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    10300 BTTF DeLorean DMC-12 Time Machine

    This looks awesome! Can't wait to get it! One of my favourite movies and have been looking forward to this for a long time
  2. DelQuinn

    Canadian Catalogs late 80s - early 90s

    No luck yet :( the only ones I've found so far are from 1999-2000 with Star Wars in them. Still looking :)
  3. DelQuinn

    Canadian Catalogs late 80s - early 90s

    I might have some buried at home somewhere. If I do, they'd probably be mid 90s, maybe a bit earlier. Most of that stuff from the 80s are either gone or severely worn out, much like my copy of the Legoland 6000 Ideas Book. I've lost a lot of pages from it. Castle is completely gone and there's only about half of the town section at the front. If I find them, I'll scan them in, but no guarantees
  4. DelQuinn

    Enough is enough

    Getting back to the original theme of this thread, this is why we need to figure out ways to get Classic Space better represented on LEGO Ideas. We can't say that TLG doesn't want to take Classic Space ideas if none ever reaches the 10,000 supporters mark. They are not even getting the chance to say no to them. I knew going into it that the anniversary set would make or break my Ideas project. If they do make a Classic Space one, especially one similar to my project, them I'm probably dead in the water. If they make anything else, I can promote mine as one of the options that can fill that void.
  5. DelQuinn

    Enough is enough

    My theory is that they'll release 3 or 4 anniversary sets, one for each of the finalists. That, or create a set that incorporates all of the finalist themes together into one. It seems highly suspicious that TLG bent their own rules to make sure that Castle would be included in the final selections.
  6. Awesome builds! Thanks for sharing!
  7. DelQuinn

    [REVIEW] 71391 Super Mario Bowser's Airship

    Thanks for the review! this set looks awesome. My son is getting this for Christmas and looking forward to building it with him. I do agree with your frustrations on not having physical instructions for the LEGO Mario sets but my son prefers to use my phone anyways when building lol
  8. DelQuinn

    [MOC] Fabulous Unicorn for Lego Ideas

    Awesome build! Very well done! I'm already supporting your project on LEGO Ideas. I'm not sure I have much to offer in ways of suggestions, my project is struggling too. Best thing to do is trying to promote your design outside of the LEGO communities as well. You might get some support from horse/unicorn communities in social media
  9. DelQuinn

    [MOC] Space Police Vic Viper - the Zephyr

    Awesome design! I love the trans-red canopy
  10. DelQuinn

    Enough is enough

    I supported the Classic Space Monorail one already too. I haven't seen the Spyrius one before now, for whatever it's worth I'll go vote for it too. I know with my LEGO Ideas project, I am struggling to gather enough support for it. The response I've had from it has been great, awesome comments and feedback but not enough votes yet. With mine, I want to tap into the nostalgia of Classic Space, while still trying to present something that can be displayed on a shelf as well as having playability. Trying to have something to appeal to all ages. That's the spirit of this thread, we need to find ways to better support Classic Space and Sci-Fi projects in LEGO Ideas. For a lot of the winners and 10K projects, they have an external audience to help guild them up (Seinfeld fans, Home Alone fans etc...) but when it comes to Sci-Fi, we have very little places to expand to from the LEGO communities and fans. I know recently there has been a few licensed sci-fi ideas make it to 10K like Red Dwarf and Futurama. I don't know why they were not selected, for all I know, LEGO couldn't secure licensing agreements for them. But I was looking around the expired and not approved projects, the only time a Classic Space project made it to 10K was the Exo-Suit and it was selected and made into a set. So looking at it this wasy, Classic Space was selected 100% of the time it made it to the end. I know this doesn't guarantee anything in the future, but does give me hope.
  11. Hi everybody! I want to share my MOC that I have on the LEGO Ideas website. I grew up playing with Classic Space sets and I wanted to create something to reflect that passion. I originally designed the ship by itself, and then added the hangar deck around it. The minifigures included are based on ones I made as a kid and still have, and ones I more recently pieced together. You can find more pictures and details on my Ideas project page: Looking down at the activity on the hangar deck, Base Commander Billy, a veteran from the earliest days of the Space Corp, watches as they put the finishing touches on what he hopes will be the fastest spaceship in the galaxy. He has assembled the brightest minds and engineers to create the X-942. As the prototype preps for its first flight, its pilot Kara is eager to test out its capabilities. If everything works out, she’ll be entering the X-942 into the upcoming Jupiter 5000 spaceship race. Up in the control room, Lieutenants Zack and Terra watch over everything. Edwards tunes up new engine designs in the workshop. The Space Police stand on guard, watching out for any spies or agents attempting to steal the X-942 designs or components. Along with the hangar deck, the first level has a locker room for astronaut gear and a workshop with a prototype engine and tools. The second level has a control room, the Base Commander’s office, and a catwalk overlooking the hangar deck. The X-942 is a neo-classic design with variable position wings. During flight, the wings are down at a 45-degree angle. When the ship lands, the wings move up, parallel with the ground.
  12. DelQuinn

