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    [LDD] The Black Pearl Project

    I figured it out please read my other message above lol. Literally forgot to quote the other one. :)

    [LDD] The Black Pearl Project

    Thank you so much for the help, sorry for the late response its been a while since I've looked at this, but i'm just drawn to this moc like a moth to a lamp. yes I am on a windows computer, I have gotten to the point that you showed. I just have a couple questions concerning the missing rubber parts/railings, is there any way to get them to into LDD or a different program like Stud.IO. i'm not very familiar with the LDD program itself. the colours also don't seem to be working for the moc as well. I would like to build this IRL and that is my end goal just don't know how to do get the colours right and the rigging/railing. I also am aware of the other posts above that have all the programs like LSyth or MlCad. Just have no idea what they mean. Kinda haven't been into LEGO for a while and mostly build my own stuff out of real bricks, but I would like to get more into doing it digitally.

    [LDD] The Black Pearl Project

    Hey, so I want to get the moc in ldd, but none of the links are working/doing or leading me any ware, just wondering what's going on?