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  1. Aine


    Cool build, I like it just I like the Beomanvor!
  2. Aine

    Beornanvor Village

    Very nice, I like both this and Zhulbruk!
  3. Did anybody use the word "insane" already? So what... it IS insane. Grats on your build... and your patience!
  4. Aine

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    Love the treb, and also the army, ofc. Are the dudes 100% personalized? I see some different faces!
  5. Aanchir, you're right, of course, but I meant something little different: even the classic old spear/pike had much more appropriately shaped spearhead than the CMF one, and it didn't break, neither it was dangerous, although made of hard plastic. Did it turn blunt after years? Well... not really. I got spears form the eighties, and they are still very nice, and those were played with, not hidden in a collection. But this is all futile, because tlc needs to address several points at once, like molding problems, gereral safety, enduance of material, cost effectivness, aesthetical appeal, plan for a new castle/fantasy theme, whatever else we may come with. I may try the thrid-party products, I'm not into customization, and some of the stuff is either ugly, expensive, or both, but several outside-the-lego molds look pretty. I'm also kinda uneasy about the lego lance, but I get that a minifig with one axis of movement in its wrist simply cannot hold a real lance correctly. And saddles. Christ they hurt.
  6. Aine

    [MOC] Through the woods

    I like the trees. It's pleasing to see young trees, and it makes sense that there are no thousand-years old trees rising from recent ruins. I think that you could make the base a bit more plain and straight, so that it even more contrasts with the foliage. What about making the terrain a bit more brown, a floor already covered with turf and leaves? Oh, and the blonde guy needs a javelin, there could be some game running around! Nice one!
  7. Aine

    [MOC] Supplies for the farms

    Doh... just when I thought that I may start with MOCing. Amazing work, really lovely! I like the wood storage, tree, and house the most, but great choice of figs, too! What's the man's torso? Cheers!
  8. Aine

    [MOC] mountain fortress

    First MOC? That's nice! Ok, the wall is a bit too plain, but I like the interiors and the shot with moat. Nazdar!
  9. at SW blaster - that as a deliberate exaggeration on my part, I couldn't come up with any other example. The idea is that there are tens of thousands lego pieces, so why not another badge of castle/fantasy weapons? We're stuck with a few ones and old ones. (But LotR improved the situation.) at spear - well, the original ones didn't tend to break. Maybe it's impossible to make a similar mold with the wood-iron structure due to some unknowns in molding (pressure, mixing, filling the form, w/e), but as it is now, the Elaborate Spear isn't aesthetically pleasing for me. It's better than the old one, but it could be brilliant. at list of weapons/Friends - yeah, this is true, especially with LotR. But this just makes me more sad (for the lack of better word) that there's not a spear that I'd enjoy. First: this mold means that they won't make any other soon. Second: it wouldn't take much to make it much nicer. But now we're back to the above point: someone may find it pleasing, and there may be lots of reasons why it's molded like this. Cheers!
  10. Aine

    Robin Hood & The Forestmen Tidbit

    For me they were always RH and his merry men, simply due to the fact that the 80's TV series came to the public in just aboutthe time lego made the Forestmen.
  11. I really hope for a new spear mold, but that's, I think, out of question. I like the CMF one, except for the soft and bulky tip. It'll be nice if they'd designed something in between the old spear and the new one, something with a narrow, hard head like the old spear, yet with a wooden shaft and metal spearhead like the CMF one. But this won't happen coz they're busy designing and molding 364952 different variations of Star Wars blasters.
  12. There's one thing that I don't understand, but I guess that there are reasons for this mystery. I don't get why lego "ignores" the old fans and why they don't offer any nostalgic sets. But of course this is no mystery, as they cannot waste time and effort on stuff that will sell only to a small part of customers, and they also cannot cannibalize the HP/LotR/PotC lines, at least not far too much. Yet I still think that sets similar to MMV would sell well, and they could be generic enough to not interfere with HP&Co. An eighties party would be lovely. Considering there were three to six or even more factions of the 80's-90's classic (depending on where you draw the line "ain't classic anymore"), there is a potential for a few sets, even a year or two of "full" production. Imagine a few midsized sets for summer holidays, then a big set for Christmas. Yep, it'll be hard to fit all the factions in say four sets, and making tons of castles might be a stretch, but they started with two factions back in 1984 and only added others later. It could be done like that, maybe compressed into two or three years withe two or three faction castles for Yule, not gigantic ones, but somewhere in range of 300-600 pieces with 3-6 figs. Is it even doable?
  13. Aine

    Skeleton Ruined Fortress

    Really nice build! This would be a nice 1990ลก castle, although a bit grim. Liked!
  14. Aine

    [Moc] Classic Forestmen

    Yes,this is what stroke my eye, the foliage is very well done, and the flexibility of builds is nice from design point and also playability. As I wrote above: really nice builds, but I forgot to mention: pantelis, you really made heck of progress in a few weeks. This is so cleverly built, yet it is really clean and not exorbitant design, just like 1980's.
  15. Aine

    [Moc] The Greeks

    I think that you need three bed sheets, medium gray, light blue, and light green. This way you'd cover lots of colour mixes of your builds, and it shouldn't cost a fortune, unless you purchase silken stuff. :-)