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  1. MOC/WIP Fairplay IX en XI TUGBOAT in scale 1/60

    Solding some of the lights for on top the wheelhouse and have to make many more lights for this project. IMG_7140 by VFracingteam, on Flickr IMG_7143 by VFracingteam, on Flickr IMG_7144 by VFracingteam, on Flickr
  2. For a new client in Hamburg, Germany i started today a new project and is a Hybrid harbour tug and is 30 meter long and 13,5 meter wide and the scale will be around the 1/60 Here are the first pictures of the brickbuild Azimuth trusters and propellers. IMG_7136 by VFracingteam, on Flickr IMG_7137 by VFracingteam, on Flickr IMG_7139 by VFracingteam, on Flickr IMG_7132 by VFracingteam, on Flickr
  3. Getting started and strategy for the process

    Amen to that @supertruper1988+1
  4. Getting started and strategy for the process

    At http://www.bricklink.com you can order by hundreds of sellers new and used parts.
  5. Getting started and strategy for the process

    I hope not @Legorigs and only wanted help @prepmaster to give him some ideas with different techniques. his ask for got some building instructions of ships, that i can't give because the exclusive rights for my clients, that i only want help him with pictures and advice.
  6. LEGO Technic Turbo Polyp / Kraken

    Can't wait to see to progress.
  7. Getting started and strategy for the process

    I did some small research today of the SS Suffren and a great choice and for a 196 meter long and 20 meter wide ship is almost a speedboat with a topspeed of 32 knots(59 km) and 75000KW power. French_heavy_cruiser_Suffren_in_Hampton_Roads_on_15_October_1931[2] by VFracingteam, on Flickr In the scale you wanted to build her it's gona be in 1/144 a 1.36 meter(4.46 feet) long and 13.8 cm(0.45 feet) wide. Calculate in LEGO studs and it's 170 studs long and 17.25 studs wide. Here you can find a great tool how to calculate very easy it back in Lego studs and is from our good friend Sariel http://studs.sariel.pl/. I don't know how big your budget is and if you have the time and patience to do some project and you must think at least at € 1700,00(USD 1900) for the bricks, 300 hours work and a lot of fail and rebuild. If i was you, than for your first ship, with no experience the best choice is a waterline model and the innerstruction of the hull is the most important that it's strong. Also the best choice to start with a hull that's studs up and is a lot more easy to build than stud out. When you wanted make a complete ship with underwater hull than you have to think about a 5000 parts extra. I build know over the 4000 ships and construction kits for shipyards and shipowners, but they are all commercial ships and never build a real warship, but your SS Suffren is very good to build in LEGO. To give you some examples what you can build with diffent techniques from stud out, stud up ore the hulls and superstructures with LEGO Technic and hope what you ever try build that you choice, to go for the best details you can build. 20414330_292935011177134_9054423914671458000_o by VFracingteam, on Flickr Nieuw Statendam 22 by VFracingteam, on Flickr SEA AXE FCS 5009 Coast quard by VFracingteam, on Flickr Triton met Logo 3drw by VFracingteam, on Flickr 004 by VFracingteam, on Flickr 003 by VFracingteam, on Flickr Damen Shipyard 002 (2) by VFracingteam, on Flickr Damen Shipyard 001 (2) by VFracingteam, on Flickr V12 Caterpillar+logo 1_1 by VFracingteam, on Flickr 107_0790 by VFracingteam, on Flickr Greetings Edwin
  8. Getting started and strategy for the process

    Hi @prepmaster and a very warm welcome here at EB. Now you have make your own topic and think that some people wanted help you furhter with your request.(beause you ask many times in someone else there topic to help, that i ask to make your own, to not spell there topics with ask that got nothing about there topics. Because you wrote earlier that you have no experience in mocking and don't have many parts for this battleship in house. You can order loose parts at www.bricklink.com and there are a lot of shops for you in de States to choose at, from new ore used parts. I don't know how long and wide this ship is, but a ques it's somewhere about the 170 and 200 meters and 30 meters wide?! Than in scale 1/144 it will be at least 1.18 meters long and 20 centimeter wide. There are two types of techniques styles to choose for building the hulls, studd up ore (SNOT) studd out and studd out gives you the most beautyfull hulls but a lot more difficult to build. I don't know if you wanted make a complete ship ore only a waterline model, but for your first moc and ship it's a lot easier and cheaper to started with a waterline model. For a quick calculation for a waterline model at that size, that you must think about the 10000 parts and depents all how much detail you wanted at to. I don't like myself LDD for making a one of a kind model and started building with the blueprints and calculate it back in scale. If you have any more questions please let us know.
  9. Edwin Korstanje scaled custom construction kits

