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  1. The imperial set is confirmed to be a Star Destroyer with 1,500 pieces!
  2. Lego also needs to stop with the blue eyes. Yes Ezra has blue eyes but he literally looks blind now. (If Lego HAS to give blue eyes why not use the design style they gave to Elsa,Marion,and Willie in the 2008/2009 Indy sets)
  3. Nien looks perfect! But if we are doing long over do mainline Skywalker saga characters where are Boss Nass,Dexter Jettster,Yaddle???????
  4. This would’ve been a great opportunity to include Sy Snootles,and Droopy McCool. Heck updated versions of Bossk and Dengar as well. But overall I think it’s a good selection and amount.
  5. I don’t see why Jabba would be a new mold…………….
  6. So Max Baut is claiming the Sail Barge has 10 figures including Slave Leia,Max Rebo,and Salacious B Crumb.
  7. Maybe it’s just me but outside Darth Malek the anniversary figures IMO are very bad picks. YES people have been wanting Fives,Saw,Cal but why not just put them into ACTUAL sets? People want new Rogue One sets yet lego is just scared for whatever reason of doing new Rogue One sets. Fives could’ve been included in a different TCW set. Cal should’ve been included in a Mantis,and Young Leia in a new Kenobi set. Like IMO Malek,Starkiller,Mara Jade,Dutchess Satine,Dexter Jettester,Holiday Special Boba would’ve been better picks because those are characters that realistically will never be released otherwise.
  8. R2-KT could’ve been the Astromech for Jedi Bob……….
  9. Cool deep cut but a terrible choice for a final figure in a set. Like R2-KT would’ve been better as a Book Figure or even a May 4th promo.
  10. This new Sith Infiltrator looks HORRIBLE and is way less accurate then the 2011 or 2015 versions. Just compare the entire back section to the model in Battlefront 2 and it’s not even remotely close. The figure selection is also terrible like yeah Saw is a great inclusion but only 3 TPM figures with no new characters 😐 like this would’ve been a great place to include Shmi……….
  11. lol Brickclicker just posted tons of leaks a couple hours ago.
  12. Honestly yeah because IF they had made it a retail set it could’ve included battle attire Padme and Boss Nass.
  13. Almost like Lego should’ve made a Duel of the Fates Diaroma and Naboo Royal Starcruiser.
  14. May 4th Promo confirmed to be a Battle Droid Carrier with 6-8 battle droids! Best Promo for May 4th of all time???????? Brickheadz confirmed to be Darth Maul,Qui-Gon,Captain Panaka,Queen Amidala,Kid Anakin,and JAR JAR BINKS!!!!!!
  15. So it is Saw that’s fantastic news!