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  1. kieran

    [MOC] Airwolf

    Yep, instantly recognisable, nice job
  2. That’s fantastic, do you share your source code?
  3. Nice little mechanics working well there
  4. kieran

    Small standing boiler steam locomotive

    Looks fine to me, does it exist in real lego? Would enjoy seeing it run
  5. kieran

    [MOC] Greeble wall in Lego Room

    Amazing, looks so tactical, will add something very special to your room
  6. kieran

    [MOC] Merry Punkmas - Cyberpunk Edition

    Great use of colour, theme and Christmas all in one
  7. Thanks so much for working on this. Can’t wait for new 9v motors
  8. kieran

    moc Stephensons Rocket

    Very nice, looks great
  9. kieran

    How to test 9V train motor

    If you have a battery and son wire, you can hold it against the wheels on the motor and they should spin, no it with the motor on its back
  10. Works well, looks great in the real environment
  11. Look at all the remote controls, great fun I am a sure,
  12. Agree that the doors look great, and the function as well, amazing at this scale
  13. The technic making up the port holes looks great