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  1. FreeJawson

    Islanders Lore

    That does help a lot thank you so much! Yeah, as much as I love the Islanders they can definitely be a bit problematic, I’m definitely gonna cherry pick a little with the lore I use for the project I’m using The Islanders for. I think I’m just gonna ignore the Fog Island comic because wow… Broadsides interest in enslaving the Islanders, Redbeards language choices (this one may have been a translation thing), and all the stereotypes on the Islanders. It may be for the best that this one was never published. Not to mention it just doesn’t really seem to fit with the rest of the lore. The rest is great though and mostly inoffensive. I love the idea that the island itself is some level of magic and I like how Kahuka has connections to Redbeard and The Armada Admiral.
  2. FreeJawson

    Islanders Lore

    Great thank you! Honestly I was kind of just going off memory with what i already knew so I guess it makes sense it was the armada admiral and not Redbeard.
  3. FreeJawson

    71046 CMF series 26: Space themed!

    I’m really glad that this series isn’t entirely made up of references to older space themes. As much as I love most the old space themes I think that what makes unlicensed lego so great isn’t any specific theme it’s that lego has an opportunity to be creative and introduce their own ideas. If they just keep remaking old sets and referencing old themes they might as well just be making licensed sets, they don’t have the opportunity to be creative which again in my opinion is what makes unlicensed so great. I’m not against references I love seeing the old themes get recognition but I’m much more excited about the Alien Tourist and the galaxy body guy than I am about the Ice Planet Guy or the Blacktron guy even though those are both some of my favorite themes. More generally I would much rather see Lego making good new original themes than remaking good sets from old themes.
  4. FreeJawson

    Islanders Lore

    I’ve been interested in the Islanders lore lately but I haven’t been able to find much on Brickipedia. I know the basics like Kahukas sons, and the theory that the Islanders raised Redbeard. but Brickipedia doesn’t have much so I was wondering if there was anymore Islanders lore that someone could tell me about.