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  1. Update: It's finally ready. The instructions to my new TIE MOC are now available on my Rebrickable page. My original postings are below in case you're interested in how this model came about, but here are some renderings of the final product. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hi guys, I'd like to share my current TIE-project, what my though processes were, the compromises I made, etc. To start off, why a new TIE Fighter? I already have two TIE Fighter versions which I'm actually quite happy with. Here I have to take a short detour to the topic of scale. Minifig scale is generally defined as ~ 1:40. However, I typically make my models a bit bigger, somewhere between 1:30 and 1:35, the reason being the anatomy of a minifig. The most striking difference to the anatomy of a real human is the lack of lower legs. One consequence of that is the fact that a minifig that is sitting down is almost as tall as one standing up. So when you look at it, a sitting minifig appears to be a larger scale human representative than a standing minifig. Since in most ships the pilot is sitting down, I tend to use that as my yardstick and hence make the model a bit bigger than classic minifig scale. That has however the downside that once you place the minifig next to the ship, the scale looks off. My first goal was therefore to build a TIE model that could be used in a setting like a hangar without looking out of place, so it had to be 1:40 in scale. My second goal was focus more on the interior as well and try to replicate the ball shape made of triangles inside a TIE. This goal I had to give up on, but more on that later. My third goal was simply to try something new and potentially learn a thing or two in the process. So, I started out with the cockpit and here is my first version: As you can see, I used the triangular traffic signs to approximate the interior shape, which I think worked rather well. Unfortunately, it came with some costs, most notably the structure I had to use to attach the "arms" to the cockpit. When closed, the cockpit looked like this: Not terrible, but decidedly too much like a rhomboid and not enough like a sphere. I played around with it given this general setup, but it only got worse. So I scrapped the arm design completely and did something very different which meant that I couldn't fit in the triangle into the cockpit anymore. As you can also see, I went for the thinner rounded corners to define the cockpit shape, that way I had more interior space. But again it came with a downside, namely that the width of the cockpit has an uneven number of studs which caused countless issues down the line. Anyway, I kept the rounded corners and made new arms which led me to this result: Here, I did something completely different to my normal MO. Designing a MOC is always an exercise in making compromises. This time, I compromised on getting a more spherical look overall and in return to live with all the gaps that are the result of it. Particularly looking at it straight from the front reveals a lot of gaps: I decided to live with the gaps, seeing how well the ball-shape came across otherwise. The pictures don't even do it justice, it's even better in 3D where your brain sort of fills in the gaps automatically to create the sphere in your mind. The inside is now slightly less exciting though: I still have some triangle in the top area, but none near the floor. Also, I did manage to add an entry hatch up top: In the back, I used the same rounded corners as in the front, giving it a symmetrical look. Unfortunately, that again meant to compromise. In this case, I had to give up on having a hexagon shaped window in the back, instead it's a rounded square. Also, again because of the odd width, I could only use 1x1 & 1x2 trans-black bricks to build the window. Not particularly elegant, but it does provide a lot of stability, so at least there's that: Lastly, as can be seen in the images, I used the brick stacking method on the wings for the first time. I did that for two reasons, first of all, as I said above, I wanted to try out new things, secondly, with the changes to how I constructed the arms, my typical method of attaching the wings would've looked a bit off and it also would have made the whole thing a bit wider, which wouldn't fit to the scale of this model. That's where I'm currently at. Here are some more pictures: Next steps: Next up would be to split up the model into build-steps. That's where I usually find smaller issues or potential improvements maybe also some optimisations. Despite the small size, I'm at more than 1000 pieces for this MOC at this point. Then, I definitely will have to test-build the thing. I think I may well have designed the cockpit on the razor's edge in terms of structural integrity. Particularly the top-front portion where the two rounded corners meet and the way I've connected the arms to the cockpit may be a bit too flimsy. Also, the cockpit floor is a bit wild in terms of its construction in order for me to make best use of the space in there. All of which can hopefully easily be rectified if there emerges a need for it. Now that I don't have the triangles on the floor anymore, I could raise the floor by one plate without issue which should provide all the stability I need. As for the rest, I hope it's solid enough, but worst case would be for me to close to top hatch. However, all of that may take some time. I've already spend my entire Lego budget and more for this month. So it'll probably be a while before I test-build this sucker. I'll make sure to update this post once I'm done.
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    [MOC] TIE Fighter - Minifig Scale [Instructions]

    I haven't been here for a while either, but thank you both, I really appreciate it.
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    Nice, Job. I've been sitting on a design for a year now, never got around to test-building it. Some day I will though...
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    [MOC] The Return of The X-Wing

    The best X-Wing MOC just got better. I love it.
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    Brick Vault Minifig Scale Slave 1

    Damn, all of a sudden, I don't like my UCS set anymore...
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    Star Wars TIE Fighter collection MOC

    Indeed, it’s a Clawcraft which combines imperial with Chris’s technology.
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    Din’s New N1 Starfighter

    Do a kick-megablocks dumpster truck 😎
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    Star Wars TIE Fighter collection MOC

    I love the concept. The TIE Bomber is my favourite I think. Though the Advanced is also really nice. The studded look is underrated IMHO. Would you say the models are suitable for children? They look all solid enough.
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    [MOC] Imperial Star Destroyer - The Eviscerator

