arms don't appear to be mapped correctly, and the teddy bear as a whole is pretty messed up (there's a lot of other decals that apply to the wrong areas on that piece)... But the others seem fine. Here's the decoration IDs, and what parts/surfaces they're mapped to: 602741, mapped to part 3815 (minifigure hips, front hinge) 606689, mapped to part 3816 (minifigure leg right, front) 606690, mapped to part 3817 (minifigure leg left, front) 609549, mapped to part 3818 (minifigure right arm) 609550, mapped to part 3819 (minifigure left arm) 609608, mapped to part 3816 (minifigure leg right, front) 609609, mapped to part 3817 (minifigure leg left, front) 609711, mapped to part 93219 (baseball cap) 609714, mapped to part 98382 (teddy bear bottom) 610241, mapped to part 3816 (minifigure leg right, sides) 610242, mapped to part 3817 (minifigure leg left, sides) And here's the model in the above screenshots, if you want to see if any textures load for you: http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/jamesster/Other/what.lxfml There's also one more greyscale PNG; decoration 610654, mapped to part 13565... a cowboy hat, which doesn't actually have any decal areas... and the decal is entirely transparent. So that's rather useless. Shrug.
  6. New release: https://github.com/Terrev/3DXML-to-OBJ/releases/tag/v1.9.0 Updated engine version to 2019.2.12f1 and did some other general maintenance. The engine upgrade means it can now render very large meshes that were previously over Unity's mesh size limit (they were always exported to the OBJ file though, so as far as raw functionality goes nothing really changed there). There is one small fix to the actual conversion functionality: It turns out there's exactly one decoration in LDD that's RGB, while the other nearly 2000 of them are RGBA. The converter previously assumed all textures were RGBA and would choke on it, but that's fixed now. So if you've ever wanted to export a model with this awkwardly pixelated floral pattern, then boy howdy is this the update for you: As always, I recommend using the 64-bit version, especially if you need to convert very large models.
  7. Oooh, that's looking neat! Keep it up!
  8. While posting this I remembered there's some other concept art floating around that maybe some folks here would like: https://www.artstation.com/ducede Loads of Elves art (apparently another potential name for the theme was Elvendale as you can see on the WIP box art). Misc other things too - some stuff for the LEGO Portal Racers game, and his portfolio has concept art for what look like girl-oriented LEGO Fusion games/sets that never saw the light of day (an underwater mermaid city, and a very purple/gold ninja village... I wonder if that was going to be its own thing, or if it would have been tied into Ninjago in any way?).
  9. Stumbled across this several months ago, thought maybe some folks here would find it curious: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/0Wexy All the art there is under one post for Dino Racers, but on his website he lists them as two separate concepts, the other being "Hero Knights": https://www.wasabi-robot.com/portfolio Pretty outlandish designs for the time but much more in line with the sort of action themes and vehicle sets you'd expect today.
  10. jamesster

    HIDDEN SIDE - 2019

    I'm traveling at the moment and just stopped at a random Walmart, which happened to be exactly as they were wheeling out a bunch of new LEGO stuff to stock, including Hidden Side sets: https://imgur.com/a/gUiZl6m Refraining from buying any until I get back home though, wouldn't be able to build them until then anyway and don't need to take up more space in the car.
  11. Hey! Unfortunately not - I figured that with 3DXML files needing to be captured individually, there wouldn't be much demand for it. I've been thinking about redoing this project as a simple command line tool, though - might not be soon, but, eventually, that'd be good to do. Just got some other projects on my plate first, which I'm getting close to wrapping up. If/when that happens, it'd definitely include that.
  12. jamesster

    1997 LEGO TV show pilot featuring Pirates

    I didn't do much, but yeah, it's pretty curious stuff. I half wonder if the weird not-quite-LEGO style of the second one was an attempt at getting around the problem the first encountered, with kids shows not being allowed to be based too directly on real toys...
  13. jamesster

    Official Pirate Names (1989-1990 line)

    Straying from the topic of Pirates, but just a correction - the magazine showed "Techdroid 2" as the same minifigure as Commander X (without the helmet), not Techdroid 1. Techdroid 1 was consistently the blue droid, and Techdroid 2 was supposed to be the red droid in that magazine. There's a 1997 large UK catalog which gets it correct. https://lego.fandom.com/wiki/Techdroid_I#Gallery (Again, I usually wouldn't recommend trusting that site too much, though I wrote what's on that page and the images speak for themselves - the caption for the magazine pic could use an adjustment though...)
  14. Since we've been discussing old Pirates stuff here lately... Here's something most of you folks might not have seen yet: The video title isn't quite accurate - while this was born from the core team behind LEGO Island, it isn't an advertisement for the game, it's a pilot/demo for a proposed TV show. As described to me back in 2010 by the late Wes Jenkins, creative director of LEGO Island and also this pilot: Back in 2010, the footage above hadn't been found - a brief clip of it was once present on one of Wes's websites, but the archive of that site hadn't been found yet, so all we had to go by were the occasional descriptions provided by him and somebody else who remembered seeing it on his site years prior. Here's another description he gave, in an interview for a fan site: Wes unfortunately passed in 2017, and in short, many of the materials from his LEGO projects (mainly audio and video tapes) were given to Lorin (the uploader of the video above), a musician and friend of Wes who'd worked with him on everything from radio shorts to LEGO Island to the above pilot - he has a variety of other LEGO Island-related uploads you might find interesting, mainly music tracks for the game and such. Now, this part is a bit of a tangent... But, with two similar projects that happened close to each other, it'd be good to distinguish between them. It also makes for quite a contrast in, uh... overall effort and direction, haha. So, the following year in 1998, there was another (completely unrelated) attempt at a LEGO TV show, animated by Vision-Scape... The history of this TV show attempt also ties into LEGO Island, but in a much stranger way... LEGO was planning to have a tie-in video game for the show, and work on it was under way at Krisalis (who also developed LEGO Chess and LEGOLAND). When the TV show got axed, somebody at LEGO thought "Hey, it'd be a shame to throw away the work on the game, and one of the kids looks kind of like Pepper from LEGO Island... Let's use it as the basis for a sequel!" So, the direction of the project was shifted to LEGO Island 2... Then, some time later, LEGO took the project away from Krisalis and gave it to Silicon Dreams, keeping the basic design but essentially restarting the project again. More details are available here. (I usually wouldn't advise trusting lego.wikia/fandom.com, but I wrote that portion of the article myself, so I can vouch for its accuracy haha).
  15. jamesster

    Official Pirate Names (1989-1990 line)

    Linked to this topic last night while chatting with a friend, who mentioned: I don't have any scans on hand of whatever's being referred to though/don't have time at the moment to go digging around for it.