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  1. kieran

    Batcave and Wayne Manor MOC

    Simply fantastic
  2. Looking, great. I have been on a few of these in my time, looking forward to the finished model
  3. kieran

    [WIP] Lego monorails. [Custom Rail Systems (CRS)]

    Wow, just shows what can be done
  4. kieran

    [MOC] Star Trek USS Enterprise

    Fantastic feel, would like to see this sat on my desk
  5. Test on each port and swop motors ove to make sure it's not a bad cable and or port
  6. kieran

    [TC14] Gyroscope

    Nice ride, hope you can make it work. What sort of finished size are you looking at
  7. kieran

    [MOC] Supreme firepower

    That is super smooth, nice details
  8. kieran

    [MOC] WH40k: Chaos Sonic Dreadnought vs Aeldari

    Nice work connecting 2 worlds of hobbies
  9. Looking very good, the scale is impressive
  10. kieran

    [MOC] Classic Space - Welcome Home

    Nice job, looks very complete
  11. kieran

    Lego GBC Minecart Module

    Nice effect of the carts moving, I like the way the divert is linked to the position of the carts
  12. Not for the purest, but a fantastic mod to improve the strength
  13. kieran

    Tron Legacy Light Cycle

    Very nice looking setup
  14. kieran

    Benny's x-wing X-Wing X-WING

    Nice job, looks great in the classic colours
  15. Really liking these, well done