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  1. kieran

    Fan stickers for trains

    Great work
  2. kieran

    [MOC] Vintage passenger car

    Colours make it look old and very good
  3. kieran

    Rotary Fake Engine

    Clever, looks great
  4. kieran

    Cement Plant

    Great work, lots of details and still not overly large.
  5. kieran

    [MOC] Neo Classic Space Train

    Fantastic, what a train
  6. kieran

    Space efficient storage of train tracks

    I have stacked track this way for ages, really helps, also makes the stack more stable
  7. kieran

    [MOC] vic spaceship

    Very nice, shape and colour
  8. kieran

    Tiny tiny LEGO robot and tank

    So small, very nice
  9. kieran

    [MOC] The fireplace - kinetic model

    Nice effect,
  10. kieran

    [MOC] Iron

    I like that, the details are fantastic
  11. kieran

    [MOC] Moon Dune Buggy

    Does remind me of the classic, but clearly uses modern parts
  12. kieran

    Horse Treadmill Locomotive

    Made me chuckle