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  1. Garmetrowolf

    75283 Star Wars Armored Assault Tank (AAT)

    Totally understand! Thanks. Yeah I agree. As @JintaiZ kindly pointed out, it's now on sale on Amazon for $32.00 which is somewhat more palatable, but still not amazing given the piece count.
  2. Garmetrowolf

    75283 Star Wars Armored Assault Tank (AAT)

    Yeah, I'm so regretting being impulsive and ordering this right when it came out.
  3. One of my favorite childhood memories was staying up late at night, snuggled under my covers watching Star Wars the Clone Wars... until the show got axed, GAAAAHHH!!!! But since getting Disney+ I've spent many weekends binge-watching the Clone Wars (but unlike when I was a kid, I don't annoy my parents by talking with the same accent as Captain Rex... now I annoy my wife.) Because of how much childhood nostalgia I have for the show and for the amazing Legos that accompanied it, I couldn't wait to get set 75283 Star Wars Armored Assault Tank (AAT). But this 75283: Armored Assault Tank (AAT) set is significantly scaled down from the 2009 version and has fewer figures. So, does it hold muster when compared to the old version? Read more to find out and see my comparison at the end! Set InformationName: 75283 Star Wars Armored Assault Tank (AAT)Theme: Star WarsYear: 2020Pieces: 286Minifigures: 4Price: £34.99 / $39.99 / 39.99€Resources: Brickset 1. The Figures For most people who were addicted to the Clone Wars as a kid, Ahsoka was one of the characters who made the show outstanding (along with Rex and several others). As Anakin Skywalker's Togruta former apprentice, Ahsoka changes significantly throughout the Clone Wars (and Star Wars Rebels). The version we get here is from the final seventh season. Though five different versions of Ahsoka were made in Lego form, somewhat surprisingly, this Ahsoka is only one (of two versions) that does not have freakish Clone Wars art-style printing. The other three versions that did, looked something like this... yikes! The version of Ahsoka being reviewed today has crisp detailing all over. Her light blue eyes are striking. Ahsoka comes with two blue lightsabers, just like in Season 7 (interestingly Ahsoka's lightsabers also change throughout the show, and in earlier seasons, she wielded green lightsabers). Ahsoka's printing continues onto her back and in my view is exquisite. I think the contrast between the blue, the white and orange colors is very well done. I do wish, that that she had been designed with dual-molded legs to make the figure a bit more consistent from front to back. Comparing Ahsoka from 75283 Star Wars Armored Assault Tank (left) to the only other non-freaky Clone Wars art style counterpart which appeared in 75158 Rebel Combat Frigate (right) reveals some interesting changes. Though both figures use the same headpiece (made out of that really annoying soft eraser-like plastic that I've messed up more than a few times) the designs on each piece are completely different. Ahsoka's skin color is a shade darker in the Rebels version, though her eyes there are lighter. In this picture you can also see the opposide side of Ahsoka from 75283: Armored Assault Tank (AAT)'s head which shows a frustrated/determined look. The other big highlight of this set is the 332nd Company Trooper, who, so far, is only available in this set. These Clone Troopers were originally part of the 501st Battalion before teaming up with Ahsoka and then turning on her in the Finale of Season 7 of the Clone Wars. His helmet is sleek, and he certainly looks ready to take on the clankers (or an unsuspecting Jedi)! After a bazillion and seventy-nine years of getting the same angry-clone head (with a brief but hopeful period when we got angry but snarky clone head) we (finally!) got a proper update. As tired as I was of old angry-clone head, it wasn't a bad design, though I like this new version much more. The new version looks very serious and battle hardened. Can't wait to see it appear under the helmets of all future clones for the rest of my life. Here is a comparison of the 332nd Company Trooper with some of his brothers. His leg and torso printing are exactly the same as the 501st Clone Trooper (corresponding with the TV show, where the 332nd Company Troopers were former 501st Clones.) All of the torsos and legs are done in the same style as each other. In the Clone Wars, battle droids are about as incompetent as those automated-assistant voices you yell at whenever you call a company on the phone and ask to speak to a representative. This particular droid is an AAT driver battle droid. It's nice to see these guys being included, though now that they've been in three sets their novelty is starting to wear off. The set comes with two of them, and they're exactly the same. The figure is completely plain on the back. Pretty boring... 2. The AAT Throughout the Clone Wars TV show, the Separatists constantly use these AATs as tanks. Often, by the end of the episode, the tanks end up blown up, cut to pieces or otherwise destroyed by some Jedi/Clone. Fortunately, this Lego AAT is much more sturdy than what the TV suggests an actual AAT might be like. The building process is pretty straight forward, making ample use of the SNOT (thats "studs not on top") technique to create the cockpit. The set gets the bulk of its girth from two dark Blue Brick, Round Corner 6 x 6 x 2 pieces. These pieces also make the final product look sleek and compact. Unfortunately, the top canon somewhat ruins this look because it is way too oversized compared to the rest of the set. The cockpit of the interior features two control panels which are a nice touch. It's big enough for a droid to sit in, though if you want the clone to sit there, he has to take off his helmet otherwise, the cockpit doesn't close completely, and all the Separatists would likely blow this tank into oblivion (actually, maybe not, as I said above, they're ain't the sharpest tools in the shed.) The top of the tank closes using a trap door piece and works sufficiently well. The top of this craft is a mixed bag. On the bright side, I like the antenna, which is made using a Flat Silver Foil/Epée piece (this technique was also used in 75182 Republic Fighter Tank to great effect.) Unfortunately, the interior of the cockpit lacks any sort of control panel and is rather plain. It is big enough for a battle droid to fit in. If you tuck the battle droid's head down, the top can close. From the top, you can also see where the only two stickers of this set are used. The side of the set shows some more details which contribute to the set's bulk. The side canons here are very sturdy (more on that below). Unfortunately, the rest of the sides still look rather plain, particularly where the Dark Blue Curved Slope meets the gray bricks on the bottom of the craft. Simply changing the color of the gray bricks to blue would have fixed this problem. The two missiles can be launched by pulling back the Dark Bluish Gray Technic, Liftarm pieces under the side guns. The bottom of the set is smoothed out using various Trans-Clear Round 2 x 2 plates with Rounded Bottoms. These make the set perfect for trying to run over some Clones and failing miserably. Comparing the new tank to the old model from 2009 (8018 Armored Assault Tank) it's clear you got more bang for your buck with old version. The 2009 AAT is significantly bigger while it was only $10 /£5 more expensive (not accounting for inflation... I'm a Lego fan, not an economist!). The 2009 model also highlights just how out of proportion the top gun on the 2020 AAT is. Even though the 2009 set is significantly bigger, that tank's main gun is smaller than the 2020 AAT's main gun. Moreover, the old version of the set feels much more imposing and menacing than the new one, which seems a bit cutesy, to be honest. At the same time, there are things to like more about the 2020 model. For instance, the old model featured side guns made from really dumb flick-fire missiles. The new model has gotten rid of the flick-fire feature and instead focused more on detail. Also, the 2020 AAT has incorporated the newer spring shooter piece which was not in existence when the old AAT was produced back in 2009. A significant change is that the 2009 AAT had a much bigger cockpit, which could turn into a speeder (pictured). The new model got rid of this feature entirely. I'm not as bummed out about this as I thought I would be, because if you remove the speeder in the old model, it exposes a gaping hole in the back. Final Thoughts: So should you get this set? Playability: 10/10 - Definitely a lot to like here. The set has two spring-loaded missiles, great for taking your eye out if you're not careful, a cool cockpit, and fun figures that can fight each other all day long. Building Experience: 9/10 - I enjoyed this build and I especially liked constructing the cockpit using the SNOT technique. At the same time, because this model is symetrical, there was a certain level of repetitiveness in constructing it. Definitely not enough to discount this set, however. Design: 8/10 - The set is very sturdy, but THAT GUN IS WAY TOO OVERSIZED!!!! They could have easily cut it in half and still had a really nice set. Aesthetic: 8/10 - Sleek and cool, but when compared to the other model from 2009, this set is way less menacing than that one. Minifigures: 10/10 - The figs are definitely where this set shines. Ahsoka and the exclusive Clone may justify getting the set on their own. The battle droids are a nice touch even if they're becoming somewhat common. Price: 7/10 - Price wise, this isn't a terrible choice, but you just got so much more in the 2009 AAT for only ten bucks/ five quid extra. Verdict: 9/10 - A great set to get, especially if you missed the last AAT in 2009, though, in my opinion the 2009 version was better!
  4. Garmetrowolf

