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  1. Well Trolls and Minions are lincensed themes not to mention that Minions is already quite popular and Trolls is getting it's movie later this year,so it makes sense to talk about them early on."Leaf" on the other hand is a brand new in-house theme and those usually get revealed on Toy Fairs.Overall in-house themes and lincensed theme always get different treatment.
  2. The Nuremberg TF starts next wednesday so fingers crossed for any new info.After all last year if I recall correctly we saw a tease for HS there.
  3. Well this theme seems to be this years big bang theme so I can't imagine Lego hiding it,we have to wait and see.
  4. Yea on 22-25 to be precise. My thoughts exactly not to mention that in a few weeks we'll see everything during the NY TF so what's the point for all this secrecy? If this theme comes out this summer then we'll definitely see it.
  5. As far I can tell for the time being there is nothing.Honestly I suggest to wait for the New York TF because there is a 100% guarantee that we'll hear something there. I'm not putting much stock on hearing anything during this toy fair or the Nuremberg one.
  6. Today is the start of the London Toy Fair,hopefully we'll hear something official.
  7. LOTR34

    DC Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Search "instagram legoleaks" on google.
  8. LOTR34

    LEGO Hidden Side 2020

    I agree the lack of variation for the protagonists is rather disappointing,even with the new headmolds in the 2nd wave doesn't do that much for me.In general the minifigures in this theme where underwhelming to say the least,this is the only theme I've ever bought sets for with the builds being in my mind first and the minifigures second.I don't expect much from the 3rd wave and if my theory is correct then it's also the final wave for the theme.
  9. LOTR34

    DC Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Yea I just saw that post where he claims he worked on TLBM2.This alone proves that he's a charlatan.
  10. LOTR34

    DC Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Did you guys see the descriptions for the upcomings sets on instagram? Do you think they're legit or fake?
  11. LOTR34

    Future Pirates Speculation

    Lego has been really tight with their security recently,so I'm not expecting any leaks any time soon. We should be just patient and wait for the official unveil that will most likely take place during the NY toy fair this february.
  12. LOTR34

    Future Pirates Speculation

    Call me shortsighted but I'd be totally fine if it focused only on nostalgic themes and nothing else. You make a good point though,so if we do get a mix of ancient cultures I hope there are also fantasy elements.If it's 100% pure historical then that would be boring But let's not stray too much off topic,the mods might get angry.
  13. LOTR34

    Future Pirates Speculation

    If this is a time travel theme as we speculating then it'll probably include some futuristic sci-fi elements.But I'd rather have it focus on Pirates and Castle.
  14. LOTR34

    Future Pirates Speculation

    I never expected a full on classic pirates comeback and based on all the recent rumors that seems to be the case.But as long as we get a small taste of pirates in the near future then I'm fine with it.
  15. LOTR34

    Future Pirates Speculation

    While I do agree about not getting excited prematurely,the idea of Lego mixing various themes together doesn't sound so far fetched. I'm speculating here so bear with me but if this theme is about a bunch of heroes time traveling so they can collect a bunch of artifacts,then it sounds to me quite plausible.