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  1. [MOC] Cargo starships

    Fantastic shaps, are the solid or fragile?
  2. LL 243 Scout

    The wings are my favourite part, how do they attach to the main body
  3. That's very nice, such a simple way to index the balls into the arm, works very well. Does it deal with more balls backed up behind?
  4. Return of the X-Files

    Really like this one, the way the windows slope in make the setting really work
  5. [MOC] Steampunk - Steamglider

    Fantastic, I assume the glider and base are not connected?
  6. You are describing hard coupling, this will work and effectively adds the torque. The issue is if the motors, have a difference in their speed, which they will, they work against each other which may in the long run break one or more of the motors
  7. Land of Adventure

    That's huge, must have taken a massive effort. The overall effect is amazing
  8. 9V switch modification

    When I made mine, I inserted some scrap plastic into the inside of the rail and glued in place, then soldered the metal
  9. Great looking model, well done
  10. Cut in half newly built house scaled in 1 to 18

    The wall looks good, but it's horrid that lego has dropped in this way. The model looks amazing
  11. Also loved this game, well done
  12. Nice one. Is fun to watch
  13. Heavy mobile drilling platform

    Great model, abs the animation shows it well