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    EV3 Expansion with Technic

    With the EV3 IR sensor you can also control PF, so with the EV3 you don't need to buy the Hitechnic sensor. It only works from EV3 to PF, not the other way around. So I heared.
  2. barman

    [MINI] 8852 Robot

    There is the mini version. Yes I've been busy tonight! 8852 min-2 by Barman76, on Flickr 8852 mini-1 by Barman76, on Flickr With 167 parts this will do nicely. It has steering, but not connected to a steering wheel. It can steer by moving the model left or right, the wheels will follow the direction. Other function is off course the mechanism for making the robot move up and retract the front wheels. Also the arms can be moved. I hope you guys like it. Now I have to think about what to do with this model for it's glamor photo and off course the parts list.
  3. barman

    [MINI] 8852 Robot

    Thanks guys. Hey VF, yes it has been a while. The recovery from the hernia is slow, but with enough rest and some exorcize I'm getting there. @Jim, I will take your advice. I finished the one I'm working on and will make it just a MOC that looks like the 8852 robot. My first finished Transformer... hahaha. Here is the result of tonight. With 209 parts it is very close and I can loose the 9 parts as well, but it isn't a mini Model, so I will make this better looking with some extra details. 8852 Redux-2a by Barman76, on Flickr 8852 Redux-2b by Barman76, on Flickr As you can see, I build in steering front wheels. This has to be a function in a medium model. With the red 8t gear the steering axle can slide and makes it possible to put the steering wheel on the back of the model. 8852 Redux-2c by Barman76, on Flickr
  4. barman

    [MINI] Ladder

    Ooh..., I like this one. Great job on getting so many functions in one model and it looks good as well. I sure glad that I'm not in the jury, this is going to be a very good competition. Pore Jim, so many excellent entry's...
  5. I understand your point, but I think you should let this go. We had to cut all hoses to the right length for years. Only the last 5 years or so, Lego has done this for us to save on material costs. Hoses, tubes and strings are always allowed to cute to the right length in the AFOL world, so let's keep it that way.
  6. barman

    [MINI] 8852 Robot

    Thank you guys. Thanks Blakbird for the small fix. @Lundgren, sorry about that. If I had waited a couple of days, you would be the one posting the idea... Good luck coming up with a new idea. We are all happy amateurs :) @Tim, Jed, Ted, Jim or something like that, your not the only one. Just looking at the dimensions, this version is almost just as big as the original, so that is why I put in the redux in the title. It's not really mini. But I did had an idea making a mini version. So if this has a problem fitting in the 200 parts category, there is a way out :)
  7. barman

    [MINI] 8852 Robot

    Aah crap, turned the numbers around. Perhaps a admin can change it?
  8. barman

    [MINI] D3K's WIP topic

    Just perfect. I love the suspension. Very nifty dumper.
  9. barman

    Efferman's Custom Parts

    Great job on simplifying my design. My big problem was that there was no release of pressure. Just a nice idea, be needed some more attention. Now you've been a busy little bee and are designing parts faster than I can come up with :) I have real trouble getting my designs made. I used Shapeways before, but the quality wasn't good enough for Lego. Looking at your test video's of your designed parts, the white nylon looks good and is strong enough. Perhaps I'll give it an other trie.
  10. Wonderful competition. I got a nice idea, but this is gonna be a real challenge to fit in the 200 part window. Tomorrow I will post the first pictures, since I started tonight. Once I figure out the mechanics of the main function it should be do able. It's been a long time since I build something. Last finished model is from October 2013. Thanks for getting me going again and find the building spirit!
  11. Very interesting model. Looks good, but I would find it hard to believe if it was under 200 parts. Perhaps it would work even better with large cylinders for a bigger range of motion...?
  12. barman

    [MINI] Supercar (sports car)

    Good one Erik. It's a great design. Perhaps a spoiler from the 8 remaining parts? This is going to be a great competition! So many good designs already posted.
  13. Hahaha, thanks Jim, I am in your debt.
  14. I still don't know why I keep forgetting to visit Eurobricks more. Someone gave me a congrats that my V8 is in de HoF. Thanks for making this happen, but officially this MOC doesn't qualify, because it isn't in a topic I started...? The V8 is impressive but on a technic point of view not the advanced. It is still me best well known MOC but I prefer the Avatar heli more. Also that one doesn't qualify ether based on the same reason as the V8. So to make an official entry my robotic humanoid hand will do I am sure that Blakbird would love to make instructions of this one... LOL Just nice to see that the Dutch builders are doing great in the HoF
  15. Hi Jim, thank for the excellent and detailed review of this set. I know from experience that these review take so many hours. I appreciate this very much. This one will be added to the collection, but with another big set there is no shelf space any more... Properly will be modifying this set. The steering will definitely be replaced by 2 mini LA's for better control and more realism. Filling in the gaps and will be looking into the gap between the cabin and top part of the loader. This looks like 4 or 5 studs, but should be 1 or 2.
  16. barman

    10243 Parisian Restaurant live build

    True. Fortunately I made a photo serie during the build, for more details. Enjoy!
  17. barman

    Mad Masher 12x12

    Sorry, but I won't be making any instructions of this Monster Machine. It is too time consuming and it doesn't work all that well, because of friction from the many gears and tyres. In a couple of days I will upload a video made on the truck trial course in Legoworld The Netherlands.
  18. That's great. Nice to talk to and meet you in person somewhere next week. If you liked my prototype so mush, be sure to bring a chair and a drool bucket...
  19. barman

    Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

    I was fortunate to see the Shelby GT500 IRL on Lego Fanweekend in Skærbæk. I am still amazed how well this is designed. It looks spot on and all the standard functions Sheepo puts into his cars. Thanks again for the very nice conversation and a "first look" at the car with a complete demo of all the functions. I saw that you were interested in my 12x12 truck chassis, but at that time I was talking to someone else and couldn't give you a demo. The monster truck is done and after I have a video I will post it on EB.
  20. I would love to enter, but with Legoworld in the Netherlands coming, I have already been building like grazy to get everything ready and a lot of parts are already in my MOCs for on display. Talking about Transformers has given me a great idea... Oh well, better luck next time. November is already taken, so sadly got no time for this competition. If any of you are going to Legoworld and you are a Transformers fan, than I got something you might like...???
  21. barman

    technicbricks down?

    I'm just glade that Technicbricks is now accessible again. The last couple of weeks it's been off and on and somethings just a sort of index page...??? Looking forward to part 2 of the interview with Jennifer Clark
  22. barman

    Barman's MOCs

    Thanks everyone for the great compliments. @nielsvdv, cool that you do prostheses hands for a living. Getting a compliment from a pro is the best anybody could wish for. Thanks
  23. barman

    Barman's MOCs

    Thank you guys. @legolijntje, it looks like your on a roll. Looking forward you reverse engineering this... lol.
  24. barman

    Barman's MOCs

    Thanks everyone for the nice reactions It kinda does...
  25. barman

    Land-Rover Defender 110

    I don't know why... I think it's because I love trucks more than sportcars, but this is your best MOC so far for my personal tast. The Defender looks spot-on and again with all functions. It is just great to look at and see it working I due really like your 5 speed gearbox + reverse. Combined with a high and low gear ratio and breaks... WOW. Best offroader I've seen so far!!! Keep on building!