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  1. http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=540034 As said in the gallery description, these are pictures of a prototype 1983 LEGO book "Trapped in Space" that was unreleased (but had some of its story reworked into the LEGO Jim Spaceborn comics - the author and illustrator of those classic comics, Frank Madsen, is the person who provided these pictures). What's curious is that all the illustrations in the book are photographs of real LEGO, but none of the minifigures have holes in their legs. The minifigures also have a variety of facial expressions, but those are easy enough to do with a marker... Anyone have ideas how this effect was done? Did they fill in the holes somehow? Were these prototype/specially produced parts? Was there a 1983 equivalent to photoshop? Edit - Also, perhaps of note for classic space fans, @Nabii has another photo from the book here, of its version of the Spearhead: https://www.flickr.com/photos/nabii/9152326001/ Though that image doesn't appear in the book itself. The ship later got a (still very impressive) redesign for the Jim Spaceborn comics: http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?i=6024346
  2. Yeah, that's almost certainly gonna choke on large models, unfortunately. Still do, occasionally.
  3. Hm, that's a new one. First, just to be sure, double check that your 3dvia Printscreen settings look like this: https://i.imgur.com/3sRX7Cl.png (I don't expect this is the problem but it's worth a shot.) If you're still having trouble could you send me the 3dxml you're trying to convert via PM? Perhaps the original LDD model too. Edit: I'm currently suspecting this may be a bug or quirk in the Unity engine itself that only arises on some systems, or something along those lines - it was working for ExeSandbox at first, but now it's not, and I haven't been able to replicate the issue; the same 3dxml that breaks for them works a-ok for me... I'll be updating this project to a newer version of Unity as soon as I have an internet connection that can handle downloading it, perhaps it will resolve itself then. Edit: ... and now ExeSandbox can't replicate the problem anymore either; it's working fine... Welp. Dunno what happened there, lol.
  4. jamesster

    New LEGO Racers Video Game?

    Apologies for the 9 year bump (Wow has it really been that long!?), but this article links to this topic, and I figured it'd be good to finally put the mystery to rest, especially for anyone who comes across this topic from elsewhere: https://www.unseen64.net/2018/05/23/lego-racers-video-game-ds-wii-cancelled/ As far as I can tell this would be fine with Eurobricks's stance on posting in old topics since this is a pretty notable update on the subject - apologies if it isn't.
  5. jamesster

    The Billion Brick Race

    I should probably stay away from saying exactly what kind of tie-in, but yes, something done by another company.
  6. jamesster

    The Billion Brick Race

    Not developed yet, just on the roadmap for 2020 - at least, it was at that point. It was in a list of several upcoming products of that type (not sets), so the only info about it was the name/year. That wasn't the only info they received, but it is the only part relevant to the Billion Brick Race - the other info they received was regarding other things, though it does seem to confirm the whole batch was legit.
  7. jamesster

    The Billion Brick Race

    An outsider who'd gotten info regarding several things, including a tie-in product for this movie, set for release in 2020 (and it's not the sort of thing you'd expect to launch long after the movie itself, going by the equivalents for previous LEGO movies). Other things that source said have been backed up by other sources since then, and they had the right connections at the right time to get that info, so I have no reason to disbelieve them. Plans can change though, so don't take it as absolute fact. Sorry for being vague - I'd rather not peeve them in the likely chance they read this topic, haha. And unfortunately all that was said about this one was the 2020 release year...
  8. jamesster

    The Billion Brick Race

    Back at the end of last year I heard a nugget of info from a generally reliable source that strongly implied the movie was aiming for 2020... Take it with a grain of salt; plans change, sometimes people are misinformed, and obviously there's been more developments with this movie (the director leaving) since then. We'll see what happens, I guess...
  9. Has anyone here pointed out Rocket Racer's logo on the racecar driver's torso? That's a neat shoutout.
  10. I'm fully expecting a tie-in video game. "Spiritual successor to LEGO Racers", though, is a tall order I'm not putting any expectations on.
  11. I've been playing LEGO Quest & Collect and noticed a figure that I didn't recognize: Front Back All the heroes in the game (except for three specifically made for it) are from official sets, and while some of them are obscure, I didn't think they'd have just made up an entire figure. After some digging I found he's actually a blacksmith from 10176 King's Castle... A strange choice from an anomaly of a set. But his torso in the set is plain black. Here's the print directly from the game - I don't recognize it. There's a few prints in the game that are modifications or recolors of existing ones, so I'm curious if this is one of those, or if it's entirely new.
  12. Hm, I'm not so familiar with AMD stuff - try right clicking on your desktop and seeing if anything helpful is in the menu that comes up. Also: Try opening the Device Manager (should come up if you just search for it in the start menu) and see what you have under display adapters. For example, here's mine:
  13. Ah, I've run into that on my laptop, which has two graphics drivers/devices - Intel integrated graphics, and an NVIDIA card. I had the problem you describe when LDD was set to run on the NVIDIA card, but it worked fine once I went into the NVIDIA Control Panel and made it use integrated graphics instead. I even had to do the same for other programs like Discord (a chat program), which would similarly refuse to launch or freeze if 3DVIA Printscreen was running (LDD was technically starting, but immediately freezing, so nothing would happen, despite the Task Manager confirming it was running).
  14. Looks like it's running out of memory while loading the 3DXML...? Odd; it's somewhat easier for that to happen on 32-bit builds since they have a memory limit that can be reached with very large models... But you're running the 64-bit version, and said it even happens with simple 3DXMLs. Hrm. Do you have other things running which could be leaving not enough room for 3DXML conversion? The converter has a memory footprint that's bigger than you might think (certainly bigger than I thought, and I made the thing... I'd like to look into optimizing that sometime). If that's not the issue, and it is something like another update interfering... hm. Well, I'll keep an eye on it and update it if I figure anything out. I'll be updating it to a new version of Unity sooner or later to take advantage of the 32-bit mesh index buffers introduced in Unity 2017.3 (won't affect actual conversion, just viewing within the program), but I'd like to wait for that version of Unity to be patched a bit first (the engine has had a history of putting out updates with significant bugs recently...).
  15. jamesster

    LEGO Quest & Collect (Mobile RPG)

    Well, the game had its grand launch in July (was only ever available in/around Asia), and in November it was announced that it'll be closing in February... https://www.facebook.com/legoquestandcollectgame/ So... yeah.