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  1. Aine

    HELP! ! !

    Oh yeah, that's it! I didn't realize that I may sound like there's some technical problem (e.g. the things that you've proposed). It's just a design issue, buttons are drown in a visual smog.
  2. Aine

    HELP! ! !

    Uhm, does it really matter? The top panel is full of colored lego things and the buttons are invisible in that mess.
  3. Aine

    HELP! ! !

    The main Eurobricks panel is... idk how to tell it... unreasonable. I cannot read or click anything, the Create new content, Notifications, Massages buttons, everything is drown in a visual smog.
  4. Aine


    Very nice ship, indeed.
  5. Wonderful I'd love to see them in fleshies, but to each his own! You made a great job with this, and I guess that you've spent hours before finding all the possible parts!
  6. Aine

    MOC - Imperial Senate Building

    Wow, this is amazing!
  7. I thought about lego animals. There are lots of them already, although some of them are rare, namely goat (and to some extent cow), but one is missing - I'd love to see megablocks. I mean: donkey! :-) That'll be cool!
  8. Aine

    [MOC] Europa

    Beautiful ship!
  9. Yep, you are right, both of you. Clips are no longer used, and some kind of holder would be amazing!
  10. It's official: Lego cannot design a reasonable sword if their lives depended on it. I hoped that 66964 would be useful, but it's once again a clumsy oversized weapon that cannot be hanged from the saddle. Maybe next time.
  11. Aine

    [MOC] Voyage of the Fyrdraca

    Yeah... Wonderful ship, indeed! edit: and the story unfolds nicely, too!
  12. Aine

    [MOC] Wolfpack’s Stronghold Gatehouse

    Amazing MOC! Old school feeling, clean design, very nice!