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  1. Sir Orion

    Heroica RPG General Discussion

    This was what I had in mind. Thanks for helping! P.S I really liked how your character looked in Heroica!
  2. Sir Orion

    Heroica RPG General Discussion

    Coming from a fan of this game but has never played, I was thinking Monsters had their own rolls. 1 is the enemy's special, 2 is a critical hit.....But i haven't figured this one out yet, 3 is a regular hit just the monster's level. 4 is damage hit by hero for WP only, 5 is critical damage, struck by hero's WP x2 6 is special damage, hero's shield is triggered. Does this sound good? Obviously it needs balancing but otherwise pretty good right? will be interested in what others think!
  3. Sir Orion

    Nexo knights ideas

    You all know nexo knights, or have at least heard of it, today, i will change a nexo knights soldier into something more like old castle. Here's a traditional nexo knights soldier So, what makes a nexo knight a nexo knight? After looking at one that I have, I can its there face, armor, and the crest. So let's change him into something more medieval-ly, The first thing I did was take off the armor. Then i swapped out the head to one with a scar over his eye. After that, I turned the torso around and reattached his arms. Then I put his blue helmet back on. Then i gave him a regular spear and shield. Now the Nexo knight soldier looks something like this. However I cannot upload his photo right now, but I will when I can! Thanks for reading!
  4. Sir Orion

    Guard House

    I love the build, great design and well executed!
  5. Sir Orion

    Sir Orion is here

    Hi everyone, I just recently joined after reading here a loong time, but i really enjoyed reading these!