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  1. Thanks for letting me play! Sorry about my inactivity, my life has been pretty hectic lately and I wish I had more time to devote to the game.
  2. Wow, I finally get enough time to post, and I’m 15 minutes away from getting penalty votes! Sorry everyone, I’m not paying nearly as much attention to this game as I should be. Not that it matters at this point, but I’m also going to Vote: Oroku Kirai (kotz) because her vote on Barbossa seems to be a revenge vote. “I’m going to vote you because you seem to have it out for me” is really shoddy reasoning. This seems like bandwagoning, but ah well. What else am I supposed to do when there’s 15 minutes left.
  3. Sorry I haven’t posted yet, I’ve seen the thread but haven’t had the time to respond until now. I guess I have been on all four most popular votes, but I feel like the only one you could really argue was me jumping on a bandwagon was mid day two. Day one I was the first one to vote Ellie so there was no bandwagon for me to have voted on. Day two Finn said he was scum, so it was near unanimous. Day three was another unanimous vote, so you can’t blame me for bandwagoning there. I was surprised that my mostly throwaway vote turned into a bandwagon, is it wrong to be surprised by that? As for the second odd moment, I correctly assumed that the only way a town block could be started this early was if an investigator was involved, and I didn’t want to lynch someone who was either the investigator or cleared, so I unvoted immediately. I didn’t switch votes to Finn until he claimed scum because as I said in the thread, I thought his erratic behavior could just be his inexperience showing.
  4. I don’t think you need to worry about being accused of bandwagoning when we have an investigation result that says he’s scum.
  5. I feel like the idea of a fake block is a bit of a stretch. This just seems like a scummie desperate to not get lynched. Vote: Mad-Eye Moody (Mostlytechnic)
  6. Right now I’m most suspicious about the early voters for Finn. Perhaps they were scum trying to turn the bandwagon away from their fellow scum onto an easy target? The case for voting Finn IMO could just be summed up to newbie mistakes until he literally admitted he was scum.
  7. Here’s the exact quote: “Asphalt if bob don't vote today do you want to lynch him tomorrow?”
  8. Whelp, looks like giving Finn the benefit of the doubt was a mistake. Vote : Finn (Foreman)
  9. If there’s already a town block on day 2, then the worst thing we can do is lynch a member of it. Unvote: Wonder Woman (Forresto) That being said and done, I don’t know what to do with my vote. I really think Foreman’s erratic behavior is because of inexperience, and he’s really vanilla town.
  10. Vote: Wonder Woman (Forresto) I don’t 100% agree with this lynch, but nobody else really seems that scummy to me, I’ve got to admit that this lynch will give us more information than lynching anyone else. Sorry for the rushed post, my life has been unexpectedly busy lately.
  11. Well, I don’t think we really learned much from that. This lack of information definitely seems intentional though, so it was probably scum that killed him. Here’s the vote count with all known alignments edited in, it seems pretty useless now but i’ll add to it in the future,
  12. Holy hell that bandwagon on Ellie formed fast. I was the first one to vote for her. I know I said it was a joke vote, but I did have my suspicions. I figured that she was a little too eager to vote for Hera. I didn’t think that it was worth an accusation, but I did think that it would be useful to see her reaction. I think that she’s handled herself well under the pressure of the votes, and right now I’m the most suspicious of the people who quickly jumped on the vote in the typical bandwagon spots.
  13. I’m going to use my random day one throwaway vote on Ellie Sattler, because I’ve never met a trustworthy paleobotanist. Vote: Ellie Sattler (legomonorailfan)
  14. “Woah, this is crazy! If I really were Doc Brown, I’d just travel to the future, find out who the scum are, then come back. But sadly, I’m just a cosplayer, a faker, a poser of the amazing man who is Doc Brown. He’s my hero! If we’re running low on useful discussion, I could always read my 500 page Back to the Future fanfic starring Doc Brown! Did I mention he’s my hero?”
  15. Honestly forgot that was still in my sig.