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  1. kieran

    Science Fiction Figbarf

    Nice job creating a complete set
  2. First rate, looks very real, and works sonwell
  3. kieran

    MOC: Marooned!

    Very nice, the lettering is great
  4. kieran

    Victorian Vampire Mansion

    Very spooky, nice with the screen set in the front
  5. kieran

    Large Layout Questions

    I think to use of in this way you will be modifying the parts quite a bit. You will need a battery that stays on, and can maybe return to a charging station. To make the train run for a period ofvtime you could create a solution using a raspberry pi or ardunio with a rf transmitter connected
  6. I have no use for plastic only track, but I really want this to work out I can see the effort that has gone into this and am sure it will work out, just added a few dollars to help the cause, hope it gets funded
  7. kieran

    Dystopian City with Monorail

    Amazing, lots of nice details in that one
  8. Would be great, but I don't think they would on the pub, and the power plant would be enormous to do it justice
  9. kieran

    MOC - Brightline Higher-Speed Passenger Train

    Nice job, very close to the real thing
  10. kieran

    Looking for Star Trek MOCs

    That is a thing of beauty
  11. kieran

    Flying Scotsman on BBC!

    Fantastic, must be enormous in real life.
  12. kieran

    [WIP] Rotary Pneumatic valve

    Nice, would be very a good addition to the current line up of valves
  13. kieran

    [TC14] The Whip

    I agree that the simple colour scheme with the yellow accent works very well
  14. kieran

    Show us your Working Place

    Ah, that makes sense