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  1. So is the insane demand for this thing finally starting to subside? I’ve been wanting to get one since last year but all our local suppliers and Lego stores couldn’t secure stock. Unfortunately the timing is not so good for me now so I’ll have to wait until around Xmas this year to get one. How long can I expect them to keep on producing this and do you think they’ll start giving some discounts on it sometime in the future?
  2. Would WD40 work too? Is there any risk of damage to the parts?
  3. It’s funny because I have the same problem. But it wasn’t always like this. When I first built it, the turntable was able to move without much trouble. But after leaving it untouched for about a year, it now has extreme difficulty in turning and often gets stuck. I even had the same issue with the outriggers. But that was easily solved by replacing the single blue friction pin with a non-friction one instead. Some have said that maybe dust is the issue, but I keep my stuff inside enclosed bins so I don’t think that’s the case. Batteries aren’t the problem either.
  4. ArchieNov

    75192 - UCS Millennium Falcon 2017 MOD/MOC

    It looks good! I don't have a UCS Falcon (yet), but when I do I would like to build a stand like yours. Will you eventually share the instructions to create it once it's final? And maybe also the mods needed to remove the landing gear and cover the underside. Thanks!
  5. ArchieNov

    [MOD] UCS Slave 1 (anti-droop/bend when on stand)

    Apologies for resurrecting this topic, but now that a lot of us are looking forward to the new UCS Millennium Falcon about to be released, I'm sure many will want to display it with their UCS Slave I. It's been about 2 years since I applied and shared my MOD here, and I am happy to report that my Slave I didn't droop a single bit in that time. All the bricks my MOD were connected to in the cockpit area are still holding strong and show no signs of separation (it was theorized that my MOD would place stress on the bricks and eventually lead to it coming apart). So long story short, I think my MOD was a success and is safe to apply (at least from my experience). @Pariah Was your Slave I built following the official LEGO instructions? If so, perhaps you can try applying the MOD I posted in the first post. It's worked for me so hopefully it does for you too.
  6. Question: I'm building this right now and just finished the 2nd part (outriggers). I wanted to know why the designer opted to use a blue friction axle pin instead of a tan frictionless axle pin for one of the gears for extending the outriggers. Before placing this gear, the outriggers would easily slide in and out. But after adding that single gear with the blue pin, it takes a lot more force to get them to move. I just tried out the motor and while it has no problem pushing the outriggers out, I noticed that the motion is jerky, the white clutch gear slips a lot, and the overall speed of the outriggers are slow. Is this really the right way to do it? What if I replaced that blue axle pin with a tan one?
  7. Hmm, dust had entered my mind, but wasn't sure it would play a big factor. Deformation might also be the culprit. Anyway, thanks for the advice. I'll just wait to get the parts needed for the Ultimate 42009 before I disassemble and rebuild it.
  8. Thanks everyone for your responses. I understand what some are saying about friction in the build, but I made sure that the gears would have enough slack while I was putting it together. Also, I think that if I had built it incorrectly, the performance should have been as bad even from the beginning. But like I said, it used to be able to do these actions better before, but now it's having a harder time even with new batteries and no other changes. In any case, are the motors safe as long as the clutch gears are in place? Even if the gears at the end are barely turning?
  9. I've recently gotten back into collecting Technic. One of the sets I purchased was the 42009 Mobile Crane Mk II less than a month ago. While the L motor has always struggled with the outriggers or lifting the extended boom, right now I'm noticing that it's even slower than I remember it when it was still new. I haven't made any modifications to the functions, everything is as stated in the instructions. At first I thought the batteries were just getting weaker, but I replaced them with fresh ones and the performance hasn't improved. I'm also getting the same experience with my 42042 Crawler Crane. It can no longer raise the extended boom from its lowest position. Again this was always a struggle for it, but it would be able to do it slowly but surely. Now, it can't even do it after installing fresh batteries. So is my motor's performance deteriorating? I've been using the functions occasionally, but never straining the motors as much as possible. Or is there another underlying issue (e.g. The white clutch gears)? Do these start slipping more often after repeated use? Thanks for any replies.
  10. Shucks, I was comparing the instructions for the Ultimate VS the original instructions and I just realized now that modding the 42009 to the Ultimate will require an almost complete disassembly. I was hoping that I didn't have to take it apart down to the very first square frame...
  11. Okay thanks for confirming! I actually saw the mention of the v2 receivers in the comments section of rebrickable. Some were saying that the v1 receivers wouldn't have enough power or something for the crane functions.
  12. Hi. I just bought and built the 42009 last weekend and despite some of the shortcomings I've read about it, I'm still very happy with it! However, I just learned about this "Ultimate" version that will fully motorize it with RC functions, which has greatly piqued my interest. I got a few questions: 1) Can anyone confirm if the Additional Parts list on Jurgen's site is accurate? I read a couple of comments saying either some parts were missing, misrepresented, or didn't have the right amount. 2) Are the building instructions on his site also accurate? Similar to above, I read that some people encountered building errors. 3) Can I use 4 v1 IR receivers? I don't think I can find any v2 receivers close to where I live. Thanks!
  13. Hi Sariel. Thanks for making these video reviews as always. They're very much appreciated even in my country. Would you need to edit your video though? It says 42054 during the first few seconds when it should be 42053. On another note, this is just my personal preference, but will you be using the same BGM that you used for your Porshe review in the future? That BGM sounds pretty catchy and really makes whatever you're reviewing seem all the more awesome.
  14. ArchieNov

    [CMODEL] 42042 - Bulldozer

    I think it's great. Are you willing to share any instructions to create this? Thanks.
  15. Hi. Technic noob here. Just wanted to share an extremely simple mod I did to differentiate my Crawler Crane from all the other crane type construction vehicles Lego seems to be putting out. I just switched the claw with a "wrecking ball". Voila! It's not a crane anymore haha. You can even change up the designs of the wrecking ball by using any of the other Star Wars "planets". Sorry if this mod seems so trivial.