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  1. Amazing, works really well, how did you do the panning shot when the car is jumping?
  2. Medium Size Mining Dumper

    That's nice, in that scale or any scale. Good work, looking forward to seeing the finished article
  3. My Taj Mehal

    Wow, looks great, are the towers fragile?
  4. Lots of old black friction pins may help
  5. Wow, looks amazing. Is there a positive click on the button, are you using membrain or contact switches?
  6. Paternoster GBC

    Nice one, looks to work really well
  7. [MOC] Whitefang Evolved

    It looks very natural, amazing when you think it's all lego
  8. Lego 8859 Revival

    You can seem the original in your version, still has a great colour scheme
  9. Lego Classic Space Monorail

    Very clever if you are not 100% purist, makes the theme work well
  10. Ticondaroca Spaceport

    It's massive, I can only imagine how you moved it around. Looks amazing
  11. [MOC] Siemens CP4700 1:20Scale Replica

    Thanks, I have a few of those and they are large, the model must be enormous in real life
  12. [MOC] Siemens CP4700 1:20Scale Replica

    It's massive, I can't work out what the wheels of the boggies are made from