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  1. Dear friends, I am proud that Damen Shipyard ask me again to stand in their Magazine with a nice interview about me as a LEGO builder. https://magazine.damen.com/heritage-culture/building-bricks-meeting-a-lego-shipbuilder/
  2. Many thanks for the kind words.
  3. Thanks Clive. I had some influence on the article Igor and have seen the pre text infront for the printed magazine, but the web version came out some different and did't know that they were use links to only the originals and not also the brick build versions. They got the pictures from that.
  4. Edwin Korstanje

    [MOC] Dakar Truck

    Stunning creation again Lucio. I always love Dakar trucks and for this size and weight it is still preform well.
  5. Edwin Korstanje

    Question/Advise on technique

    Only with a cut away in half house, you can see the basement and have started with the basement and than raise up the garden and driveway. With a full closed house and garden with driveway you will never seen the basement. Maybe this will help from a full open house i have build sometime ago . Stout huismerk huis promo by VFracingteam, on Flickr IMG_7108 by VFracingteam, on Flickr
  6. SuperB review and you pictures are stunning.
  7. I am curious how your lego working place is. Are you working at a desk, or do you build on the ground and how you store your lego. A lot off greetings. Edwin. This is mine lego working space.
  8. Edwin Korstanje

    Lego 42069 - D MODEL

    Mind blowing good and much better than the official A and B model.
  9. Edwin Korstanje

    [MOC] Airbus A320 & ATR-42 Aircraft

    Love it in real bricks.
  10. Edwin Korstanje

    Grum's Shed

    Great to see you building one of the most best set ever and hope you will have fun the hole build of here.
  11. Edwin Korstanje

    Effe's MOC Corner

    Looks stunning so far Michael.
  12. Edwin Korstanje

    Effe's MOC Corner

    Here for me is also nothing to complain and is a superB cabin.
  13. Edwin Korstanje

    Multiple Scales

    Rebuilt only the Hulett in 1 to 40 ore not use any figs in that area.
  14. Dear friends, I got a new commission and is a tug again for the tug owner Iskes Towage & Salvage and is a EDDY design tug. The scale will be around the 1 to 40, with lighting and an open visible engineroom. This is again a strange tug with two bow's and two enginerooms, also the trusters on this ship stands on the front and end of her. I started on the superstructure and hope you will like again the WIP stages. Kind regards, Edwin telstar-27 by VFracingteam, on Flickr IMG_7488 by VFracingteam, on Flickr IMG_7486 by VFracingteam, on Flickr IMG_7485 by VFracingteam, on Flickr IMG_7489 by VFracingteam, on Flickr IMG_7490 by VFracingteam, on Flickr
  15. Edwin Korstanje

    MOC/WIP Iskes Towage & Salvage Telstar build in scale 1:40

    Thanks friends for the great comments. The other main V16 engine is also build and now building the 3 V8 for the electric Hybrid system. IMG_7613 by VFracingteam, on Flickr IMG_7614 by VFracingteam, on Flickr IMG_7615 by VFracingteam, on Flickr
  16. Edwin Korstanje

    Grum's Shed

    Very nice build for your Grandchildren and fun for them for play with and even for you a easy build.
  17. Edwin Korstanje

    MOC/WIP Iskes Towage & Salvage Telstar build in scale 1:40

    Thanks for the kind words and the reason that there is no interieur light on the wheelhouse is, that inside are so many wires from al the lights above now not seeing from the outside.
  18. Edwin Korstanje

    MOC/WIP Iskes Towage & Salvage Telstar build in scale 1:40

    After a repeat order from Royal IHC to deliver a new batch for the Bever dredger. I finaly got the time to go on the Tug boat Telstar from Iskes Towage and build one of the two main engine is scale 1 to 40 (minifig scale) and was a hell of a job to build it in this scale a give it just enough details. The two main engines are V16 Mitsubishi S16R2-T2MPTAW. All the engines onboard Iskes his ships are blue, with a lot of bling. So i have let make real chromed bricks to make it real. First a picture from one of the real V16 and my version for his model. 016 by VFracingteam, on Flickr IMG_7604 by VFracingteam, on Flickr IMG_7606 by VFracingteam, on Flickr IMG_7607 by VFracingteam, on Flickr
  19. Edwin Korstanje

    Custom 8X8 Crawler

    From your first picture, i think your 8x8 Crawler topic don't fit the Scale Modeling Forum. You can ask the moderators where you can post it the best.
  20. Edwin Korstanje

    Custom 8X8 Crawler

    Just like M_longer said, please start a topic with some pictures and then maybe we can help you.
  21. Edwin Korstanje

    [MOC] 40 CP1408

    Wow André, Absolute stunning, the size, level of detail and colours are spot on. You can put it next to BricksonWheels his trains.
  22. Edwin Korstanje

    LEGO Technic Turbo Polyp / Kraken

    From a technical side very good, but why cut al that baseplates for the floor and background.
  23. Edwin Korstanje

    [WIP] BMW i8

    The dash and seats looks great.
  24. Edwin Korstanje

    [MOC] Airbus A320 & ATR-42 Aircraft

    Very nice rendering models. Are you also build them with real bricks?!
  25. Edwin Korstanje

    MOC/WIP Iskes Towage & Salvage Telstar build in scale 1:40

    Thanks buddy and also the owner were i building this ship for must look twice and is complete happy with the result.