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  1. Hi everyone, After upgrading my Mac to Catalina OS, besides not being able to use LDD, I can't seem to download any .lxf file format any longer. The downloaded lxf file is forced to be zipped and outcome is a file with .lxfml extension. Any help? Thanks
  2. Lexi2014

    MOC: Apollo Launch Tower

    Hi Nathan. Thank you for your reply and for your help. I was really in doubt about this website anyway and I am happy you warned me about them. From your LXF file, I downloaded the part list. I wonder if it is up to date showing me 8133 parts. I am in Istanbul, Turkey for the moment and I am trying to find all parts from local brick sellers. Unfortunately not so many choices here and mostly for the required colors. I am afraid if I order from the UK or the USA it will not make it here for some time due to Corona Virus all around the world. I am trying to compensate with the alternate colors where ever I can. PArt ID 62520 and 3068 (including some others) nowhere to be found. I will order whatever I can find and see how far I can go. Do you think the post or cargo would deliver here in Turkey some "Must use Parts" in case I get stuck somewhere building the LUT? Many thanks Engin
  3. Lexi2014

    MOC: Apollo Launch Tower

    Hi everybody, It's a great project and million of thanks to those of you investing time end effort. We recently built the Lego Apollo Saturn V with my 6 years old boy who is crazy about it. When he started to build his own LUT using bigger Lego Bricks, I started to look around if would be any Lego LUT and I landed on this forum. During my Google search, I also found this home page selling this project including all building plans and the parts. Before I order I would like to ask you if this site is affiliated with any of you? https://www.vonado.com/NASA-Saturn-V-Launch-Umbilical-Tower-p178913.html