    This ISD definitely goes onto my bucket list...
  10. UPDATE: I'm finally done with the design, here is the end product: Instruction and partlist available on Rebrickable: Original post below. ____________________________________________________________________________ So, after watching the latest Book of Boba Fett episode, I had to give Mando's new ship a shot. The big challenge was of course the lack of metallic silver parts (let's not even waste our thoughts on chrome silver). I had to be somewhat creative in order to get the shape done using only existing metallic silver parts, but in the end, I managed to come up with something. I'm not sure if I should keep it that way or if I should ditch the metallic silver and go for a more conventional design.
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    Din’s New N1 Starfighter

    +1 unfortunately, the tiny hands can't grab anything. You'd have to glue it on which is of course anathema.
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    Star Wars TIE Fighter collection MOC

    I'm also a big TIE guy. Unfortunately, I don't have much space, so I'm limited in what I have assembled at any time. This one is what it all started with. I wanted an Outland TIE and there was no good model out there, so I designed my own. The retractable landing gear is a bit dicey, but the fact that it works and still leaves enough room for a cockpit that fits a minifig did make me somewhat proud. Once I had that one, I tasted blood and designed a whole host of TIE Mocs, some of which are currently on display: I deliberately made these a bit larger than minifig scale because that feels more adequate for a minifig sitting inside the cockpit. However, when standing next to it, a minifig will look way too tiny in relation, given that it doesn't have lower legs. That's why I also went on to design some minifig scale TIEs: These ones even have functional top hatches.
  13. It's been a while since I did my Minifig Scale TIE Fighter MOC and I always planned to quickly do the Interceptor as well...but life got in the way and things got delayed. But now I've finally completed the prototype. Pictures below.
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    [MOC] TIE Interceptor - Minifig Scale

    Thank you @Kage Goomba Also, this MOC is now up on Rebrickable:
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    [MOC] Mando's Naboo N-1 Starfighter [Instructions]

    Thanks @MAVERICK26 & @Ste_dyd666,I really appreciate it. I have taken some pictures of my test-built, the metallic silver does come across better than in the renderings.
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    Din’s New N1 Starfighter

    I kinda missed this thread initially. So let me add my design as well. More details/images are in the separate thread I created here:
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    [MOC] Mando's Naboo N-1 Starfighter [Instructions]

    Instructions are now available. I have updated the initial post.
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    [MOC] Mando's Naboo N-1 Starfighter [Instructions]

    With everyone and their mother coming up with some designs for this N-1 Starfighter, I did take some inspirations from other attempts and updated my design accordingly. I decided to stick with the unconventional wing design after all though.
  19. Hi everyone, unfortunately I have to sell some of my MOCs as I need the room as well as the funds for my next projects. 1) TIE Interceptor 181st Imperial Fighter Wing 1264 parts ~165 € part value width: 25.3 cm / 10.0 in length: 27.7 cm / 10.9 in height (with stand): 28.6 cm / 11.3 in height (without stand): 21.8 cm / 8.6 in I'm asking for 150 € incl. shipping for shipments in Germany, else 155 € for shipments in the EU Note: The minifig on the pictures is only for reference and not included. I also have PDF instruction files which I'd make available You can check it out on Rebrickable: Cockpit: Solar Panels: Stand: Since these are my prototypes, it's possible that there are tiny deviations from the inventory on Rebrickable. 2) TIE Fighter 1393 parts ~325 € part value width: 25.6 cm / 10.1 in length: 24.3 cm / 9.6 in height (with stand): 32.8 cm / 12.9 in height (without stand): 29.8 cm / 11.7 in I'm asking for 270 € incl. shipping for shipments in Germany, else 275 € for shipments in the EU Note: The minifig on the pictures is only for reference and not included. I also have PDF instruction files which I'd make available. You can check it out on Rebrickable: Since these are my prototypes, it's possible that there are tiny deviations from the inventory on Rebrickable. I hope these MOCs are to your likings.
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    [MOC] Boba Fett's SLAVE I

    Yeah, it does look a lot like the 20th anniversary version, though you definitely have designed a much nicer rear, maybe even better than that of the UCS Slave I. I definitely like it. Though since I already have the UCS Slave I, I probably won't be interested myself. Dealing with movable parts is certainly a challenge when doing a digital design, so it definitely pays to actually build it physically. But even beyond that, test-building your designs is something that is absolutely recommended. With my last TIE Fighter project, I did encounter some serious problems that I didn't anticipate at all from working with the software. Had I not done a test-build, it would have become embarrassing rather quickly.
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    [MOC] TIE Fighter - Minifig Scale [Instructions]

    Thank you, I do appreciate it.
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    Modified TIE Fighter MOC

    that hub looks really cool. I'm looking forward to the full design.
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    [MOC] T-88 X Wing Fighter Mk.II

    I like the phallic quality of the model. But seriously, well done.
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    [MOC] TIE Fighter - Minifig Scale [Instructions]

    The instructions are now up on my Rebrickable page. I've also added some renderings of the final design to the initial post of this thread. I hope you guys like the end result.