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  1. Really liking these, well done
  2. [MOC] Transformer Delorean (Back to the Future)

    Nice work, so many parts in a nice compact package
  3. [Moc] Jack The Ripper

    Great scene, I really like the roof
  4. [Moc] Medieval Castle

    Nice job, for a not huge model there is a lot to see
  5. American 4-4-0

    Great work, the head light looks great with the reflector fitted
  6. Nice job on the door extension, seems to have made a big difference
  7. [GBC] Solaire

    Colours are great on this as well, looks really clean
  8. [MOC] Endarmire Iron Mine

    It's massive, so many details, well done
  9. Lady Steamlove's Aerial Journey

    Very nice, I really like the colour scheme, it allows the figs to really pop
  10. [GBC] Solaire

    That's really nice, works perfectly
  11. Ways of adding 'lining' to train MOCs

    What a great collection of ideas, thanks all
  12. MOC - Garden Toy Train - 12-wide

    That camera looks very promising
  13. A-Team GMC '87 Vandura

    Great job, looks amazing
  14. Amazing, super complex and looks great as well