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  1. Heroica RPG General Discussion

    The Eldritchs? They are like enemies of the Ziegfrieds, I think.
  2. Heroica RPG General Discussion

    The Eldritchs? They are like enemies of the Ziegfrieds, I think.
  3. Heroica RPG - Quest #156: Land Pirates

    "Toss yourself out of the nearest building then, boo, or I'd watch myself too if I were in your lice-ridden hooves." He says with a sleepless voice and quickly flashes his Black Market Insignia to the werelion before taking off, satisfied with himself.
  4. Heroica RPG - Quest #156: Land Pirates

    OoC: Sorry for the short absence. I've been in a lot of stress this week. The baggy, sleepless eyes that rested upon the absolutely not well-rested face of Heckz had been maliciously staring at Anniennal throughout the journey. Even if he didn't open his mouth, the variety of torture methods and means of torment that went through his mind as he glared at the knight were overflowing. Many of those imaginary screams of agony which took origin from the elven girl were generated by excruciating frostbites and strangling shadows, which reminded the harlot to relearn the arcane as soon as he got back to the hall. The only time he spoke was when he was addressed, and he did this with a raspy voice that was very unusual when coming out of the harlot's mouth. "Three thousand gold pieces." He says unamused.
  5. Heroica RPG - Quest #156: Land Pirates

    Heckz satisfyingly takes the eyes, ignoring the wraith as he haughtily walks to the Inn. Even if his brain capacity didn't allow him to comprehend what Annienal was doing, the harlot quickly walks to the Innkeeper with intentions to object. "Now, I don't know about you, Mr Muscular Smelterbed." He seductively winks. "But if a heavily armed, dreadful-looking mercenary walked into my inn, wanting to buy all my rooms, I'd have serious reason to distrust. Then again, with all these stories about the Wolfgang renting whole inns just to rob them dry going around, I'd probably also ban this certain hideous individual from ever entering my inn again."
  6. Heroica RPG - Quest #156: Land Pirates

    "I don't know if you noticed, Mister Quackskin and Mister Don't Touch Me, but as much as my raw strength is awesome in comparison to yours, I have no need for it in battle." Says Heckz, aggressively snapping at the two other men, or other man and other thing. "What I like to do instead is making my enemies slowly suffer in a wide-raging variety of pain and agony which was caused by my subtle blows." He distressingly brushes his dagger whilst giving the two an ill-natured scowl. "In conclusion, in the likely case that you haven't figured it out, I strongly suggest giving me the eyes before I scoop out yours!" Just saying it makes Heckz have to hold his stomach, which just threatened him with an abrupt release of previously ingested apple.
  7. Heroica RPG - Quest #156: Land Pirates

    Heckz bows before the Commodore with a smile. "It has been a rare pleasure to have fought alongside you your Commodorence." He stands back up, completely changing his stance and voice when addressing Althior. "The eyes are mine, unless someone wants them, in which case they are still mine."
  8. Heroica RPG - Quest #156: Land Pirates

    Heckz is astonished by the way the man had just turned into a flaming bird instead of dying. I need some alone time with him and a thorough lesson of his tips and tricks... Heckz impudently pushes Siercon back to be the first to strike the Will O The Wisp from the front row.
  9. Heroica RPG - Quest #156: Land Pirates

    Heckz rolls his eyes because of this comment and once again repeats.
  10. Heroica RPG - Quest #156: Land Pirates

    Heckz recoils at the feeling of blistering hot waves upon his skin and being powerless against it. "You better stop this now Mister Too Poor For Clothes! My tan is perfect as it is so end this or I'll show you how painful a minor infection can be!" Heckz attacks the one firefly from the front row.
  11. Heroica RPG - Quest #156: Land Pirates

    OoC: Sorry, I was incredibly busy yesterday. Heckz strikes at Battle Mob D from the front row.
  12. Heroica RPG - Quest #156: Land Pirates

    Heckz stands unamused. "Easy peasy," He logs a Seal Bomb from the back row. "Lemon... wheezy?" He says, unsure of how the saying goes.
  13. Heroica RPG - Quest #156: Land Pirates

    After the aged man stood up, Heckz realized he had no idea who this person was and hadn't registered him along the journey, even when the man had been shot. He downs a Nostrum. "Go burn somewhere else. It hurts my eyes."
  14. Heroica RPG - Quest #156: Land Pirates

    OoC: Heckz should no longer be blinded. When Heckz realizes that everyone was just standing around during his time of need and blindness he rolls his eyes and continues to pretend to read. Lazy halfwits...
  15. Heroica RPG - Quest #156: Land Pirates

    The new origin of the voice makes Heckz turn again as his false smile resurfaces his face. "Oh really? Well, they must be a letting anyone into Heroica these days if even the demented and delusional are allowed in. First thing I'll do after this is send a Z-Mail to my highly-influential friends at Salmanda to see if they have a cure for you." He then raises his hand to his chin, simulating a thinking expression. "Oh, wait, I just realized, I don't care." Annienal's interrupting voice is so irritating to him that he doesn't even bother to put up a smile or turn in the general direction. "Of course I'm glass and shouldn't be touching filthy stone like you. Now, do me a favor and remind yourself of the saying 'Shut up unless you are spoken to' before you make it any worse on my angelical ears, Miss Um."