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Finally got my order from early January in the mail. They're experiencing significant delays in the States due to the blizzard. Hoping everyone else waiting will get theirs soon!
  5. Garmetrowolf

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Eek sorry to hear. Hopefully, it will arrive eventually! Interestingly, when I called them today, they were able to track the packages (they got lost but are in transit.) I think they must be able to track it in their internal system even if they don't provide a tracking number.
  6. Garmetrowolf

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Thanks everyone!
  7. Garmetrowolf

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Anyone experiencing delays once their orders are sent in the mail (not while they're at the warehouse)? I have an order shipped out on the 1st that should have come in 7-10 business days but so far, nothing.
  8. Garmetrowolf

    BAM Exclusive Parts Index

    Thanks. This is super useful!
  9. Garmetrowolf

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2021

    Thanks for the heads up. That is too bad about the figure pack. As several other people mentioned, was hoping for something more exciting. Oh well!
  10. Garmetrowolf

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Orange space helmet is back!
  11. Garmetrowolf

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Just got an order yesterday placed at the beginning of January 2021. I checked it, no missing parts, errors or omissions as far as I could tell there. But I've had a few cases where a part or two was missing. I heard they're so overwhelmed right now that I could see it happening.
  12. Garmetrowolf

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    I understand that. The problem is that I'm probably not gonna go to a Lego store for the very foreseeable future because of the pandemic. But when its over, this is all good stuff to know and I appreciate it!
  13. Garmetrowolf

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    That makes sense, too bad.
  14. Garmetrowolf

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    In the past, I would have said that that probably wouldn't work, but then Gamestop happened.
  15. Agreed. Definitely still worth it if you want any of the figures or weapons! I'm curious how the other sets compare to this one as this was the most appealing to me because of the Serpentine. I might have to order them and see for myself. Thank you for pointing that out about the scythe! I didn't know that at all. Now I'll have to get that part. I agree, Rattla guy does seems like the kind of figure who will be slipped into sets later down the line (hopefully with a set with LLoyd (with his cool Ron Weasley hair) or Nya). And this is my second review for EB Reviewer's Academy so I still have lots to learn. I appreciate your encouragement!