    [MOC] [Classic Space] X-942 Launch Hangar

    Thanks! I grew up more with the more white designs too. When I started designing this ship, I wanted to go back to the classic colours that made LEGO Space so iconic :) It was a blast going back to what got me into LEGO as a kid as I was designing the ship, and then the hangar
  13. DelQuinn

    [REVIEW] 40488 - GWP Coffee Stand

    looks like a really great set!
  14. DelQuinn

    [MOC] Blacktron Betrayer (Renegade Remake)

    Great design, looks like a lot of fun. Love reimagining classic sets! the mech was a cool idea
  15. DelQuinn

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    That looks pretty cool, hope it looks something like that. The Modular buildings are one of the things that got me back into LEGO after my dark ages. I got the bookshop at loved it. I also went back and got the Downtown Diner and am currently working on the Police Station.
  16. DelQuinn

    Enough is enough

    There is a flaw in your logic. There have been several examples of exceptions In 2014 the Exo-Suit was released, clearly space themed with 2 green space suits. This followed the Alien Conquest space theme in 2011 and Galaxy Squad space theme in 2013. Not to mention Benny and the other LEGO Movie sets that also came out in 2014. In terms of the CMFs, there are one or two space themed figures in a lot of the series over the years The Pirates of Barracuda Bay and the Creator 3-in-1 Pirate Ship were both released in 2020 And this year they released both the Medieval Blacksmith and the Creator 3-in-1 Medieval Castle
  17. DelQuinn

    Enough is enough

    I agree with you 100% I try to support sci-fi ideas when I see them, especially Classic Space themed ones. It breaks my heart when I find a project that won't make it. A good example is Red Dwarf Starbug. One design made it to 10K but wasn't selected and I knew there was another one working on support. Currently it is at 2503 votes but only has 34 days left to reach 5000 I knew it wouldn't be easy when I posted my Ideas project, but it has definitely been an uphill fight every step of the way. For the most part, I need to rely on the LEGO communities like here and social media. Unlike ideas from pop culture TV shows and movies (like Seinfeld and the Office) where people can tap into the fanbase of those properties as well
  18. DelQuinn

    [MOC] [Classic Space] X-942 Launch Hangar

    Thanks! It was fun creating the story, harder to give names to the minifigures.
  19. DelQuinn

    [MOC] [Classic Space] X-942 Launch Hangar

    Thanks! when I was a kid I would always make moon bases for my classic space sets, they were very basic back then (and mostly red since that was the largest number of 2x4 bricks back then) and I wanted this to reflect what I imagined back then. The technical room was one of the first ideas I had when starting this MOC. I build my mechanic minifigure when I was a kid and wanted to incorporate him into the design. Thanks! I originally made the X-942 on its own for the LEGO Ideas Space GWP contest. I then built the hangar around the ship. It took me a long time to design the walls where I liked the look of them Thanks :) I saw your previous post and haven't had the chance to respond to it yet. I agree with you 100%
  20. DelQuinn

    [MOC] [Classic Space] X-942 Launch Hangar

    Thanks. It's not modular at the moment, but easy to adapt to be by adding a couple connection points. I have had thoughts about what other modular sections to it might be, I might continue it someday if I have the time :)
  21. Building with some old LEGO awhile ago with my kids and I made these fun little ships
  22. DelQuinn

    Lego Ideas top 5 places to promote?

    Hi, I'm new here too and slowly figuring out how to interact here. Full disclosure, I do have a LEGO Ideas project but I also want to be as active as I can be as well. I do have other MOCs to share (Not many that I have photos or renders at the moment but working on it). I have never been good on forums in general but I will be doing the best I can :)
  23. DelQuinn

    Ferrari Landspeeder

    Looks like a fun! love imaginative builds like this!
  24. DelQuinn

    [MOC] [WIP] UCS Scale - Babylon 5 Earth Alliance Starfury

    Amazing detail. It looks awesome! Thanks for sharing! Keep Building!
  25. DelQuinn

    Removing gender bias

    that would be cool and sounds like a lot of fun. It might also be an option to revisit retired characters/themes if only in passing