    Some projects i do take some times to make it public and here is a project i did with my buddy @JunkstyleGio for a non profit charity custom kit for the third biggest superyacht shipyard in the world. The yard AMELS from the Netherlands that support many orphan houses in Romania and wanted give them for Christmas a extra pressent with a small custom LEGO kit of one of there ships and was linked at a drawing contest for the kids for making a drawing of any ship. The winner of the contest got a enlarged painting and all the departments from AMELS and DAMEN shipyards have a copy for display the drawing. Because the request and the great idea behind it, that we operate both for free and got only payed for the purchase price of the bricks and makes hundreds of kids happy. The small custom construction kit with only 87 parts was fun and a honor to do and we have seen the pictures with all the smile on there faces that it was complete worth all the time we put in. Amels Microship presentation 2 by VFracingteam, on Flickr
  10. Hi friends, You know me for my big scaled one of a kind ship models that i build in commission for ship onwers and shipyards and have build many of them, but the most time i create and design and liver very exclusive construction kits for my clients. The last 3 year i have created more than 10 different kits and sold a couple of Thousand of them. My designs with the construction kits are nothing, without the great work from my great friend JunkstyleGio for all the renders and instructions and Jaap Technic for his sticker sheets. This year is a very busy and the first 4 sets are ready to deliver out and here is the first sneak previeuw of the first construction kit that is gona be deliver to a client in Brasil this week. It's a Tugboat that is build at the scale 1/87 and have 1457 pieces and is for my client a new build tugboat that is liver by Damen shipsyard design 2412, build in Brasil and is sailing in the second week of August. Here are the first pictures of the construction kit and later on more news of her. I hope you like it, and this is a set and not a one of kind model where i can go mad in details. And JunkstyleGio and me make a joke in the disclaimer and the client must laugh very much on it and have to stay in the final printart. Regards, Edwin
  11. Complete out of my box

    For a new commission, i heaved to worked complete out of my comfort zone. Later on you get the full picture what my dedication was.
  12. Lamborghini Centenario

    Absoltutely stunning creation.
  13. Complete out of my box

    Hi @prepmaster, Pleasy don't spam every topic and if you make your own topic here at the scale modeling forum, than i can give you some advice.
  14. I don't think this is the right topic to discussion your request and make please here at the scale modeling forum a new topic, than we can help you.
  15. There is a great book off real scaled models and is from No Starch Press, written by the authors Dennis Glaasker and Dennis Bosman and the book title is; The Art of LEGO Scale Modeling and can be ordering at Amazon, Boll.com ext, ext. The book is about real scaled models from trucks, cars, planes, ships, trains and machines from the best builders in the world and you can learn a lot from it. I don't think there is a spesific book for battleships how to build in any scale. Most of the time with shipbuilding in LEGO is with falling and error and try again. the-art-of-lego-scale-modeling by VFracingteam, on Flickr
  16. Cut in half newly built house scaled in 1 to 18

    Thanks @htbomb, The idea from the project sign in the garden came from the cliënt, but their idea was way to big and i have reduce it that it fits the right size.
  17. Hi friends, The last week of October a new client ask if i can build a cut in half newly built house for a exhibition 8 December this year and three days later we have closed a deal. As a shipbuilder this is complete new for me and let you see how this project worked out from the start. It's fun to build stuff that's not fits normal in your comfort zone, but the dealines i got are always so tide that's it's freaking you out. Still i hope you also like the project. This is some of the renders i have to work with, but some of the bricks are different in colour than on the render. https://www.flickr.com/photos/vfracingteam/albums/72157666725517619 SCAN0134 by VFracingteam, on Flickr IMG_7004 by VFracingteam, on Flickr IMG_7003 by VFracingteam, on Flickr IMG_7031 by VFracingteam, on Flickr IMG_7017 by VFracingteam, on Flickr IMG_7032 by VFracingteam, on Flickr IMG_7030 by VFracingteam, on Flickr
  18. Liebherr LR 11000

    Stunning creation, and love people that construct Lego to allmost their limit.
  19. Cut in half newly built house scaled in 1 to 18

    The quality of the colors from the brand new parts are terrible bad these days from LEGO and normal with shipbuilding i hate it, but for this house it was a welcome plessure that the color variation between the bricks and tiles. Here you can see very good that dark orange have four differerent color shades. IMG_7086 by VFracingteam, on Flickr
  20. Cut in half newly built house scaled in 1 to 18

    Thanks @MangaNOID, The wooden floor are reddish brown tiles and for the outside wall the bricks are dark orange.
  21. Cut in half newly built house scaled in 1 to 18

    Here the final result and the cliënt was extreem happy with the result. Thanks for all the nice and great comments friends. IMG_7109 by VFracingteam, on Flickr IMG_7108 by VFracingteam, on Flickr IMG_7106 by VFracingteam, on Flickr
  22. Cut in half newly built house scaled in 1 to 18

    Thanks buddy and think they will like your doodle.
  23. Cut in half newly built house scaled in 1 to 18

    The last final details are made and have only cleaning all my fingermarks and some dust.Thursday is the delivery and the client can't wait to see it in real and are complete happy with the final result.On Saturday we are invited with my family as special quest and the CEO of the company will speak to us and the rest off the company for the offically baptize on the Lego house model.☺️The next 12 one of a kind models are booket for 3 different clients, from Germany, Canada en Netherlands and complete full till June 2018. IMG_7103 by VFracingteam, on Flickr IMG_7098 by VFracingteam, on Flickr IMG_7099 by VFracingteam, on Flickr
  24. Cut in half newly built house scaled in 1 to 18

    Thanks friends for the nice reply's. The transport crate is ready to, only some small details have to fit and will let you see later on this week the final result. IMG_7088 by VFracingteam, on Flickr