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  1. kieran

    River Canyon Railroad

    Very nice, really creates a feeling of drama
  2. Nice job, great build remembering a great film
  3. kieran

    [MOC] The Simpsons Krusty Burger

    Very cool, I love this theme
  4. kieran

    Tron Legacy Display

    Fantastic, the cycles and the display look great
  5. kieran


    Fantastic, I have spent many hours looking at the details you have provided, it’s an excellent resource
  6. kieran

    [MOC] Number Five is Alive

    Old topic for sure, but it looks great
  7. kieran

    [MOC] Reactor control room

    Great job
  8. kieran

    [MOC] Modern Signalbox

    Nice little build
  9. kieran

    [MOC] Approach/Landing Pad 1

    That looks amazing
  10. kieran

    Narrow gauge "Odenwald-Express"

    Fantastic, so much in such a small space
  11. kieran

    Nakatomi Plaza

    Very nice, instantly recognisable
  12. kieran

    Diamonds Are Forever

  13. kieran

    [MOC] Lego technic repair shop

    Fantastic, dyno is my fav part I think
  14. kieran

    [MOC] Space Elves

    Very nice looking set of models
  15. Was that the real speed of the train, or was it sped up? Either way, great way to have fun with the family