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  1. Aine

    Lookout tower

    Very nice! Amazing tower and well built trees. That monster is really cool! :-)
  2. Aine

    [Retro MOC] Market By The Wall

    @luckjes112 Man, gotta thank ya for this necro! What an amazing work by @The_Cook I'd otherwise miss! I really love this, and I'd like to make similar stuff, a retro builds in 1980's style. Shame that the old figs on BL are expensive and/or in a bad shape, namely the Crusaders' golden print. But no matter what, this one is pretty cool!
  3. Aine

    [MOC] Archers Tower

    At least you'd have an excuse to buy the lego hippogriff! :-)
  4. Aine

    [MOC] Archers Tower

    I like the possibilities of Rampart: in first phase you rely on centaurs supported by few elves, then the elves take over most of duties and pegasi support them against opposing shooters, then finally you may transition into dracogeddon (either thx to Tome of Fire Magic or due to captured spell towers). I think that Castle works the best because... well.. it's a Castle after all! But if I'd try to MOC some Rampart stuff, there are two possible routes: an oldschool, 1980's based, Forestmen builds (more like a "what if Robin Hood lived in Erathia"), or the more modern approach, more similar to LotR. Both have their merits, but I'd prefer the oldschool much more. I think that what you've done with the Castle theme is incredible, namely given the small-to-medium size of the build. It's easily distinguishable, cleverly and cleanly build, with several lovely details like the foliage or real machico... you know the word, and it sports SIX minifigs for a build of this size. I'd be interested in barracks, stables (I'd rather not imagine the number of horses, hehe!) and of course, tavern. Griffin cliffs could be also cool, I'm just a tiny little bit sceptic if they can be built with the same nostalgic feeling. Truly lovely job! edit: Man, you gave me a headache: should I play with lego, or should I play HoMM3? The agony of choices... ;-)
  5. Aine

    [MOC] Archers Tower

    Man, i love Heroes III and Castle is my most favourite faction after Rampart. You made a great job, it's true to the original, and it's also really beautiful! I'd love to have such a set in my childhood, even though that would predate HoMM by roughly a decade. :-) If tlg started doing this kind of stuff (and namely if they'd buy a license for HoMM universe), I'd be one heck of a happy customer!
  6. Very pretty, clean and oldschool style! Really cool!
  7. Aine

    LEGO Porsche Tiger GuP.ver

    Indeed a beautiful model, and yes, amazing photos! <3
  8. Aine

    Castle - Fantasy Era (2007-2009)

    This made my day! :-) And this immediatelly came to my mind! ;-) I think that it was daring and new at least in the context of lego, there was nothing like that even few years before this wave. (Except for the ghost minifig...)
  9. Aine

    [MOC] Blue Imperial Fort

    Oh, yet another beautiful MOC! Such a clean, oldschool look! Very nice build, indeed!
  10. Pretty cool! Lovely scene!
  11. Aine

    HMS White Card (Now finished!)

    Wow, what a nice ship! The rigging is extraordinary!
  12. @AmperZand Thanks a lot! The reason why I'm reluctnant to start my own factions, is because of the need for arms' switching, and it was something that I was pretty afraid of. But you are right that the factory machines must be much less gentle my my own hands.
  13. Great info! I knew that there must be some way how to do this, otherwise there would be no Minifigure Torso Assemblies in existence, but I was afraid that lego has some special machine that does this in a more gentle way than a human can ever do by the hand. I'll try some old stuff, then I'll use the cmf Elf torsos and other cool stuff to design my own factons. Thanks again!
  14. Good idea! But I'm afraid that the torso might crack. What are the experiences with this? I want to use some generic chainmail torsos and switch the arms for a different color, but I'm really afraid that the torsos won't withstand the force.
  15. I agree on the versatility of the old torso, it's maybe the best what lego may offer. The new one... well, it's definitely versatile, as it isn't affiliated to any faction, my issue is that it's kinda unrealistic. I don't think there ever was a chainmail with a frontal fasting, at least I've never seen one.