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  1. Jerry LEGO Creations

    [MOC] Chain-Making Machine

    I like this one very uch, it is not something you see very often. Do you have any plans for other machines?
  2. Jerry LEGO Creations

    MOC Fairchild A10 (WIP) pics added

    Wow... interested to see where this is going, looking good so far!
  3. Jerry LEGO Creations

    Nico71's Creations

    This is an alternate of which you can only tell it is one by looking at the parts... It's very well made!
  4. Jerry LEGO Creations

    [MOC] Poclain HC 300

    Wow... Great work on this one!
  5. Jerry LEGO Creations

    [WIP] Orion - 1:10 racecar

    Great, will do! :) Thank you. There are indeed some friction points in the suspension, but I'm happy with how it works, it is very responsive. The overall structure is quite sturdy, but I want to try to connect the front axle a bit better, since it can rotate a bit about its axis. Not much, but too much for my liking. The rear doesn't move at all. I have 2 high connection points on both axles, for the rear axle they are the 2 red pins in the T liftarms and at the front they are the 2 red pins behind the white axle and pin connectors.
  6. Jerry LEGO Creations

    [WIP] Orion - 1:10 racecar

    Thank you! The Ford is still a work in progress, but I will be creating instructions for it once finished.
  7. Jerry LEGO Creations

    [WIP] Orion - 1:10 racecar

    Thanks for the suggestion, it's a good one, and exactly what I've been working on : Orion - Monocoque 2 by Jerry LEGO Creations, on Flickr I can recommend trying to create a freestyle model, since I very much enjoyed it so far. It gives you so much freedom to do whatever you want. As for the Ford, thank you! The dark azure seems to be my nemesis. I've spent the better past of November trying to come up with a design for the front, but nothing I liked so far. That is why I decided to work on the rest of the bodywork. Now, I want to finish/ refine the back. That part is mostly done by now. I also have a few ideas for the front, so hopefully I can make it work with those. Thank you, I really appreciate that! He's one of the people who inspired me to create my own models some years ago
  8. Jerry LEGO Creations

    [WIP] Orion - 1:10 racecar

    Thank you, it is mid engined. Thanks :D Thanks for the suggestion, I know what you mean. It's how I've done it the last few cars as well, and it looks better. So far I wasn't happy with the rigidity it gave me, but I can see what I can do. Maybe I'll try to build a roll cage and then only have flex axles for A pillars, since that has worked before
  9. Jerry LEGO Creations

    [WIP] Orion - 1:10 racecar

    I made some progress over the last week. I reworked both axles a bit. I changed the height the rear suspension a bit since I wanted a slight rake. The front suspension has been reinforced and seems to work properly now. The steering radius is quite large, although I don't really mind that on a racecar. The toe of the front wheels turned out to be wrong, which also messed up the Ackermann steering, so I made it adjustable. The connection to the steering rack seems to be strong enough to not change the toe over time, so I'm happy with how that turned out. The front of the car bottoms out on the ground, the rear doesn't. I'm ok with that, since it allows me to have a smaller ground clearance. The rear axle has a 4-speed sequential AWD gearbox with a 3rd differential. The way I made the gearbox is opposite to how I usually do it, the input from the wheels is connected to the clutch gears and the engine is connected to the shafts of the driving rings. This was easier in this case since the 3rd differential has 2 different gear sizes on it, and now I can use both. The shifter is a simple red lever to the right of the engine, and it is connected to a lever in the car. This lever moves (a bit) when you shift, though you can't use it to shift since it can't handle the force. The shifter has a limiter to prevent shifting from 1st to 4th or vice versa. The engine has a high rpm but runs without skipping gears. Just to be sure, there is a white 24t clutch gear in the drivetrain. I also made the monocoque. It has the HOG steering with a working steering wheel and a lever for the DRS. Of course there is no DRS yet, but I already have a connection point for a link at the rear to control it. The rear might look a bit high and bulky at the moment, but I think I can work with it. The chassis is modular, consisting of 3 parts: both axles and the monocoque. The angled beams at the rear might not have the perfect length, but the difference is so small that it doesn't give much stresses. I still want to do some detailing work on the interior and engine bay, but I'll probably leave it at this for now, I want to do some things on a different project. Here are some WIP pics: Orion - Chassis front by Jerry LEGO Creations, on Flickr Orion - Chassis back by Jerry LEGO Creations, on Flickr Orion - Monocoque by Jerry LEGO Creations, on Flickr
  10. Jerry LEGO Creations

    Paid instructions

    Depending on the model, I'm fine with it. I've made some models with free instructions, because I simply don't think they are good enough to be paid. I've also made one paid model so far, since I do believe that one is good enough. I've spent a long time designing and building it, and creating proper instructions takes a lot of time, even with the help of studio. Currently I'm working on 2 different models. One will probably have free instructions since it's a simpler/ smaller side project, but the other won't be. I've spent hundreds of hours on it, I'm definitely not going to give away free instructions for that. Look at it from a different perspective. Take someone who paints as a hobby for example. He likes to paint, but does that mean he should hand hand prints, or give away the painting for free? No, in my opion. If someone puts work into something, I think it is ok to ask money for it. Now, there are definitely some models which are overpriced, or which would be better of being free, and that is a bad thing. But, those instructions probably won't sell well, which might make the creator consider to lower the price for future models. I guess the price and amount of paid instructions is based on the current market, and apparently there is a market for it. Besides that, Lego isn't cheap, so if you can make some money with it to fuel your future endeavours, why not? Edit: I wanted to add, since the lego for the MOCs can be quite expensive (especially for larger models), is it a problem to pay a fraction of that for (reasonably priced) instructions? This way you can also support the creator.
  11. Jerry LEGO Creations

    [MOC] Ferrari F50GT

    I like this one a lot. The bodywork is very clean, and the stripe is a nice touch
  12. Jerry LEGO Creations

    [MOC] REXX Truck 1:15

    Wow, I'm amazed... I saw 1:15, so I was expecting a smaller build, well let's just say this is not what I expected. Great job!
  13. Jerry LEGO Creations

    [MOC] Lego Technic Chevrolet Impala

    Nice work, it's a very speedy one :D
  14. Jerry LEGO Creations

    Ferrari F40

    I like the style you went with, looks very good. Can’t wait to see the final result!
  15. Jerry LEGO Creations

    [MOC] Koenigsegg Jesko Drivetrain

    Great work! Interesting read, I like the functions you managed to implement. The mechanics are the most fun part of a build, so doing a series like this seems like a good solution. Looking forward to your next builds!